Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed from $39.95 $64.95
Your kitty will love curling up in this cozy cat tunnel bed! Cats love to hide as it is a way to feel secure. We know this so we created this bed to make your cat feel safe. The bed is soft enough for your cat to comfortably lay on and sturdy enough to withstand scratches! The perfect cat tunnel bed for your kitty! Our tunnel bed gives the perfect venue for play and rest. The bed's center is a disk that is wide enough for your cat to nap in. The middle is an O-tunnel that your cat can play in. Give your cat a place to retreat and play in style with this handsome felt tunnel bed.  Constructed of wool felt that's naturally soft, washable, and hypoallergenic, the bed will retain its shape even when your cat naps inside the tunnel. Because of the simple shape, the bed is easy to clean and maintain. This cat tunnel bed also folds up for easy storage!  Truly is the ultimate rest- and playhouse for your cat! Features: KittyNook's round Disk-O Felt Bed is sturdy and cozy. It is more durable than cloth tunnels and a lot more comfortable for your cat to sleep on! This is because it is made of soft, short-pile polyester felt. This cat bed functions as 2-in-1 furniture. Used this as a play tunnel to stimulate your cat's curiosity and help your cat stay active and fit. It can also be a cozy den for your cat! Let your cat enjoy hours of playtime fun and exercise with this unique bed. The Disk-O Bed is a multi-use toy that can be used as a bed, tunnel, and scratchpad. The best all-in-bed for your cat! Size: Please refer to the photo below:
Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook
Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds from $31.95 $52.95
Never deny your cat a luxurious sleep with the Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds! Fur parents know that there's no denying that cats love to sleep. Whether they're lounging and napping away or just snuggled up with their humans—cats and sleep go hand in hand. Knowing this, KittyNook created Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds, undoubtedly one of the highest-quality pet beds produced. The Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds will be a favorite spot for cats to rest, play, and nap! This bed is ideal for cats who love to curl up! And which cat doesn't? This round cat bed is crafted from super soft and comfy faux fur. It also has an enormous surface area, so your cat can curl and stretch as they please. The bed is elegant looking and is available in so many shades and colors, so you are assured that you can find the best color that will suit your cat. The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Your pet will be sooo relaxed! Comfy and soft to the touch, it allows your beloved kitty to sink right in and not want to leave! If you were a cat, you wouldn't want to as well! Features: Ease your cat's anxiety: The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness that cats love and need. Ultra Soft, Vegan Fur Fabric: The material we used to create these cat beds is one of the comfiest materials known to men. Its long fibers are soft, durable, and machine-washable. Luxurious design: The sleek design and the soft and vibrant hues of this bed is a great addition to complement the interior of any home! You are assured that these beds will never be an eyesore. Easy to clean: The beds are compatible with the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat) Find the best size for your cat: Please refer to the measurements and suggestions below to find the best possible size for your cat. Bed Size  Bed Diameter Pet Size S 15.8 inches (40 cm) for pets up to 2.5 kg M 19.7 inches (50 cm) for pets up to 5 kg L 23.6 inches (60 cm) for pets up to 10 kg XL 27.6 inches (70 cm) for pets up to 12 kg XXL 31.5 inches (80 cm) for pets up to 15 kg
Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company
Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl from $21.95 $43.95
Don't want to constantly clean up after your furry friend's messy regurgitation episodes? Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl is here to bring you relief! While many pet owners have accepted vomiting as a natural part of their cat's behavior, you can take charge! This innovative cat bowl is designed to maintain your fur baby's health and keep your home vomit-free, empowering you to ensure your cat's well-being! About the Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl: Ergonomic design. With its elevated design and 15-degree tilt, this bowl provides a more ergonomic and natural eating position for your cat, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of vomiting. Non-slip base. Say goodbye to messy meal times with the non-slip base that prevents the bowls from sliding or tipping over, ensuring a mess-free feeding area for your cat. Multiple bowls for convenience. This set comes with two bowls, allowing you to serve both food and water simultaneously, making it convenient for your pet to enjoy a complete meal in one place.  Cleaning is a breeze. The bowls are designed without corners to prevent debris from getting stuck or spoiling, making it easier to maintain hygiene and keep your pet's feeding area clean and free of bacteria. The removable bowls make it easy to maintain hygiene and keep your pet's feeding area clean.  Lovely cat ears design. The cat bowls feature an adorable design with cat ears that adds a charming touch to any home. Whether you have a kitten, adult cat, or even a small dog, this versatile bowl suits all furry companions. Give your pet a comfortable and convenient feeding experience with the Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl. Your pet will thank you for it! More information about the product: Material: ABS Plastic
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Slinky Smart Snake Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Slinky Smart Snake Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Slinky Moving Snake Cat Toy $33.95 $55.95
The Slinky Moving Snake Cat Toy is a unique twist on the basic cat toy!Cats love slithering and slinky things. Inspired by the movement of a snake, Slinky Smart Snake Cat Toy is a great way to encourage active play and exercise in cats.  More fun with Slinky Snake Moving Snake Cat Toy! This fun toy has a slithering body to entice your cat to chase. The toy's segmented body will twist and turn as your cat plays with it. It is fun and stimulating for your kitty! Slinky Moving Snake Cat Toy is extra durable and has a realistic feel. This floor toy provides hours of fun for your cat! It can be chased and pounced upon for hours on end.It is made from high-quality silicone and ABS plastic that is safe and durable, so it can withstand many hours of playtime. The perfect way to bond with your kitty.The Slinky Moving Snake Cat Toy is a new and innovative cat toy. It's the best snake cat toy that your feline friend will love!Features: Smart Program: Slinky has a smart program that makes it turn back when it bumps on obstacles. Turn on the switch to activate S-type crawling, stretchy tongue, and tail swings. Avoid Overstimulation: Slinky will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. You can tap the snakehead to enter the play state again. Realistic Look and Feel: The textured body makes the snake cat toy look super lifelike, and the segmented body makes for excellent slithering action. Rechargeable: The toy has a USB cord, so you do not need to put on batteries to play with your cat. The Snake Toy is 40cm in length. Made from lightweight but durable materials that will last for a long time! Charging instructions: Connect the USB to the charging port. When the red light flashes it means that Slinky is charging. The charging time is 40 minutes.
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Lazy Cat Slippers - KittyNook Lazy Cat Slippers - KittyNook
Kitty Cat Slippers $37.95 $61.95
The Kitty Cat Slippers are the purr-fect companion for cat lovers!Step into a world of comfort and feline charm with our delightful Kitty Cat Slippers! Crafted with love for cat enthusiasts, these slippers are designed to wrap your feet in cozy warmth while showcasing your adoration for these furry companions. About the Kitty Cat Slippers: Variations that Speak to You. Choose from three enchanting variants—Sleep Eyes for those dreamy catnap moments, Cute Eyes for an overload of cuteness, or Angry Eyes for when you feel sassy! No matter what your mood is, these slippers will surely mirror your feelings through their charming cat expressions. Tailored for Ultimate Comfort. Available in Sizes 4-12, so everyone will surely find a perfect fit. Our slippers are not just about style; they're about comfort, too! The plush interior will pamper your feet and make you feel like you're walking on clouds. So slip them on after a long day, and let the stress melt away! Uniquely Cat-tastic Design. These slippers feature an adorable fluffy cat design with captivating brown fur that captures the essence of our feline friends. Each variant showcases a different set of eyes, adding an element of playful surprise to your loungewear. Whether curled up with a book or indulging in your favorite TV show, these slippers will surely become your favorite companions. Made for Cat Lovers, by Cat Lovers. We understand the deep bond between a cat lover and their feline friend. That's why our Kitty Cat Slippers are designed to celebrate this connection. They're not just slippers; they also express your passion for cats, which resonates with fellow cat lovers. Step into a world of comfort with these slippers. So what are you waiting for? Order now and give your feet the treat they deserve!
Waterproof Cat Litter Mat - KittyNook Cat Company Waterproof Cat Litter Mat - KittyNook Cat Company
Waterproof Cat Litter Mat from $18.95 $44.95
Tired of Cleaning messy cat litter scattered on the floor? You're in luck! The Waterproof  Cat Litter Mat will assist in making your life easier! This is the perfect mat for outside litter boxes. Made of water-resistant material, this mat catches unwanted litter outside the box. It traps litter from your cat's paws while they use the bathroom, leaving your carpet and home clean and safe. No more tracking litter throughout the house, no more stepping on it! The mat is machine washable and has a non-skid backing. This cat litter mat provides an effective barrier between you and your pet's litter. The deep channels allow litter to fall into the mat without tracking onto your floors. This Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is gentle on your cat's paws. This litter mat is made of comfortable cushioning material, and the mat's tight weave captures and holds litter and litter box debris. Even better, it's easy to clean and maintain. You're a cat lover, and you know how much cat litter can create a mess in your home.  Keep kitty mess off your floor with this waterproof cat litter mat! Features: Litter Trap. The double-layer honeycomb design of the mat is designed to catch litter, preventing it from scattering all over the floor. The mat can collect large amounts of litter and works well with various litter boxes. Waterproof and Easy to Clean. The bottom layer is waterproof and slip-resistant. Easy to wash with a hose or a vacuum and dries quickly. Prevent your floors and carpets from urine stains and dirt. Gentle on Paws. Very gentle and safe for sensitive cat paws. The mat is even comfortable enough for cats to nap on! Durable. Made from super soft and nontoxic EVA material. This cat litter mat is wear-resistant and will surely last a long time. Size Chart:  Size Dimensions XS 11.8 x 11.8 inches (30 x 30 cm) S 11.8 x 17. 7 inches (30 x 45 cm) M 15.7 x 19.6 inches (40 x 50 cm) L 17. 7 x 23.6 inches (45 x 60 cm) XL 21.6 x 29.5 inches (55 x 75 cm)
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Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser Spoon - KittyNook Cat Company Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser Spoon - KittyNook Cat Company
Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser... $18.95 $43.95
Introducing the Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser Spoon - the purrfect solution for hassle-free and mess-free feeding time with your beloved feline companion! More About Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser Spoon: Squeeze spoon design. With our innovative squeeze spoon design, portion control becomes a breeze. Simply squeeze gently to dispense the perfect amount of treats or wet food onto the spoon, ensuring your cat gets just the right serving every time. No mess feeding. Say goodbye to the frustration of messy feeding sessions! Our dispenser spoon is designed for maximum convenience, allowing you to feed your cat's favorite wet food without hassle or mess. Whether it's mealtime or treat time, this spoon makes feeding a pleasure for you and your furry friend. Make mealtimes fun. But it's not just about convenience - our spoon is designed with your cat's health and happiness in mind. Encouraging slower eating habits helps reduce the risk of indigestion and promotes healthier digestion. Mealtime becomes a joyful experience, fostering a happy and contented cat. Safe materials. Crafted from high-quality PP plastic, our dispenser spoon is built to last. Its construction ensures durability, and it easily stands up to everyday use. Plus, with eight vibrant color variants to choose from, you can find the perfect spoon to match your cat's personality. Make feeding time a breeze with the Squeeze Whiz Cat Treat Dispenser Spoon - because your feline friend deserves nothing but the best! More Details About the Product: Material: PP PlasticSize: 20 x 4cm Notes: Due to screen differences, the actual product's color may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture. Please allow a 1-2cm margin of error.
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Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag - KittyNook Cat Company Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag - KittyNook Cat Company
Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag $47.95 $78.95
Introducing the Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag, the perfect accessory for any cat lover! This adorable cat-shaped bag is stylish, practical, and crafted from high-quality vegan leather. Its compact size and crossbody strap make it the perfect bag for a day out on the town. About the Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag: Spacious and Secure. You'll never have to sacrifice style for practicality. The bag features a spacious main compartment perfect for storing essentials, such as your phone, wallet, and keys. The interior is lined with a soft fabric to keep your items safe and secure.   Great Statement Bag. The cat-shaped design of the bag is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. The attention to detail on this bag is truly remarkable, from the intricate stitching on the sides to the cute little cat ears and "collar." The bag is also available in three colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your style. This bas is sure to start a conversation wherever you go. Wide Strap for Comfort. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it comfortably across your body while keeping your hands free to play with your cat. Because of the wide strap, you can comfortably wear this bag all day without it digging into your shoulders. This bag is perfect whether you're running errands, headed to work, or going out for a night on the town. Vegan Leather. But what makes this bag truly special is its commitment to sustainability. Made from vegan leather, this bag is cruelty-free and durable enough to last for years. You can feel good knowing that you're positively impacting the environment with every use. Zipper Closure. The chunky and sturdy zipper keeps everything safe and secure, so you can focus on enjoying your day without worrying about your belongings. So why settle for a dull, ordinary bag when you can make a statement with the Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag? Whether running errands or enjoying a night out with friends, this bag will surely be your new go-to accessory. Get ready for compliments galore with this adorable Crossbody Satchel Cat Bag! Size: Please refer to the chart for the bag dimensions. Top Width 5.90" Bottom Width 10" Height 13.38" Leather Thickness 1.9" Strap Length 25"
PetShots Personalized Necklace - KittyNook Cat Company PetShots Personalized Necklace - KittyNook Cat Company
PetShots Personalized Necklace from $23.95 $42.95
The PetShots Personalized Necklace is the perfect way to show your love for your beloved pet! This charming necklace features a custom-engraved disc with an image of your pet that you can keep close to your heart. About the PetShots Personalized Necklace: Personalized Touch: This stylish and timeless necklace includes a customized image of your pet that is laser engraved in a disc pendant. You can choose between 20 different font styles for your pet's name. It's a wonderful way to make a statement and be able to carry your pet everywhere you go. Highly Customizable to Suit Your Needs: You can choose between two pendant sizes and three chain lengths depending on your desired size and length. You can also choose to have up to four pendants if you have more than one pet. Unique and Meaningful Piece: This is a beautiful and unique way to give your pet the recognition they deserve. It has a lot of meaning and will be cherished as years go by. Easy to Incorporate into Your Style: Because of its classic style, you can layer the necklace with other pieces or wear it alone. You can choose from Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver finishes to incorporate them well into your existing collection. A timeless and thoughtful accessory, it is a one-of-a-kind piece that will be treasured for years. Whatever the occasion, this is a great gift to give anyone with a cherished pet. Whether you wear it on its own or layer it with other pieces from your collection, it is sure to look good for special occasions and daily wear. Treat yourself or a special someone with the PetShots Personalized Necklace and show your love for your furry friend. Note: After placing an order, don't forget to shoot us an email at, send us a chat on the website, or message us on our Instagram with the following details: Pet Name Font Style Number (e.g., Font #5) Attach a high-quality photo of your pet so we can get their likeness! For Multiple pets, rename the attachment photos with the corresponding pet names and font style (e.g., Otis_Font 5) We will engrave a maximum of 8 letters per pendant, but it looks best with 4-6 letters. Bear in mind your orders may take 3-5 days to ship. This is a custom piece, so give us ample time to prepare your orders.  You may choose from the  following font styles:
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Kitty Cats Cotton Pajama Set - KittyNook Cat Company Kitty Cats Cotton Pajama Set - KittyNook Cat Company
Kitty Cats Cotton Pajama Set $52.95 $85.95
Get ready for bedtime with the Kitty Cats Cotton Pajama Set! Cats and cotton pajamas? Yes, please! This pajama set features small and adorable kitty prints in soft colors that match the cotton fabric they are made from. The small cat prints are all over the pajama set and add fun to your boring loungewear. Even at home, it's nice to feel cute, you know? It's suitable for all seasons and is perfect for lounging around the house! It's the purr-fect gift for teens and adults, especially if they love cats.  The Kitty Cats Cotton Pajama Set is perfect for any feline fan. The Kitty Cats print is a playful blend of cats printed in vivid colors. This pajama set has full-length sleeves and full-length pants to match. It has an elastic waistband and cute flower buttons. The turned-down collar gives a relaxed vibe that makes wearing it extra comfy. The soft colors feature soft cat prints, while the top has contrast trimmings to add character to the pajamas. What are you waiting for? Snuggle up with these cozy cotton pajama sets! Features: This pajama set is made in soft cotton, which features an adorable cat print and soft colors that look and feel light. The matching set will make you feel nice when going to bed. The cotton material feels cool and great on the skin. It makes for a cozy addition to your favorite pajamas. Step into your feline fantasy and let the Kitty Cats comfort you all night long as you sleep. Perfect for daily wear. The pants have an elastic waistband, and the top has cute flower buttons for easy wear. This is a full-length set. The sleeves are long, and the pants are full-length as well. Size: Please refer to the size chart below to find your best size. Note that these are Asian sizes. Top size (inches)  Size Bust Length Sleeves Shoulder M (99-127 lbs) 37 25 22 16 L (127-143 lbs) 40 25.5 22.5 16.5 XL (143-158 lbs) 42 26 23 17 Pants Size (inches)  Size Hips Length Waist M (99-127 lbs) 38.5 37 23-35 L  (127-143 lbs) 43 38 25-40 XL (143-158 lbs) 45 39 27-43  
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Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer - KittyNook Cat Company Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer - KittyNook Cat Company
Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer $61.95 $101.95
Stop litter box odors before they start with the Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer! Do you suffer from the same things? Unbearable Odor - Because cats are carnivores, they usually have very smelly poop. Whenever it's time to clean the litter box, the unpleasant odor is a disaster! Dusty Surrounding - Whenever cats do their thing, they bury their litter, producing large amounts of dust. We know this can be irritating to both cats and humans. Downy Paws can absorb dust and make the air fresher! Animal Smell - Our pets (especially dogs) have heavier body odor and usually leave animal smells on sofas and kennels, which isn't pleasant at home. Downy Paws can eliminate the animal smell and keep the house smelling fresh. Why choose Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer? Downy Paws is a new and intelligent way to eliminate odor and uses ion decomposition technology. It's specially designed for homes with cats or puppies or small spaces such as cat litter boxes and dog crates. It does not contain ammonia or perfumes, making it safe for your family, your pets, and the environment. Downy Paws uses a natural odor-neutralizing formula to turn the litter box into an odorless zone. It won't generate any harmful or unwanted smells, which makes it better and safer than the traditional deodorizers on the market. Let's create a better environment for your pets and a fresh-smelling home for you! How does it work? Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer contains a negatively charged ion generator, which releases neutralizing and dust-reducing ions automatically. No worries for your kitty! It has a highly sensitive biosensor to capture cats' movements as they enter and exit the litter box. When the cat approaches the litter box, Downy Paws will automatically turn off and restart deodorization after the cat leaves. This will make sure that your cat will not be disturbed in any way. Features: 24-hour Monitoring - After the deodorizer is turned on, it monitors and removes odors 24/7 to ensure that the litter box always smells fresh. Soft Light Indicator - The indicator light is soft and pet-friendly. Your pets won't be disturbed and can sleep well even at night.Blue light: deodorizing and dust-reducing modeBlue light blinking: smart monitoring statusRed light is on/blinking: needs charging 14 Days on a single charge - The 4000 mAh capacity battery lasts 14 days on a single charge, saving you from continuously replacing expensive accessories like batteries or filters. Anti-Scratch Design - The litter deodorizer uses a heavy-duty cap that you can stick to walls with a heavy-duty double-sided foam tape. This enables you to hang it on any surface you like, so you could easily snap the deodorizer into the cap. Compact and Convenient - The deodorizer is compact and won't take up too much space. You can also place it on different flat surfaces. Note: The odor may not disappear entirely at first, but after 1-2 days, you will feel a significant difference. For better odor control, place the deodorizer close to the litter box. When cleaning the litter box every two weeks, you can take out the odor eliminator and charge it. How to charge Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer? Hold the cat litter deodorizer and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the cap. Plug in the USB cable and charge it from any USB port (≤ 5v input). The blue light will blink when charging. Once fully charged, the blue light will be on. Align the snap part with the cap slot and turn it clockwise until you can't turn it. First Time Set Up & Maintenance Use a dry cloth to clean the surface (20-40cm away from the cat litter box is ideal). Press the power switch (located on the back). The blue light will flash twice to indicate that it is on. Peel off the protection film of the tape and press it to the surface for 10 seconds to ensure it is firmly installed. Align the deodorizer to the cap and turn it clockwise until you can't turn it.
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Fluffy Cat Slippers For Adults - KittyNook Cat Company Fluffy Cat Slippers For Adults - KittyNook Cat Company
Fluffy Cat Slippers For Adults $41.95 $68.95
Introducing the purr-fect addition to your cozy nights in – our charming Fluffy Cat Slippers! Crafted with cuddliness and comfort in mind, these slippers are a delightful blend of whimsy and warmth. More About Fluffy Cat Slippers For Adults: Soft plush material. Imagine slipping your feet into these irresistibly soft slippers after a long day. The plush material envelops your feet, providing a cloud-like comfort that makes you feel like you're walking on a bed of kittens.  Adorable cuddly cat design. Not only are these slippers a treat for your feet, but they're also a visual delight. Each slipper features cute cat details, from the perky ears to the sweet embroidered face with big, bright eyes that seem to gaze adoringly up at you. The fluffy fur and charming cat design add a touch of playful personality to your loungewear ensemble.  Wear it around the house. Whether you're lounging around the house, enjoying a lazy morning with your favorite book, or snuggling up for a movie night, these slippers are sure to bring a smile to your face. Gentle on your feet. But it's not just about looks – these slippers are designed for maximum comfort too. The padded footbed provides gentle support, while the non-slip sole ensures steady footing on any surface. Plus, they're easy to slip on and off, making them the perfect choice for quick trips to the kitchen or relaxing evenings by the fire. Treat yourself or surprise a cat-loving friend with these adorable Fluffy Cat Slippers Slippers. They make a delightful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion when you want to spread a little joy. So why wait? Step into comfort and cuteness with our irresistible cat-themed slippers today!
Premium Japanese Style Cat Harness Pet - KittyNook Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Cat Harness - KittyNook
Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Best... from $31.95 $51.95
The Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Best Cat Harness will enable you to enjoy precious outdoor moments with your cat! Made from a breathable polyester cloth that is comfortable yet durable, the Premium Japanese Style cat harness allows your cat to enjoy the fresh air with you in comfort. More About Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Best Cat Harness: Made of multiple layers of high-quality, breathable polycotton blend for maximum comfort. The harness features reflective and adjustable webbing for safety and comfort for your pet. It is Fixed with a simple sliding clip. The 4-point harness design disperses pulling force so your cat will not feel uncomfortable when you take them out for a walk. The simple, easy-on, and easy-off design is ideal for your fuzzy cat. The vest and strap are designed for your cat's comfort. The easy-on-and-off design features a seatbelt buckle and nylon clasp for broad adjustments. Anti-rust metal D buckles and traction buckle ensure this last for years! You'll have a much easier time taking your cat on walks now! This premium, high-quality Japanese-made leash and harness have an escape-proof design and soft padded lining. More information about the product: For the best fit for your cat, refer to the photo below.
Rattan Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Rattan Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Rattan Cat Bed from $39.95 $64.95
Give your cat the place to sleep in comfort and style with the Rattan Cat Bed! This stylish piece is made from rattan, a material that has a natural rustic appeal. It has a beautifully woven design, so it looks both modern and stylish. Your cat will love to snuggle up in it, especially on those colder days. This super comfy bed is perfect for lazy catnaps and snuggling with your kitty. It's incredibly durable, so even if your cat likes to roll and scratch, the bed will keep its beauty. The Rattan Cat Bed has a natural and rustic look that will surely shine through! This is a modern cat bed that looks very stylish while also being practical. It is a spacious and stylish cat bed that is sure to add a rustic flair to any cat lover's home. Crafted from natural rattan, this bed has a roomy base, so your cat can rest easily and comfortably in its favorite position at any time. The bed also has a removable cushion to allow for easy washing and cleaning.  Let your cat take center stage with the eye-catching wooden bed that will be their new favorite place to hang out Features: The Rattan Cat Bed is made of high-quality natural rattan woven into an attractive basket shape. This chic natural rattan cat bed with is purr-fect for your kitty. Crafted with cats and cat lovers in mind, this kitty bed will give your feline a stylish place to nap.  It fits all shapes and sizes because of its spacious bases. It makes a great alternative to traditional cat towers and cat beds. This bed is hand-crafted with love, so it is sturdy and has a long-lasting quality. This stylish, spacious and roomy cat bed is handwoven from eco-friendly, natural rattan. Get yours now and see the beauty of it for yourself! Other Information about the Product:  Size Dimensions Suggested Pet Weight S 35cm diameter 1-5kg L 42cm diameter 5-10kg L 48cm diameter 10-15kg
KittyNook Gift Card - KittyNook KittyNook Gift Card - KittyNook
KittyNook Gift Card from $10.00
Are you looking for the purr-fect gift for a cat lover in your life? We have just the thing for you! We know how hard it can be to get the purr-fect things for our beloved cat companions, so we have brought you the gift card! KittyNook has gift cards fitting for every occasion, so no need to stress hoomin; we've got you covered. This gift card would work as a purr-fect "Thank You", "Happy Anniversary", and "Happy Birthday" gift for those occasions when you just don't know what to get your cat-loving friends. Sometimes hoomins fight as well, just like cats do, this gift card can be used as a "Sorry" too, just in case you have some apologizing to do. Whatever the occasion, our gift cards will simplify your task of shopping for the purr-fect gift. The cards can be used to buy anything from our apparel, accessories and home decor collections. Our stuff is simply cat-astic if we may say so ourselves, so it should be very easy for them to find something they love! The most catastic aspect of these cards is that they've got no expiration date and no additional processing charges. These pretty little cat cards can be shipped to the lucky recipient via email or you can simply print it out and give it to them yourself!