Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas

Cats are meticulous creatures that have a variety of idiosyncrasies. Some cats like to scratch at carpeted surfaces to help remove the outer layer of their claws, while others prefer to run and play on hardwood floors. Regardless of your cat's preferences, you likely want to provide an environment that pleases both you and your cat. Here are some suggestions for flooring ideas that will help you and your cat live happily together.
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Cats are meticulous creatures that have a variety of idiosyncrasies. Some cats like to scratch at carpeted surfaces to help remove the outer layer of their claws, while others prefer to run and play on hardwood floors. 


If your feline spends a lot of time indoors, they'll want a comfy floor to walk on when visiting the litter box, playing, or satisfying their curiosity around your house.


Regardless of your cat's preferences, you likely want to provide an environment that pleases both you and your cat. What should you consider to help safeguard from overly lively or older felines if you're going to purchase new flooring? Here are some suggestions for flooring ideas that will help you and your cat live happily together.


Luxury Vinyl

Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a resilient floor type made with several layers of products created to develop a dimensionally stable base. The first layer, or wear layer, helps keep discolorations, damages, and scratches from getting through the actual flooring. It's an excellent choice for homes with felines since it is a dependable, resilient flooring. Luxury vinyl is taking the world by storm with its lovely, visually appealing wood planks look. This floor covering is tarnished and wear-proof, so you don't need to worry that your cat will be a mess! Also, with some options being water-resistant and even waterproof, liquid stains a problem no more! You can install luxury vinyl in kitchens, living rooms, finished cellars, laundry rooms, and any place you keep your kitty box! Luxury vinyl will not only wow you with its sophisticated innovation and ease of upkeep but also with its enchanting styles you'll be happy with.



Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring has been around for years. And for a good reason. It is built with clay and water and heated up, making it steady and durable. Porcelain floor tile is the hardest of all three sorts of ceramic tile, so if you're looking for one that will be best for your naughty feline, porcelain floor tile is a terrific option. From bathrooms, laundry rooms, and living rooms, you can set up ceramic tile practically anywhere as long as you have a level surface. The floor tile will take on scratches, wear and tear, and dents. And because it is so sturdy, it will not call for consistent maintenance. A simple scrubbing up of grout lines and vacuuming up loose hair will be sufficient to clean up ceramic tile flooring. Feline scratches, hair, kitty clutter, and crashes don't stand a chance against the tile.


Laminate Flooring

Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Laminate

What makes laminate flooring perfect for cats? The laminate comprises numerous layers of composite timber to develop floor covering that is sturdy and budget-friendly. The surface has a wear layer with the looks of authentic hardwood. If you plan to use laminate in your house with cats, be sure to consider the wear layer and scratch-resistance of the flooring before you decide.



Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Hardwood

Are you looking to add a natural character to the home? Hardwood covering has long been a coveted one due to its sophisticated look and steadily built. While hardwood floorings are not made with the same materials like plastic, you can select hardwood with a matte surface to minimize the possibility of cat scratches. Types like white oak, red oak, and hickory are better for pet cats because they can conceal scratches and damages within the graining. Also, to keep feline hair from being visible, select lighter tinted hardwoods or floorings with a rustic or distressed finish. With more of these styles, you won't see the scrapes or specific problems as quickly since they'll blend in with the flooring design.


Wood floors are lovely, and they're popular because of that. The trouble with this type of flooring is that they are permeable, so if a feline pees or vomits on them, it may leave a tarnish that's practically impossible to remove. If there are any voids between the floorboards, the urine or vomit will penetrate the cracks and stay there until it is time for the flooring to go.



Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Bamboo

Bamboo floorings look eye-catching in practically any home and have numerous fantastic attributes for pet cat owners.


For one point, bamboo floors are much more stain-resistant than hardwood. They are also longer-lasting, so you do not need to bother with your cat tarnishing your bamboo floorings as long as you clean it up. They bear up well under hefty foot traffic and also have enough structure to offer your feline a safe flooring to walk on.


Bamboo floors may cost a bit even more upfront. However, its long life means that it may last for years with the proper treatment.


For your cat, the bamboo flooring is a surface area that is smooth and to stroll on. The bamboo is more complex than wood, making the flooring a launching pad for acrobatic feline actions.


A warning! Always examine the manufacturing procedure for bamboo. Some businesses will cut young bamboo stalks, which decreases the sturdiness of the finished flooring.



Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Carpet

What about felines and carpet? While there has been a change from carpeting to hard-surface flooring styles lately, carpeting is still a superb choice for areas in your house where you intend to introduce gentleness and comfort. Because cats often take pleasure in drawing on carpet strings, stay clear of loophole carpet designs where their nails would get caught. It's also an excellent idea to pick a stain-resistant or waterproof rug, just if a mishap happens! Additionally, carpets with patterns are a perfect option for a house with cats. They conceal discolorations far better than non-patterned carpetings.


There's a lot of terrific things about carpet. However, the leading two are soft, and they're a good insulator against sound and temperature. The issue with carpets and cats is it's not easy to clean, and if your feline has its claws, it could try to scratch your carpet.


Practically every pet cat proprietor will undoubtedly agree that carpeting is the most challenging floor if you possess felines.


Carpet is already challenging to clean without a cat in the house, and with them in the equation, that duty also becomes more arduous. Cat hairs are embedded into the rug and regularly require to be vacuumed loose, and every mess needs to be cleaned quickly before they soak in the carpet or dry.


Any feline, no matter how trained, can have accidents. When cat urine soaks into the carpeting layers, it can be tough to remove the scent. If you want the convenience of a carpeted flooring, you may intend to consider rug tiles instead.


While carpets might rate last, if you desire the most delicate floor for your cat, it will be the best choice that your feline will enjoy. Many cats are potty trained, and carpet actually won't be much of a headache at all. Just purchase an excellent vacuum cleaner!


The Longest Lasting Flooring

Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas - Linoleum

Did you know linoleum is the longest-lasting flooring above all else? It's known to last 40 years with careful cleaning and upkeep.


For somebody like you that might intend to have cats in your house for the rest of your life, linoleum is an excellent wager when it comes to durability.


Linoleum sheet flooring has become a popular choice, thanks to linoleum being just one of the most resilient floorings worldwide. Linoleum also has standard water resistance, though plastic is more durable if you're vulnerable to flooding.


Any moisture from pet cat pee, however, is nothing to the linoleum. Cleaning up is relatively easy as well with standard vacuuming or sweeping.


Those of you with big spaces will particularly value linoleum sheet rolling because it comes in large rolls. This makes it with the ability to cover large rooms in one application.


The price of linoleum likewise can't be defeated. Nevertheless, it does matter where you get your linoleum.


What You Need To Consider When Choosing

Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas

Felines are one-of-a-kind creatures, with some being adorable, loyal, and friendly, and others may be tranquil, delicate, and independent. Regardless of their individuality, cats share some attributes that can create chaos in your house if not cattified. Your flooring is a prime example since it is the canvas for your room, which is why it's critical to buy flooring that is equipped to take care of cats and also kittens!


If you've been scratched by an irritated cat before, then you'll know that their nails are not to be taken lightly! Felines and their nails will undoubtedly dig into your flooring at one point or another. If you choose to buy scratch-resistant floors, you lead the game. You will not need to worry about cats running, playing, or strolling when you think ahead and pick scratch-resistant options.


Felines shed, so it's not a surprise that their hair ends up all over the floor. The most effective is the one that is easy to clean and leaves dust and hair on the surface for quick pick-up. One more thing that felines can drag about your house is feline litter. Litter can make en up in all kinds of areas, not just where the box is. If you select a flooring that is very easy to maintain, you'll spend much less time cleaning than if you frequently have to put vacuum cleaner out. Hard-surface floorings usually are simple to maintain, and while hair and litter stay on the surface, it doesn't get stuck deep down. An easy vacuum or brooming does pick up hairs that accumulate swiftly from hard-surface floorings.


Let's face it. Feline accidents are a genuine concern that we have to manage. Like other pets, cats have their multitude of mishaps that are likely to occur. While you will not have the ability to predict when accidents will happen, it's somewhat expected that a mishap will happen occasionally. When it involves liquid, you need to clean them up as soon as possible. Yet what happens if you're not at home when everything happens? Floors that are not waterproof can twist or warp if not tended to swiftly. To keep your floorings looking their best, select water-resistant or waterproof choices. Luxury plastic, ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, and even carpeting usually provide exceptional water resistance depending on the product. Each has individual features that make them suitable for pet cat owners!


Properly Maintaining Your Floors From Your Cat's Wrath

Feline Friendly Flooring Ideas

Cleaning up the above floors needs to be a persisting behavior if you wish to keep any flooring for longer. Regardless, it does not mean the extensive maintenance you'd otherwise have to place in with genuine hardwood or rock floors.


Preserving your floorings is relatively very easy, as long as you're able to do basic cleaning.


Vinyl slab floors and all vinyl floorings are straightforward to clean by sweeping or vacuuming.


Regardless of the straightforward cleansing techniques, you still require to take care not to cause damage by yourself. Avoid using the beater bar attachment on your vacuum cleaner, so you don't trigger cuts.


Plus, don't use floor cleaners with possibly harmful chemicals. These might not just damage your floor but also harm your pet by breathing in the fumes.


You may have heard some people use vinegar to clean their linoleum floorings instead of harsh cleaning products. Adding a bit of lemon juice to this concoction creates a hint of citrus scent your cat might enjoy. Considering that cats are sensitive to particular smells, think about the cleaning solution you'll use.


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