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National Cat Day 2021 | Checking In With Your Local Shelters

National Cat Day 2021 | Checking In With Your Local Shelters

National Cat Day is observed annually every October 29. And it is an excellent time to learn more about the objectives, the history, and how you can participate in this celebration of our beloved feline friends.

What is the Purpose of National Cat Day?

The role of National Cat Day is to spread awareness about the plight of cats in sanctuaries and shelters throughout the United States. Sanctuaries throughout the nation are overwhelmed with cats, and sadly, they cannot help accommodate the thousands of felines that need homes.

History of National Cat Day - October

Lifestyle author Colleen Paige is credited to be the proprietor of National Cat Day back in 2005. Her goal was to galvanize the general public to be aware of the number of cats that need to be rescued yearly and motivate cat lovers and enthusiasts to celebrate the cat(s) in their lives for the companionship and unconditional love they bring. We at KittyNook believe her, and we know that domestic and feral cats are both unique and deserving of love.

Science says that cat domestication goes back to 12,000 years. The process seems to have started in the Middle East, and though it did not happen overnight, eventually, cats did go from wild beasts to softly purring family pets (for the most part, that is).

Cats lived for hundreds of years alongside human beings before they were domesticated. Their genes have evolved a bit differently from wildcats throughout time, but from this one trait: the distinct stripes and spots of the tabby cat.

Another study reveals that ancient sailors would bring cats along to help shield food storage aboard by killing rodents. This allowed cats to spread out across the world. And we are happy that they spread.

They also have, in a way, surrendered a lot of their instincts to stay in our homes. On National Cat Day, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate all the love they bring!

How to Commemorate National Cat Day

So, what are some ways that you can celebrate National Cat Day? 

The primary purpose behind National Cat Day is to identify the number of cats looking for rescue each year. Therefore, the highlight is to raise awareness of the subject. In addition to looking for cats to adopt, some owners celebrate this cat holiday by showing some love to the kitties in their life. This is a great day to buy your cat treats, new toys, pet furniture, or even some extra cuddle time; KittyNook has an online catalog that you can browse through.

Take on a Feline

National Cat Day raises awareness of shelter cats and lowers the number of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens that flood shelters. What is a more apt way to celebrate this special day than by adopting a feline from your neighborhood shelter on this pet holiday?

If you've been thinking about adoption, now is the best time to make it happen, as many shelters and animal rescue centers will be holding fostering and adoption events to celebrate this day. You may even have the chance to get discounts on adoption charges! Sweet!

Donate to Your Neighborhood Sanctuary

Perhaps you cannot adopt a cat? You can still contribute to the enrichment of your local sanctuary felines' lives. Consider donating food, blankets, or toys to your neighborhood shelter or institutions that support cats. Those kitties staying in sanctuaries will feel a lot more comfortable while they're awaiting their fur-ever homes.

Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

Shelter cats need love, too. If you can't donate money or in kind, you can donate your time. Drop by your local sanctuary and volunteer to play with the kitties, scoop their litter boxes, clean their cages, and assist with other duties. Donate your time this day and feel fulfilled as you brighten a shelter cat's day!


While adoption and monetary or material things will go a long way, the heart of this celebration is to spread public awareness of the real problem of cat overpopulation in shelters and in general. Visiting your local shelter can be an excellent way to start with this. Spreading awareness through sharing this article on social media, encouraging your family and friends to adopt or foster a cat into their homes, spaying and neutering your cats will also go a long way!

National Cat Day is all about commemorating our feline friends. Whether you plan on embracing a kitten, fostering a cat, volunteering your time at a sanctuary, or simply making your friend for life feel special, we hope you'll find a way to make this a purposeful day!

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