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America's Most Popular Cat Breeds

America's Most Popular  Cat Breeds

What breed is your cat? While most people think of cats only in terms of their looks, from tabbies to tuxedos, there is, in fact, a vast word of unusual and pedigree breeds out there.

To enrich our relationships with and understand cats, we wanted to share the most popular cat breeds and how cats come into our lives. Whether it be their one-of-a-kind physical characteristics, or their caring personalities, these breeds have left a long-term, positive impact on cat enthusiasts worldwide.

It's All About the Purr-sonality

Appearance and coat color are essential to potential cat owners. However, looks aren't all there is. We found out that the top 2 crucial qualities new cat parents seek in a cat are playfulness and affection.

Cat Parents Love Their Felines Even When They Don't Understand Them 

While some people might find cats hard to decipher, their owners are usually totally charmed by their strange behaviors. Some owners admitted they wish they understood cat personalities and quirks better, like purring, meowing, and scratching. Several feline owners claim they are happier with a feline by their side, making them happy to look after their cat.

Our furry friends can be so perplexing, and so usually, feline moms and dads wish they knew whatever their cats are thinking all the time!

KittyNook is made up of cat people fascinated by the extensive range of unique cat breeds worldwide. Read on to see which breeds made it to the list! Here are nine of the most popular cat breeds in the United States:

Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat

The Scottish fold is appropriately named for its characteristic "folded" ears and round eyes. This cat's countenance is often described as owl-like. The Scottish fold is much more uncommon than the other breeds on this list: another similarity to its bird brethren, who can likewise be hard to come across. Pet owners might discover that the straight-eared Scottish folds are more readily available.


abyssinian cat

Brilliant, alert, and energetic, the Abyssinian is among the most intelligent cat breeds. They love to be with their people and help oversee whatever they're doing. They get on effectively with other cats, other pets, and kids. Also, one of the oldest cat breed known to us, the Abyssinian still preserves an elegant appearance centuries later, most recognizable for their lush coloring, supple bodies, and long ears.


a white persian cat facing the camera

Persians do not need to be pleased despite their regal appearance and are usually most satisfied cuddled in your lap. Their flat faces and long coat make the prominent Persian one of the most recognizable breeds worldwide. Nonetheless, their long hair does require consistent upkeep and must be combed daily to prevent uncomfortable mats.

Ragdoll Cat

ragdoll cat

With its long, silky coat and intense blue eyes, it's not surprising that the ragdoll made it to the list as one of the most preferred feline breeds. The ragdoll is known to go limp in your arms when you carry them, hence the name). These cats absorb all the love and cuddles you have to offer and are kind and do well with children. They are an excellent feline buddy for your entire clan.

Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair cat

The Exotic Shorthair closely resembles their parent breed, the Persian, but is evidently a lot more preferred. This is most likely because of their low-maintenance hairs. Minimal maintenance is required to keep these felines looking and feeling elegant. One brush with weekly should work when it involves their grooming. The Exotic has a mild teddy bear look with short, dense fur. These cats have a peaceful, captivating nature, rarely hearing their voices.

American Shorthair

american shorthair cat

The famous mouser of the Mayflower, the American shorthair, is thought to have come to America during the famous voyage. Then rapidly spread in popularity because of their capacity to protect against rats and various other pests. Although the breed we see today has the same muscular body and square-shaped jaws, the American shorthair of today is most likely to be pouncing on toy mice and feathered toys. They are considered loving, unique family pets regardless of their history as rat hunters and remain popular in households throughout the country.


sphynx cat

Another popular breed is the Sphynx. They are a low-irritant type, perhaps because of their bald bodies. Just as hairy cats can have spots and colorations, a sphynx's skin can have the same markings. Some may be entirely pink, while others have a tortoiseshell pattern.

The sphynx is energetic and needs plenty of cat toys available for psychological excitement. The stereotypical 'curious cat,' the Sphynx also fares well in training. Since they are hairless, the sphynx does have special grooming requirements. They need routine grooming as the body oil that other breeds' hair absorbs stays on a Sphynx's body. Wiping down and bathing keep those oils in check.

Maine Coon Cat

main coon cat

Our largest domestic breed, the Maine Coon cat, deservedly gained the nickname of 'the gentle giant.' They have a great deal of love to give and are highly regarded as one of the friendliest cat breeds you can find. A person who has never seen one is usually surprised at how large they are.

British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

The British are coming! But really, they are here to stay. These cats have varied coat patterns and colors, but blue British Shorthairs are most preferred. British blues likewise have striking gold eyes.

The breed is also consistent in being one of the most popular cat breeds globally. They look like a teddy bears in both appearance and demeanor, with a relaxed nature and a penchant for playing with their favorite people.

Breeds to Avoid

If you are trying to find one of the most popular breeds, you likely want a recognizable cat or a breed that you can easily find, like on shelters, perhaps. You want to prevent restricted or uncommon species, like the Egyptian Mau. These cats are attractive and make pleasant housemates but are hard to find. Other cats you wish to prevent are hybrid cats with numerous wildcat traits, like Chausies, Toygers, and Savannahs.

Did your favorite cat breed make it to the list? Share it with us in the comments!

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