The 5 Major Cat Personality Types

Cats have traits that make them distinct and charming, but similar with humans, cats fall into different personality types. Learn about your cat's personality today!
The 5 Major Cat Personality Types - KittyNook Cat Company

Every cat is special!

All cats have traits that make them distinct and charming. However, like with humans, cats fall into different personality types. Additionally, both nature and nurture work together to influence a feline's character. Cats' personalities are affected by their development, upbringing, and genes.

Surely enough, variations or combinations of these types can happen. But more often, felines come under one of the five classifications.

Which pet cat personality kind best defines your cat, then?

1. Hunter Cats

Cats are born hunters—it's in their DNA. However, some felines ache for the chase more than others. These are the Hunter Cats. Left outdoors, these killers will usually return to you with "gifts" captured by their little paws.

Hunter Cats often enjoy toys that make them exercise their skills of hunting prey. These wild things are bored with ribbons and frills! Felines with a high victim drive are happiest with a big area to stroll and explore—such as an outdoor catio—wherein they can see birds fly by while they have fun.

2. Human Cats

Human Cats enjoy people! These social butterflies hunger for human love and take pleasure in being around you at times. Felines that like people enjoy to snuggle and also will happily become your cat-shadow. These people-loving pet cats will certainly do whatever it takes to be near you!

You can keep Human Cats happy with tasks that you can do together. Wand toys are an excellent choice because you can play together.

3. Cantankerous Cat

Everybody knows a Cantankerous Cat, and it's frequently this personality that non-cat people associate with felines. As pet cats with sensitive requirements, they tend towards aggravation or annoyance when their habits are interrupted. However, this does not imply these bad-tempered cats are always in a bad mood. They require independence and distance. These ill-tempered cats tend to choose their humans with care. They also love with intense loyalty. Don't worry. They still want cuddles! You will know when they want them.

These independent felines should have a lot of singular play. Toys that they bat around when they feel the urge or cat scratching mats and posts are excellent options for them.

4. Cats' Cat

The Cats' Cat finds happiness in being with other felines. They're the beautiful cats that offer care to all the various other cats—regularly grooming them as well as touching noses to provide kisses. A Cat's Cat enjoys to cuddle with other felines and probably the people of the house as well.

This personality doesn't often develop in the wild, but kittens raised with other felines often have the Cats' Cats character. You can place these fuzzy felines with activities that consist of the entire feline family, like fun climbing trees and interactive toys that draw all your cats' interests.

5. Curious Cat

The Curious Cat is always up to something! Lively and outgoing, these felines are intelligent creatures anxious to explore anything new around them. They are still in bags, cardboard boxes, or hidden in some odd room that makes no sense. The curiosity of a Curious Cat drives them to be social and discover new things. Keep an eye on your bags! These curious cuties will surely paw through them!

Keep these nosey cats satisfied with new boxes and toys such as mazes.

So, which of these personality types are the perfect fit for your cats? Tell us in the comments below!

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