Ambassador FAQ

Do you get paid commission on discounts, shipping & tax?

Commission will be paid on the price of an order after discounts but before shipping, taxes and tips.

For example, if an ambassador with a 10% commission rate refers an order with a total of $125 ($110 subtotal - $10 discount + $10 shipping + $15 tax), they will receive a commission of $10 ($100 * 10%).

How do I get a higher commission rate?

At KittyNook we do have a small proportion of Ambassadors who receive a higher commission rate than our standard 10% commission rate. These ambassadors have been offered this higher rate due after generating 4 figure referrals over multiple months consistently.

If you are one of these Ambassadors, our KittyNook team would be in touch with you to inform you on the upgrade. :)

When will the payout be processed?

Payouts are processed at the end of each month. The payout would be processed by our finance by the 7th of the following month.

How do you process payout?

We pay out commissions by PayPal. We have a minimum of USD30 for each transfer as it is uneconomical to payout any smaller amount due to PayPal transfer fees.

The PayPal email used for the payout would be based on the email registered with us.

What if my referral comes through my link to KittyNook but purchases another day?

We track referrals over 30 days so if your referrals comes through our link and purchases again through the same device in the next 30 days, the sale would be attributed to you. :)

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