Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day

August 8th is International Cat Day! That's right, a whole day dedicated to cats! Today on the blog, we will give you some ideas and tell you more about this special day.
Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day - KittyNook Cat Company

August 8th is International Cat Day! That's right, a whole day dedicated to cats! Today on the blog, we will give you some ideas and tell you more about this special day.

The International Pet cat Day or World Cat Day is a day to celebrate, love, and truly care for our feline friends' wellness. As cat specialists, we believe every day needs to be cat-urday, and we're constantly finding and sharing brand-new ways to know cats.

So without much ado, let us learn what International Cat Day is about and how we can celebrate our feline friends in the best way possible!

What is International Cat Day?

International Cat Day began in 2002, arranged by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), as a 24-hour ode to every person's preferred frenemy: the fickle feline. Ever since, many organizations, individuals, and nations have taken part in the new custom of honoring our feline pals. 

There's no single event or occasion that marks the celebration, however, so you can celebrate it in any way that you like. But ideally, the day is an opportunity to:

  • Take some time out to give extra attention to our furry friends;
  • Memorialize the unique bond between people and cats;
  • Celebrate cats for the love of cats (or just for fun); and
  • Support the well-being and nd safety of felines in your area and worldwide.

Some countries likewise have their own national cat day; some of them are:

Japan: Cat Day, February 22nd.

Russia: National Cat Day, March 1st.

8 Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

Cats have been our buddies for at least 9,500 years and are currently the most popular family pet on the planet. Felines are precious members of numerous homes around the world.

But cats are so much greater than companion animals. Studies show that communications with felines may improve health and reduce stress and anxiety. Having a cat in the house might likewise enhance emotional health by giving emotional assistance to individuals suffering from clinical depression, stress, and anxiety, as well as loneliness.

If you want to commemorate International Cat Day by doing something special for a feline, we have prepared some ideas below.

1. Volunteer At An Animal Sanctuary

Around 3.4 million cats are animal shelters every year in the USA. Call any animal shelter or animal rescue center in your area; there's a great chance they're looking for volunteers.

Deal to have fun with the felines up for fostering, clean cages, and also can, feed pet cats, or anything else they need assistance with. You'll be sure to make lots of feline buddies in the process! Your local animal shelter likely has lots of cats and various other animals that might use your assistance.

2. Adopt A Cat

If you don't currently own a cat, perhaps it's time to consider having the pitter-patter of four tiny feet in your home. There are numerous cats waiting for somebody to take them home and spoil them rotten!

In return, you will receive their unequaled commitment and cuddles and kisses! If you already have a cat in the house, perhaps it's time to get your pet a feline buddy to have fun with!

3. Visit A Cat Cafe

Imagine sipping your tea while hanging out with a bunch of felines. I am uncertain how guidelines work today, but honestly, I don't mind. There are about 24 cat cafes in the United States today.

4. Get Your Cat A New Toy or Furniture

Whether you give your cat a new feline condo, bed, toys, or treats, they'll be sure to thank you with whole lots of purring, caring, and snuggles. You can look through our wide collection of cat stuff available on the website!

5. Brush Your Cat To Eliminate Excess Hair and Hairballs

Oh yes, that's the spot! Spend time brushing your kitty's fur to offer them the pampering they truly need and have on International Cat Day (or any day for that matter!).

6. Get Your Cat A Collar With Your Contact Details

If your feline is not already using a collar with your contact details on it, this might be a great time to do it! A collar tag can also hinder a well-meaning neighbor from unintentionally swiping your cat. You'll also want to make sure to chip your cat and consider getting a GPS cat tracker for full security and safety.

7. Work With Professional Photographer For A Fun Photoshoot

If you truly love your feline, what much better way to commemorate International Cat Day than with a photoshoot? Sure, you take thousands of cat photos already, but this day is special. You can also share your purrfect images on social media to best celebrate International Cat Day. Don't forget to tag us if you do!

8. Have an International Cat Day Party and Invite All Your Friends and Their Cats!

A cat-themed party? Felines socializing over tuna treats and toys? Where do we register?! You can make the most of this once-a-year celebration day by celebrating it with you and your friends' felines. We will love it if you tag us on the photos to share the great time you had!

Where would you be without your cat? So in honor of all loving cats in our lives, give them extra love on August 8th!

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