9 Amazing Cat Superpowers That You Need To Know

Felines possess some impressive feats, a few of which border on being superhuman (or super-cat, in this case). Today's blog explores the unique superpowers of this little, graceful animal we all love and treasure.
9 Amazing Cat Superpowers That You Need To Know - KittyNook Cat Company

Being a cat owner, you probably do not lack appreciation for how amazing cats are. Nevertheless, they are fantastic in more ways than being cute and fluffy. Felines possess some impressive feats, a few of which border on being superhuman (or super-cat, in this case). Today's blog explores the unique superpowers of these little, graceful pets we all love and treasure.

Cats Have an Amazing Memory

cats have amazing memory

Cat brains can process an average of 6 million operations per second. In comparison, the human mind can process 38 thousand trillion operations in the same amount of time. It may not seem much, but that's impressive for animals! Research also tells us that the short memory of cats lasts up to 16 hours, while dogs' short-term memories do not last longer than 5 minutes.

If you thought that was already impressive, wait until you hear about their long-term memory. Even though cats do not seem to care about anything as long as they're fed, the truth cannot be more different. Cats develop very strong affections for their owners (although they may not display these affections as clearly as dogs do). This is evident in cases when cats can still recognize their owners even after a long period of separation. Additionally, cats who suffer from abuse have a more challenging time socializing. Getting abused cats to trust humans again requires a lot of persistence and love, which speaks to how long they can retain memories.

Cats Have Amazing Speed

cats have amazing speed

We know how fast cheetahs can be, and it appears cats have inherited a few of those genetics. On average, domestic cats are able to run up to 30 miles per hour; the fastest human has a record of 23 mph. This is why pet owners need a cat harness and leash when going outside for strolls. For context, here are the speed performances of their distant cousins:

  • Cheetahs - over 90 mph (144.84 kph)
  • Leopards - up to 36 mph (58 kph)
  • Lions - up to 50 mph (80 kph)
  • Panthers - 50 mph (80 kph)
  • Pumas - between 40-50 mph (64-80 kph)
  • Tigers - between 30-50 mph (49-65 kph)

Cats Have A Superb Sense of Smell

cats have a superb sense of smell

Most people assume dogs would have cats beaten when it comes to being able to sniff out anything. After all, we use sniffing dogs in airports to discover contraband. Nevertheless, cats have over 200 million scent receptors up in their noses. Compare that to humans, which only have about 5 million. Cats also have an extra organ on the back of their mouths that helps them smell (or taste the air). You know when this organ is in use when you notice your cat lowering its chin, wrinkling its muzzle, and hanging its tongue out for a short period.

Cats Have Amazing Sight

cats have amazing sight

Cats can really brag about having the best sight. For starters, their field of vision is off the charts. While people only have about 180° of peripheral vision, cats have 285°. This means that they can see about 20x more than the capacity of human eyes. Cats are also 8x more capable of seeing things in low light when compared with humans, making them more efficient in seeing things in situations where human eyes cannot compete.

They also have the nictitating membrane (also called the third eyelid). The membrane is also a great indicator of your cat's health because it partially closes when a cat is unwell or asleep.

Cats are Impressively Agile

cats are impressively agile

Cats can creep into any space just slightly larger than their head. If a cat can fit its head in the opening, it's likely to get its entire body through the structure. They have a fantastic ability to collapse their shoulders and bodies to squeeze themselves in extremely small spaces. Their ability to rotate their spinal columns is better than other animals. They can twist their body mid-air, allowing them to land on their feet. These abilities permit them to do jaw-dropping, graceful, acrobatic moves.

Cats Are Very Stealthy

cats are very stealthy

There is a reason why we refer to incredibly stealthy people as cat-like. When a cat is attempting to catch prey, it uses its soft paws and silently walks to gain an advantage. If your cat decides they do not want you to notice them coming, believe me, you won't.

Cats Have Incredible Jumping Abilities

cats have incredible jumping abilities

Cats can leap 5 to 6 times their body size. If humans had the same jumping abilities, we would be able to leap over 30 feet into the air. But at present, the highest jump humans have ever attained is about 8 feet.

Cats can jump this high because of the strong muscles in their back legs. They also use their tail to achieve equilibrium. So ensure that your kitchen counter and other "jumpable" areas are clean to prevent the risk of eating something they should not.

Cats are Incredibly Cute

cats are incredibly cute

This one may not necessarily be a superpower, but it's outstanding how cats have been beloved creatures throughout human history. Ancient Egyptians treated felines as gods. In the late 19th century, Thomas Edison put cats in the first video clips. Today, cats are basically everywhere online. This is an enduring testament to how much the human race loves cats.

Amazing Health Benefits

amazing health benefits

The superpowers we mentioned above help cats, but this superpower benefits humans. Research has shown that pet owners (be they cats or dogs) enjoy longer, healthier lives than people without. Part of this may be because people get more exercise when walking with their dogs. Nonetheless, the same health benefits are enjoyed by cat owners even if they do not go on walks. Cat purrs are proven to repair bones. Nothing beats stress and anxiety like the love you receive from a pet.

We hope you love today's blog. Hug your cat today and marvel at how amazing these creatures are and how lucky we are for them!

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Annette @ Tue, Sep 27, 22

I love 💕 these little paragraphs you post, I read them all the time. I have two cats, I took them to their vet yesterday and both passed 💯 %, I was so proud, the vet bragged on both of them, ProudMama.

CM Olsen @ Tue, Sep 27, 22

I continuously learn something new every time I read your blogs! I have had cats all my life, and couldn’t imagine living without them. Thank you for providing us with the valuable tools to raise our pets and keep them happy and healthy!