Are You Having A New Cat? Here's A Checklist Of Items That You Should Have!

Are you planning to get a new furry baby? We got you! In today's blog, we cover the basic (and extra) things you need to make sure your pal has all it needs as you welcome them to their new home!
Are You Having A New Cat? Here's A Checklist Of Items That You Should Have! - KittyNook Cat Company

Are you planning to get a new furry baby? We got you! In today's blog, we cover the basic (and extra) things you need to make sure your pal has all it needs as you welcome them to their new home!

Especially for a first-time cat owner, there's absolutely nothing like the excitement of knowing that you are going to be a new cat owner! Whether you are getting your cat from a sanctuary or a breeder, the happiness level is the same for all cat owners.

Here are some ideas on what to get before the arrival of your four-legged bundle of happiness!

Food And Water Bowls

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Your feline requires water and food bowls of its own. These ought to be stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or BPA free plastic that are dishwasher safe. Get separate food and water bowls, so the food and water do not splash into each other. If you can, get two sets so one can be cleaned up while your cat uses the other.

Cat Litter Box

Whether you're planning to purchase a basic litter box or a fancier one, make sure you get two for your new cat. It is a rule of thumb to get two litter boxes per cat. If you're getting have two cats, you should have four litter boxes, and so on. This ensures that there is always a clean box available for your cat.

Get the largest possible ones that will fit nicely in your house. At the very least, the ideal size should be one and a half times bigger than the size of your feline. This will ensure that your cat will have room to turn and dig.

If you're planning to get a new kitten, purchase a litter box that has a lower entry point to make getting in and out of the box easier for your cat.

Cat Litter

If there are litter boxes, you also should have the kitty litter to put in them. There is plenty of type of litters out on the market that the sheer range can be confusing. Ask your breeder or sanctuary the brand name of the litter that they use. Buy the same brand to acclimate your cat to the new home better. You can always change her to your favored brand name later on.

Cat Trees

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Especially if you want to keep your cat indoors, you can maximize your area's vertical space by purchasing a pet cat tree. Put it near a window where your new kitty can view the outdoor scenes. Ideally, it would be best if you got a cat tree at least 6 feet high. It also should be sturdy and substantial enough for your cat to jump and sleep in it. When looking online, always check the reviews. Note the dimensions so you can choose what is best for your cat.

Cat Food

Like litters, you can ask your shelter or breeder what cat food they use in their care and get the same brand. Consult with your veterinarian to discuss your new cat's diet moving forward based on the cat's specific needs.

Scratching Post And Scratching Mat

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If you want to keep your new cat away from furnishings at home, a cat scratching post or mat is going to be your best friend. Cats tend to choose either flat or upright scratching surface areas. Sisal ropes are better than carpeting as scratching surfaces because they can withstand the damage for more extended periods. Cardboard scratch pads are low-cost and very easy to find. You can purchase a number of these items and put them in different locations in the house.

Cat Toys

Toys are essential for any feline, no matter if they are young or an adult cat. They help build confidence, keep your feline's mind stimulated and sharp, and protect against unwanted behavior like biting or scratching. Interactive playing with toys such as fishing poles with feathers on the strings' end is incredibly crucial toys to help get acquainted with your new cat. You can also use enrichment devices like tunnels or empty paper bags and boxes for extraordinarily timid or older felines who might not like interactive play.

Cat Beds

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Even though your feline will probably spend the majority of her time resting on your couch, provide your cat with at least one bed of her very own—cats like beds with high sides where they can snuggle for a nice, comfy nap. If you're bringing an older pet cat into your home, try a warmed bed; it's a terrific way to reduce the pain of their creaky joints. Heating pads aren't advised because they can get too warm and burn your cat.


All cats must be microchipped in case they slip outdoors or get lost. If you adopt from a sanctuary, likely, your cat will already be microchipped. For a chip to be reliable, you have to register it and keep your contact info up-to-date. Microchips are the most effective method to confirm that a feline is your pet lawfully.

You'll also wish to get a collar with tags, so any individual who finds your cat can get it safely home. Make sure to obtain a "breakaway" collar, so your cat will not get stuck on furnishings or in the branches outside.

Some Extras To Pamper Your New Cat

If you have covered the basics, you can buy these products to make your cat happier.

A Drinking Fountain

Numerous felines enjoy running water, so instead of the traditional ones, you can opt for water fountains. I recommend a stainless-steel or ceramic water fountain, as those products are the least most likely to build up bacteria.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a terrific method to keep your cat stimulated even when you're not around. You can get pre-made challenge toys that vary from basic to elaborate. Or you can make your own with essential cat-safe points you have around your house, like toilet paper rolls with paper on each end. There are great DIY tutorials that you can check out.

Window Perches

Because cats watch their territory in three dimensions, above-ground surfaces are always better for them. Home window perches are a great way to "catify" your home, together with racks and various accessories.

A "catio"

If you want your feline to get some fresh air or feel the turf under her paws, the most effective and the best method to do that is to construct her a catio. It is an exterior enclosed space that your cat can access through a window or a feline flap. Catios can be basic or have sophisticated multi-level play areas that your cat will surely enjoy!

Get ready for your new cat's arrival with these items, and you'll be setting up for lots of happy years together. Congratulations, new cat parent!

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