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Keep tissues handy with the portable and adorable Cuties Cat Tissue Box! This cat-shaped tissue box is as attractive as it is functional. Cute and colorful, the Cuties Cat Tissue Box is always ready to lend a helping hand when you need a tissue to wipe away your sweat or tears.  The cat-shaped is in a cat loaf position and has a big slit on top. This is to ensure that you can get your tissue paper with ease. It is also complete with removable ears that double as a toothpick dispenser. It's a quirky feature you never thought you need but will be thankful for.  You can put it on the bathroom, your bedside table, your kitchen counter, or anywhere you want to brighten your day! Cats make everything better. The Cuties Cat Tissue Box is perfect for any cat lover. Our tissue box cat is cute and functional. The removable cover reveals a spacious tissue box, while the front is adorned with a fun and friendly face. You don't have to worry about anything not fitting or not matching because we designed it to fit standard tissue sizes. Your tissues will easily fit in these boxes! Add this adorable ornamental addition to your home now so you can gush over the cute and precious design. Gift it to your favorite cat lover and see their face light up! Features: The tissue box resembles a comfy cat in the loaf position, and the detachable ear is also a  toothpick holder. The one-dimensional and flat-faced cat design is adorable and easy on the eyes. It is available in two colors—black and white—so you can choose the best one to suit your style. It has a spacious internal storage space, making it capable of holding the standard size of tissue paper or paper towels. This tissue case has a modern and cute design that looks pleasant wherever you put it—on your office desk, in the bathroom, on your bedside table, on the kitchen counter, or anywhere you need it! It is sturdy, light, and easy to clean because it's made from high-quality PVC. Size: The tissue box measures 22 x 16 x 13 cm.