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Is the Halloween a Dangerous Time for Black Cats?

Is the Halloween a Dangerous Time for Black Cats? - KittyNook Cat Company

Halloween is fast approaching. Pumpkins are plentiful, skeletons, ghosts, and monsters are in season, and Halloween black felines rule! We all know that black cats are almost synonymous with Halloween, but how did this association start?

Myths surrounding black cats being linked to witchcraft are nothing more than antiquated mythology. Cats branded as "bad luck" has deep, historical roots and affect how sanctuaries take on black cats around Halloween. Some claim that satanic or cultish groups adopt black felines in some sick sacrificial ceremony.

There's also an idea that black cats wandering outdoors, specifically around October, are more likely to be captured and hurt. There's also a fear that black cats are adopted around Halloween as a prop, then either abandoned or returned to the sanctuary after.

So, do these beliefs hold merit? Let's clear away the cobwebs and shed light on this dark issue.

The truth is, black cats are no more likely to be hurt around Halloween.

The truth is, black cats are no more likely to be hurt around Halloween.

Black cats are allegedly hunted down, maimed, and sacrificed in demonic rituals on Halloween evening. We hear these anecdotal stories about black cats hurt by humans due to their connection with witchcraft and bad luck. In the disturbing instances in which felines have been assaulted, those tales are powerfully inscribed on our memory. However, no statistics prove that these incidents are prevalent, especially in contemporary times.

Of course, there are always sick individuals that hurt pets, but it doesn't appear this happens more in black cats. However, the biggest danger cats face is the possibility of being euthanized in shelters (there are about 530,000 cats that are euthanized in the US annually) because too many people do not neuter their cats.

Here is a skeleton in America's room: many communities do not have enough laws on cruelty toward animals. The police also seldom investigate animal cruelty cases.

Are black cats harder to get adopted


Another persistent idea is that black cats are more challenging to adopt than other colored ones. While this used to be the case, it seems to be transforming and changing because of black cat advocates.

The ASPCA claims that prevalent bias against black cats is only a misconception nowadays. However, the black cat euthanasia rate is still slightly greater than the others at 30%. Gray cats follow them at 28%. White cats do not seem to be better at 26%. Rescue reports from the past tell us that it used to be harder to place black cats, but the trend has changed in the last decade.

Over the last ten years, the enthusiasm for cats has generally risen. With the introduction of the Internet, funny cat videos encouraged people to have cats, and there are plenty of black cat appreciation groups.

What are shelters doing for black cats?

What are shelters doing for black cats

There's an old concern that people usually adopt black cats for the wrong reasons, especially around Halloween. While this idea is not backed by science, they still do not allow the adoption of black cats in October, and the ones that adopt them are rigid in their vetting procedure for potential owners. Still, other shelters have been capitalizing on the spooky season period to advertise black cat adoption, offer discount rates, and waive adoption fees.

What can you do to protect your black cat?

What can you do to protect your black cat

Even if black cats are not in danger around Halloween, it's wise to keep your furry baby inside the home throughout the year. Aside from individuals of ill intent, outdoor cats can fall victim to predators, being struck by a car and trucks, parasitic infections, or the elements. Because of this, indoor felines live four times longer than outside cats.

If you feel ready to adopt, consider taking on a black cat. Aside from helping clear out sanctuaries, cats have other benefits, like improving your love life.

Black cat parents can also use the opportunity to develop art or take good photos. Others who see the wonderful cat pictures might be motivated by the striking appearance of a midnight-colored cat and might adopt their very own!

Finally, when it involves Halloween, it's a celebration many of our pets can do without. For most cats, the night is a frightening collage of trick-or-treaters in scary costumes, noisily shuffling everywhere and pounding on doors. Keep your pets in a quiet and safe place until the festivities are done.

Last Words

Last Words

Halloween or not, we must advocate for our communities to have humane policies and programs that ensure favorable lifesaving outcomes for pets and community cats. We need to advocate that pet cruelty cases are investigated, prosecuted, and penalized to the maximum extent of the regulation. This starts by ensuring that we report when we witness it.

Indeed, the human race has come a long way in advocating for the humane treatment of these precious creatures we love. Our representatives do listen when people come together and magnify their voices. So the next time you hear disturbing rumors about black cat cruelty on Halloween, let authorities know. Remember that you have the power to end the nightmare that is the killing of cats in sanctuaries.

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