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Pet Prowl Cat Stroller - KittyNook Cat Company Pet Prowl Cat Stroller - KittyNook Cat Company
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The Pet Prowl Cat Stroller is where style, safety, and comfort come together! Designed with you and your feline friend in mind, this innovative cat stroller takes pet mobility to a new level. About the Pet Prowl Cat Stroller: Strong Handles, High Load-Bearing. Say goodbye to flimsy, wobbly rides! Pet Prowl features reinforced all-aluminium tie rods with three height-adjustable sections. This design provides more robust support and ensures stability. It's durable and resistant to shaking or breaking, even when carrying up to 40 pounds.  Smooth Navigation. The five 360° smooth-scrolling bottom wheels allow for precise control. Also whisper-quiet and wear-resistant, they ensure a peaceful and disturbance-free experience for your beloved pet. Comfort for Your Pet. Your cat's comfort is a top priority, and Pet Prowl doesn't disappoint. With eight ventilation holes on the top and a large mesh window at the front, your pet will enjoy optimal air circulation while being protected from the elements. The roller shutter, complete with a secure Velcro fastening, offers flexibility – it can be rolled up for a panoramic view or lowered when the weather turns cooler. Safe for Your Cat. Safety is paramount, and we've got you covered with a built-in anti-breakaway safety lock! To add convenience, the Pet Prowl features thickened padded cotton, mesh, and breathable shoulder straps that can be converted into backpack straps with an anti-sag drawstring. Whether you prefer to push or carry your pet, we've sorted the comfort factor. Choose from two stylish colors to match your taste and your pet's personality. Pet Prowl is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a statement of your love and care for your feline companion. Elevate your pet's outdoor adventures with the Pet Prowl Cat Stroller. Experience the joy of exploring the world together, one comfortable and stylish ride at a time. Order yours today and embark on new adventures with your beloved cat! Other information about the product: Closure Type Zipper Bag Material  Nylon Maximum Weight 18 kg or around 40 lbs Accommodates Up to two adult cats Pet Bag Dimension 36 x 30 x 40 cm