6 Tips for Taking Care of A Blind Cat

Are you thinking of taking on a blind cat—or is your kitty losing their vision? Here are some things that you can do to keep a blind cat happy and safe.

A blind or visually-impaired cat is frequently viewed as unadoptable. Blind cats might look odd, or they might be considered to be an excessive worry. Also, why "waste" valuable cage area that could be utilized for a cat who's more likely to be adopted? Blind and other special-needs cats are usually the first ones to be euthanized at shelters for this reason.

However, the tides are changing. Many are raising awareness of how fantastic and "regular" blind felines are. With that said, we want to encourage you to adopt a blind or other special needs cat.

And to help you, here are some factors to consider as you take on a blind cat. We will also leave you with tips that may prove to be helpful if your cat is losing their vision.

Blind cats or vision-impaired kitties shouldn't be forgotten!

blind tabby cat

Use a blind feline's other senses to orient them to your home

Cats who can't see still have to make use of their other senses. They can "see" the world through hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. You can call us these other senses to assist your blind feline in knowing their way around.

Moving your furniture can help your blind cat

It sounds logical to not move around stuff if you have a blind cat at home, but blind felines can figure out new locations of things. Albeit, they do require additional time to reorient themselves. Remember to keep the important stuff such as litter boxes and even feeding supplies in the same locations, though!

Loud toys are best for blind felines

Even though blind felines can't see, they love to play just like other cats. Many cat toys play available toys that interacts with a feline's hearing and sense of smell—blind cats like catnip-stuffed toys. Interactive playthings can be moved and controlled to make sounds, enabling a blind cat to track their "prey" with their ears.

Let your cat know that you're coming towards them

Blind pet cats can be more susceptible to being surprised, specifically if they also lose their hearing. Make sure to let your blind cat recognize you're coming. Don't pick your cat up off the floor without an introductory "hello" and some gentle stroking.

Be patient with your cat

Cats frequently respond to weakness by concealing that weak point, perhaps by becoming extra unsociable or hostile. Others might come to be extra reliant or clingy. Nevertheless, as your cat copes, be kind and caring. Talk to your cat as you're coming or going to let them know him that you're nearby.

Do not let your blind feline outdoors without supervision

Although blind cats navigate their indoor world flawlessly, there's no benefit to exposing them to the threats of outside life. That said, a catio or stroll with a cat harness on might have a tremendous help to improve their quality of life. 

Do you have a blind feline? Are there other tips that we may have missed? Please share them in the comments to help other cat parents out there!

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