Expensive Cat Breeds: 9 Excellent Pedigrees

Whether you are looking for an expensive breed of cat to join your family or are just curious to know the breeds we will mention, this blog is perfect for you!
expensive cat breeds

Whether you are looking for an expensive breed of cat to join your family or are just curious to know the breeds we will mention, this blog is perfect for you!

With their unique personalities and striking looks, these nine cat breeds are some of the most expensive cats to own worldwide. But you'll quickly realize why such a high price tag is given to them. Let us discover what these breeds are now!

1. Savannah Cats

expensive cat breeds

This splendid feline is the most pricey indoor feline on the face of the earth. The Savannah cat is a hybrid of Persian cats and African Serval feline. Their spectacular coats have the rosette pattern (like a leopard), and their ears are high and pointed.

They bond with just a few people and are thought to be very loyal. Savannah cats are incredibly analytical and have a remarkable capacity to jump--even onto fridges and high furniture. They have a strong hunting impulse, so if you also have birds, fish, or other family pets at home, your Savannah feline will likely eye them daily.

Due to this hunting impulse, it is essential to check out your country and city's regulations before you decide to purchase this feline. Some areas have limiting regulations because these big cats can intimidate native varieties.

2. Siberian Felines

expensive cat breeds

Siberians are well-suited to any home. They have an elegant and dense coat, a vast variety of colors, and a caring personality.

They're laid-back. However, they delight in playing and are also very loyal to their humans. You'll often find your Siberian tagging along and ready to cuddle as soon as you take a seat.

As you might expect, this caring cat comes from Siberia in Russia, so they're well suited to cool conditions. It's an ancient breed believed to be genealogical to all contemporary long-haired cats.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

expensive cat breeds

Additionally known by its Norwegian name--Skogcatt--the Norwegian Forest Cat has been around for centuries. Extremely handy for clearing homes and ranches of pests such as mice, they have only recently become popular in Europe and the States.

These are large cats with long fur. They're independent, sharp, as well as very creative.

Norwegian Forest cats generally like to be at peace in their area. However, this pricey cat breed loves an excellent chin scratch, and they're enjoying without being attention-seeking.

They're likewise fantastic mountain climbers. You'll commonly find them sitting in the tops of trees before speeding down quickly. For smaller residences, a feline tree and scratching mats and posts come in handy.

4. Russian Blue Felines

expensive cat breeds

With emerald-green eyes and an elegant silvery blue coat, Russian Blues are an amazingly pedigree breed of cat. The Russian Blue is sweet-tempered and fine-featured, with long legs that enable it to go high speeds.

This pricey type of feline delights in play and calls for a bit of attention. Although, they do enjoy sleeping in soft spots and often tend to avoid large groups.

Russian Blue cats are, from the name, a Russian breed. They are another intelligent breed, so it is necessary to supply adequate mental and physical excitement to keep them delighted.

5. Ragdoll Cats

expensive cat breeds

Playful and friendly--and with magnificent blue eyes--the Ragdoll feline is a popular cat breed. Their most fun ability is their propensity to lie limp when you pick them up (in contrast to most cats, who squirm out of your hold as quickly as they can).

Ragdoll cats are loyal and typically greet their humans at the door. They're also terrific with dogs and even children, making them best for family members.

With a beautiful and mild temperament, Ragdolls are incredibly perfect even with strangers and will undoubtedly seek a little love from everyone. This is just one of the friendliest pricey cat breeds.

6. Egyptian Mau Cat

expensive cat breeds

An unusual type with a magnificent coat, the Egyptian Mau has generations of history on its back! It has a medium-sized built, with longer hind legs. They are the fastest domestic pet cat breed worldwide.

This exotic breed favor warmth and also are quite sensitive to temperature. So if you live someplace really chilly, keep this in mind.

It's also recommended to have a large garden for your Mau feline. They're incredibly loyal and love snuggles. Smart enough to switch on the faucet, Egyptian Mau cats likewise enjoy playing with water.

7. American Wirehair Feline

expensive cat breeds

One more rare type of residential cat, the American Wirehair pet cat, is defined by its unique layer of bouncy, crimped hairs.

Wirehair felines are a stocky lot. They have a calm and pleasant personality. They enjoy playtime but aren't talkative. They also bond with every member of the home, making them perfect for any household. American Wirehair felines enjoy hanging out in the sun.

All Wirehairs can be mapped back to a spontaneous mutation that occurred in 1966. That's why they're such an unusual type--breeders can't replicate their uncommon layer.

8. American Curl Cat

expensive cat breeds

These happy felines are affectionate and are very talkative. The name describes the American Curl Cat's different ears, which curl backward in a rather funny way.

Like the Wirehair felines, American crinkle pet cats are all descended from a single genetic mutation. They are among the youngest cat types, having been transferred from stray to pedigreed in just six years.

Always curious, creative, and people-loving, the American Curl is ideal for households. They love to welcome individuals with a little head bump or a rub against the legs. Curls are also active and adaptable, with older Curls recognized to be just as energetic as more youthful ones.

9. Sphynx Cats

expensive cat breeds

A very uncommon and expensive cat breed is the royal Sphynx. Well-known for being one of the hairless breeds (like the Peterbald), the Sphynx feline is a wonderfully friendly as well as spirited cat--they're also very striking.

The Sphynx cat breed is not, in fact, hairless--it's covered in a light downy layer of hair that feels like suede or peach fuzz.

Despite their strict expression, Sphynx felines are energized and also often wacky tricksters. Acrobatic, energized, as well as interested, you'll see them jumping around the house with excitement. They're likewise extremely devoted cats, as well as this expensive pet cat breed likes to be involved in family tasks.

Due to their energized and also loving personality, the Sphynx takes a fair amount of job. They're also susceptible to sunburn and even skin damage, in addition to getting cold quickly. This makes them best fit indoors--but there are feline sweatshirts you can acquire to keep your Sphynx snug and safe.

Final Words

There you have it, cat owners! Those are the most expensive pet cat types worldwide. These domestic cat breeds are caring and happy, with few health issues, and are solid pedigrees.

Each type has its particular traits that make them well-suited to different residences and environments. So be sure to choose your feline based not just on the price-tag, but also on whether you're well-suited to each other. If you do, you can not fail!

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