Brush Roll Portable Lint Remover Set - KittyNook Cat Company Brush Roll Portable Lint Remover Set - KittyNook Cat Company
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The Brush Roll Portable Lint Remover Set provides a fast and easy way to clean lint from clothes, blankets, upholstery, mattresses, furniture, car seats, and more! This cordless lint remover has a washable sticky roll that makes quick work of removing lint, pet hair, and other dry debris from clothes. The easy-grip handle makes for the most convenient use! The small portable one stows inside the handle for quick, on-the-go cleanup. The Brush Roll Portable Lint Remover Set works on a variety of surfaces! These lint removers are the easiest and most convenient way to keep clothing and upholstery looking great. It works great on clothes, upholstery, bedding, rugs, blankets, and more.  Lint rollers can be annoying, but this Lint Roller Set is exciting! You can use it anytime, anywhere because it is compact and portable! It only takes seconds to remove lint, fluff, and dust from clothing with this easy-to-use lint remover.  Just brush the brush roll over the lint remover on any surface, and see it instantly transformed! Features: The Brush Roll Portable Lint Remover is made of high-quality plastic and TPR gel. Firstly, it combines the cleaning power of a professional lint roller with the convenience and ease of a brush roll. It is  It is compact, convenient, and ready to use. You can use it to effectively remove lint, pet hair, dust, and more from clothing, upholstery, and other fabrics. It easily removes hair, lint, and more without leaving a sticky residue behind. Additionally, it is washable & reusable. Just rinse and dry, it will be sticky all over again! The mini lint remover in this set is great for on-the-go situations. For example, you can fold the handle for quick and convenient lint removal, for instance. The full-size version, on the other hand, is perfect for larger areas like the couch, car seats, and more. Size: Mini 10 x 2.9 cm; Full Size: 17 x 10cm
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Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller - KittyNook Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller - KittyNook
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Restore your clothes and fabrics to their fresh state with the Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller! As cat parents, we are familiar with those random cat hairs sticking everywhere. No more! This is an excellent product for removing fuzz and hairs on clothes and even on couches where cats love to rest on. It comes in different colors and with cute cat faces that make them unique and perfect for cat lovers! If you are a fur parent and don't have a handy lint roller everywhere you go, you are definitely missing out on its wonders! Fix that now and get some for yourself and your cat lover friends and family! Features: The Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller are battery-free! It offers stable and constant power to remove lint, balls, and other impurities sticking to fabrics and other surfaces. It is quick and easy to use. It is washable, so no unnecessary wastes! With the portable design, you can easily slip it on your bags or pouches and bring it everywhere! Size:Please refer to the photo.
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DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes - KittyNook Cat Company DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes - KittyNook Cat Company
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The Defuzzify Lint Remover is the ultimate solution to rid your clothes of unsightly lint and fuzz!  Defuzzify is made of high-quality silicone designed to remove annoying fuzzies from your clothes. This revolutionary product is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their clothes looking new and fresh. About DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes: Works like Magic. Made with premium silicone, you can easily remove lint during the wash cycle, saving you valuable time and effort. Toss it into the washing machine with your clothes, and watch as it effortlessly removes all traces of lint, fuzz, and hair. It truly works like magic. Takes Care of Your Clothes. We love cats, but that doesn't mean we must settle for a wardrobe covered in fuzz! With DeFuzzify, you can keep your clothes looking their best whenever they come out of the wash.  Cost-Effective. And the best part? DeFuzzify is reusable, making it an eco-friendly solution for all your lint-removing needs. No need to peel out the sticky tape because Defuzzify is always ready to remove those annoying lint. Washable. Unlike other lint removers, Defuzzify is washable so you can use it repeatedly! It's a sustainable and money-saving solution for all your lint problem needs. Portable. Because of its small size, you can carry it wherever you go. You can stick it directly on clothes; it will still get rid of lint and hair. Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly picking lint and fuzzing off your clothes. With Defuzzify Lint Remover, you can rest assured that your clothes will look clean and pristine whenever you wear them! Invest in Defuzzify and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this game-changing product. Your clothes will thank you!   Size: 7.3 x 6.1 cm Thickness:  0.5 cm  Quantity: You will get 4pcs of Defuzzify for each order(two green and two orange)
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Fuzzy Fabric Lint Remover - KittyNook Cat Company Fuzzy Fabric Lint Remover - KittyNook Cat Company
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Our lint remover is exactly what you need to keep your cat's fur out of your clothes and couches! No matter how much your cat loves to be near you, they're bound to leave behind some fuzz. The scuff-free Fuzzy Fabric Lint Remover prevents all those pesky cat hairs from ending up on your clothes and furniture, so you can keep your home and wardrobe looking as clean and tidy as possible. Get lint and cat hair off clothes and upholstery with this portable and lightweight lint remover. It works well with pretty much any fabric you own, this lint remover will help you keep your clothes looking new. Save time and money, you do not need to buy a new sweater every time your kitty sheds! You can easily improve the appearance of your clothing and upholstery at home without using so much effort! Features: Made of high-quality ABS and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), this lint remover picks up pet fur and other fuzzies with ease. Uniquely designed, this lint comb is the perfect addition to your home, car, and office.
Tidy Tumbles Lint Remover Balls - KittyNook Cat Company Tidy Tumbles Lint Remover Balls - KittyNook Cat Company
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Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly battling with lint rollers. Tidy Tumble Lint Remover Balls will be the ultimate laundry game-changer! Are you tired of lint and pet hairs clinging to your favorite fabrics, diminishing their appeal and softness? Specifically designed for those who adore their feline friends and cherish spotless attire, these magical little spheres are here to revolutionize your laundry routine. About the Tidy Tumble Lint Remover Balls: A Colorful Touch to Your Laundry Adventure. Variety is the spice of life, and we believe your laundry routine should be just as vibrant as your personality. With seven delightful colors, you can add playful charm to your washing experience. Select shades that resonate with your spirit or rotate through the colors to keep your laundry routine as captivating as your cat's antics. Effortless Elegance, One Load at a Time. Imagine the tranquility of opening your washing machine to find garments that are truly lint and hair-free. These balls effortlessly glide through the wash, gently lifting lint, fur, and stray hairs from your clothes, leaving them pristine and luxuriously soft. You'll marvel at the transformation of your fabrics as these magical balls do their job with precision and care. Available in Sets of 6 or 12. Flexibility is key, and we've got you covered. Choose between sets of 6 or 12 balls, ensuring that no laundry load is too big or too small for their enchanting touch. Whether washing a week's worth of clothes or refreshing your bedding, these balls are designed to cater to your needs. Tailored to Cat Lovers, Crafted for Perfection. We understand the unique needs of cat owners. Our products are not just about convenience but about enhancing your lifestyle. Tidy Tumbles are more than just functional; they're uniquely for cat lovers. These balls are the ideal addition to every cat lover's laundry arsenal. A Perfect Gift for Cat Lovers. Looking for a thoughtful gift that will resonate with the cat lover in your life? Look no further! Lint Lift Washing Machine Balls embody practicality and sentimentality, a gift that showcases your understanding of what truly matters to them. Elevate your laundry experience and revel in fabrics that are as captivatingly clean as they are soft. Tidy Tumbles is where practicality, passion, and purity unite for laundry perfection. Transform your laundry today! More information about the product:  Number of Clothes Suggested Number of Balls 1-3 pieces of clothing 6 4-8 pieces of clothing 12 8-12 pieces of clothing 18 12-16 pieces of clothing 24 Material: Plastic + Nylon Size: about 40mm in diameter