11 Signs That You Are A Cat Lady

There are as many different reasons people love cats as cat lovers themselves: maybe you love the crazy things cats do or even how cats comfort you when you're sad. Whatever your reasons, in honor of National Cat Lady Day, we'd like to share ours, and we hope you'll share yours with us.
11 Signs That You Are A Cat Lady - KittyNook Cat Company

Is the modern-day cat lady a social media-fueled myth or an actual phenomenon? In our opinion, it's both. There are millions of cat lovers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But really, how many of them are cat ladies? Well, the truth is that not all cat lovers are cat ladies, but the majority are. This means that while the term "cat lady" is widely used to describe a woman who owns many cats and loves them more than humans, most cat lady stereotypes are true. 

And why not? There are as many different reasons people love cats as cat lovers themselves: maybe you love the crazy things cats do or even how cats comfort you when you're sad. Whatever your reasons, in honor of National Cat Lady Day, we'd like to share ours, and we hope you'll share yours with us.

Signs That You Are Cat Lady

We've all heard the tag "crazy cat lady," but are you one?

Below is a lighthearted list of things that you should be to be called a crazy cat lady! Note your scores and tell us in the comments how many you got!

There's no embarrassment in being a crazy cat lady! Share this with your cat person friends and compare scores!

1. You constantly stop to pet other cats

When you're out and about, you constantly stop to pet any cats you see. It doesn't matter if you're late for that appointment or if you go out of your way to do it. You must pet that pet cat! And if you ended showing up late, it's all worth it to make a new feline friend.

2. You shower your cat with gifts

So Mother did not get that blender or food processor, and your nephew had a magnet rather than the new Xbox game he wanted. But it's okay since your cat received the most luxurious litter box ever! Besides, the cats belong to your family and deserve to be included in all of the festivities. If your cash is streaming a lot more easily to your pet cat than to other humans, you could be a crazy cat lady. Plus points if you also get presents for your friends' cats on holidays or wish them a happy birthday or Merry Christmas at least.

3. You can only date fellow cat (or at least animal) enthusiasts

Your dating account says, "Need to love felines." Even if it does not, you find a way to slip it right into the conversation to examine your potential relationship. If it looks like they want to toss a hairball, you're out! .Animal haters can stroll the other way because not loving kitties as much as you do just a deal-breaker. Cats are essential to you, and you don't want to spend your life with individuals who don't feel the same way.

4. Your cats eat far better than you do

Many crazy cat ladies feed their cats like they are members of the aristocracy, even if that means they have to eat like a pauper. If caring for your pet cat is your primary priority, you might not even care that you're devouring instant ramen while your cat eats fresh fish.

5. You can't move when cats sit on you

Whether you're unwinding on the couch for a minute or laying down to rest at night, if a feline starts to sit on you, you decline to do anything to disturb him. Even if you need to go to the shower, are craving a treat, or need to leave for a consultation--you can't bring yourself to move and run the risk of disturbing the resting cat.

6. You buy and wear cat-related clothing

You might be a crazy cat lady all or a lot of the clothing in your wardrobe is related to cats somehow—headbands with pet ears on them, cat-shaped earrings, tee shirts with cats on them. You love cats and want to share that through your wardrobe for the whole world to see! Don't own any cat-related clothing? If every piece of clothing you own is covered in feline hair, there's still a good chance your love of cats is going the crazy cat lady status.

7. Your home is cat-friendly

Not only is your home cat-friendly, but it's also a better fit for cats living there than actual people!

Keeping your cats happy indoors is a priority for you, and so you aren't scared to make adjustments to your home to their way of life. Along with an assortment of toys and several scratching posts, you may have also established a "catio" in your backyard and created vertical rooms around your home since felines like them a lot.

8. Whenever you are required to add a photo to social media, it's constantly a picture of you with your cats.

Whether it's your Facebook page or Instagram profile, the fluffball is front and center.

9. You save every box from packages just because you know your cats will undoubtedly wish to have fun with them.

Cats love boxes. What else is there to say?

10. You do not welcome guests back if your cat does not like them

Your friend brings over his new girlfriend for dinner. She gives her hand to your cat, who then sniffs, runs back, and hides under the sofa. You know that this is a clear sign the lady is evil and pack up their dinner to go.

11. You love cats

There's no other way to put it. If you genuinely love cats, you're possibly a little crazy cat lady. However, that isn't a bad thing! All it implies is that you're an animal enthusiast with a particular affinity for your feline pals. Be proud of yourself!

When Is National Cat Lady Day?

First held back in 2005, National Cat Lady Day is a day to celebrate all the special cat ladies out there and to give cat lovers everywhere a chance to show some love and appreciation for their favorite cats. This year, you can celebrate this special day on April 19, and you can learn all sorts of fun facts about our favorite feline companions.

The reason we love our cats so much is that they have that uncanny ability to gracefully accept us for who we are and make no demands on us. The only needs they make on us are that we feed them and fill their water dish. That's it. We can live with that, and our cats will be forever grateful.



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