Quick Cleaning Tips for Cat Parents

You want the house clean but don't have a lot of time to do it? Here are some quick steps to keep the house clean without so much effort!
Quick Cleaning Tips for Cat Parents - KittyNook Cat Company

Cats are known for being good groomers and their general cleanliness. They’re easily litter-trained and, unlike their other canine compatriots, rarely find themselves with an open jar of jam stuck to their snoots. Nevertheless, being a cat owner does involve the right amount of home cleaning and care. So let’s review a couple of steps you can take to keep your home (and your cats) clean.

  1. Grooming. You shouldn’t have much trouble coaxing your feline friend into quality grooming time as they are known to love getting brushed. Brushing your cat every day has several perks for your cat, such as removing dust and debris from the fur while also helping prevent tangles, hairballs, and mats. Some perfect products for this will be this cute pet comb or this silicone gentle grooming gloves in our store! Brushing using products like this distributes healthy natural skin oils throughout the cat’s fur. It also catches dead cat hairs that you might otherwise find to be clinging to your furniture, carpets, and drapes.

  2. Bathing. Most cats don’t like water, which may make bathing them a struggle. Luckily, cats are fastidious self-cleaners that they need far fewer baths than dogs. Also, giving your cat too many baths can remove essential oils from their skin, causing dryness and increasing dander. However, the occasional shower can help remove stubborn dirt hidden deep within the fur (especially long-haired breeds and those who spend much of their time outdoors). When bathing your cat within the sink, place a rubber, non-skid mat down first—it’ll help you keep even a grumpy, wet cat from getting away. When bathing a cat for fleas treatment, be sure to follow the directions on any products you use as many products are not safe for very young kittens. It will be wise to ask your vet to recommend one.

  3. Litter pans. No one likes smelly litter pan, so regular and frequent litter changes are essential. Having a clumping litter and scooping the pan every day can limit odors between litter changes. Get your cat an indoor pan to keep cat litter in the box instead of getting moved and pawed outside the box. If you would like to go high-tech and your pockets are deep, you might want to buy a self-cleaning pan.

  4. Automated Feeders and Water Bowls. And while we’re at it, there are several high-tech products available today that help dispenses food and water in regular, suitable portions. Such devices can help reduce food spills and may aid in limiting overeating by obese cats.

  5. Air Filters. Air filters and purifiers can be an excellent investment, especially for removing airborne dirt, dust, and dander from your home environment. Air purifiers will help in reducing both odors and allergens and may help your home smell fresher for longer, albeit you’ve got multiple cats.

  6. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! There’s just no way around it. Even the regularly groomed cats shed. This situation makes a vacuum cleaner a must-have appliance within the house. How much and how thoroughly you will need to vacuum your furniture, carpets, etc. depends on how many fur babies you own. Additional factors are whether they’re short- or long-haired breeds and whether the fabrics in your home are “fur magnets.” If fur is a huge problem, or if someone in your house is allergic to cat dander, you’ll want to think about adding a couple of special attachments to your vacuum’s attachment arsenal.

  7. The Rubber Glove Trick. No time for a regular vacuuming? A fast and straightforward trick to get rid of cat fur from furniture is to put on a dish glove, have the palm surface slightly damp, then run your gloved hand over fabric surfaces where hair tends to gather. The electricity will pull the cat fur from the material to the glove, where it’ll quickly become easily disposable clumps. You can have another go with your link roller for hairs your glove might have missed.

We sincerely hope that the following pointers will help you keep your pet and home clean and a beautiful place to breathe in and relax!

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