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KittyNook's Invigorating Cat Laser
Save 45%
$104.95 $56.95
Is your cat being showered with too much love and slowly growing overweight? Is your cat always bored at home? Our Invigorating... Full details

Invigorating Cat Laser Toy

Regular price $104.95 Sale price $56.95

Premium Japanese Style Cat Harness Pet - KittyNook
Save 29%
$43.95 $30.95
Our Premium Japanese Style Cat Harness will enable you to enjoy precious moments outdoor with your cat. Made from a breathable polyester... Full details

Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Cat Harness

Regular price $43.95 Sale price $30.95+

Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy
Save 36%
$32.95 $20.95
Introducing Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy With Smart Motion Sensor and Built-in Rechargeable Battery Built-in rechargeable battery: Kiki the Dancing... Full details

Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy

Regular price $32.95 Sale price $20.95

Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Pet Bowl - KittyNook
Save 30%
$59.95 $32.95
Is your cat regurgitating from eating too fast? We can help! Most owners have accepted that vomiting as a part of their... Full details

Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Pet Bowl

Regular price $32.95 Sale price $22.95+

Lazy Cat Slippers - KittyNook
Save 44%
$80.95 $44.95
Our Lazy Cat Slippers are the cutest slippers to keep your feet warm. These are perfect for cat-lovers! FEATURES: Soft, warm material... Full details

Lazy Cat Slippers

Regular price $80.95 Sale price $44.95

Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed
Save 45%
$60.95 $32.95
Fur parents know that there’s no denying that cats love to sleep. Whether they’re lounging and napping away or just snuggled up... Full details

Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed

Regular price $60.95 Sale price $32.95+

Kit-Tea Infuser Cat Mug - KittyNook
Save 45%
$84.95 $45.95
Introducing The Kit-Tea Infuser Cat Mug: The cutest teapot in a teacup! This infuser is an adorable cat mug and tea brewing... Full details

Kit-Tea Infuser Cat Mug

Regular price $84.95 Sale price $45.95

Waterproof Cat Litter Mat - KittyNook
Save 30%
$32.95 $22.95
Tired of Cleaning Messy Cat Litter Scattered on the Floor? You're in luck! The Cat Litter Mat will be your assistant in... Full details

Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

Regular price $32.95 Sale price $22.95+

Cat Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb - KittyNook
Save 25%
$19.95 $14.95
Groom & Massage Your Pet Easily! This curvy tip-designed brush is the brand new way to detangle your pets' coat in a... Full details

Cat Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb

Regular price $19.95 Sale price $14.95

KittyNook Purr-fect Cat Pouch - KittyNook
Save 20%
$24.95 $19.95
Are you searching for a comfy travel pouch that will keep your cat calm and safe while traveling or carrying around? KittyNook... Full details

KittyNook Purr-fect Cat Pouch

Regular price $24.95 Sale price $19.95

For The Love of Cats E-Book
"For The Love of Cats" is a know-all short report on the foundations of our furry friends, CATS. We cover everything from... Full details

For The Love of Cats E-Book

Regular price $19.95

So Kawaii!  Cat Rescue Love Brooches
Save 28%
$13.95 $9.95
The So Kawaii! Cat Rescue Love brooches are the purr-fect pins for a cause! These cat pins are unique because they are... Full details

So Kawaii! Cat Rescue Love Brooches

Regular price $13.95 Sale price $9.95

Flower Cat Automatic Fountain
Save 23%
$84.95 $64.95
Did you know that cats love flowing water more than stagnant ones? This is so as they associate stagnant water as more... Full details

Flower Cat Automatic Fountain

Regular price $84.95 Sale price $64.95+

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