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Tips for Keeping Your Feline Happy and Healthy in 2021

Tips for Keeping Your Feline Happy and Healthy in 2021 - KittyNook

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month! Today we've got some ideas to include into your routine to ensure that your cat will have a happy, healthy, and long life! Cat moms and dads may be as different as the cats they care for—however, something unites them all—wanting their cats to live long, happy lives.

Don't forget to groom.

Cats are meticulous with their cleanliness—their saliva has superb cleaning properties to keep their coat reasonably tidy. However, cats will still need some assistance sometimes. They can usually deal with everyday dirt, but if your cat has made themselves unclean, they might require a bath. Besides that, brushing now and then will aid in keeping excess hair as well as hairballs at bay. This can save your cat from digestion issues connected to swallowing those loose hairs.

Hairballs should not happen in short-haired cats, and it can be vomiting that's happening—hairballs or vomiting over a one-time a week warrants a vet visit.

Keep most of their diet wet.

Numerous veterinarians nowadays advise a diet regimen that is high in protein and low in carbs. This is why completely dry kibble is not recommended as a diet for cats, as numerous selections include high amounts of carbs. There is a direct correlation between cats becoming overweight and developing diabetes because of high-carb diet regimens, which can, in turn, lead to other complications.

Feed your kitty from a shallow plate at least three times a day. Cats are small, and they need easy access to their food. Include treats in their diet plan, especially as they grow. Small portions of foods with high protein, such as boneless fish, cooked egg yolk, and cooked or raw liver, will undoubtedly help them build solid bones.

Besides this, cats typically acquire a lot of their fluid consumption from their food, so keeping their food damp is an excellent way for them to hydrate. Suppose your cat disapproves of the drinking from a fountain or bowl, as many cats do; feeling your cat with wet food is essential in avoiding kidney concerns later on in their lives. This is not saying that you should completely eliminate dry kibble—just do so with care and only when needed.


As said in the previous pointer, cats naturally do not drink as much as other pets, as they developed from desert-dwelling animals. Wet food is around 3/4ths water, while dry kibble is around 1/10ths water. If you're providing your cat completely dry kibble, you'll need to ensure that there are available sources of water everywhere. Moving water from a fountain is best, as felines naturally do not like stagnant water. Observe what works with your cat, as they have their own choices too. Dehydration is common in cats, particularly in elder cats, so memorize the indications and watch out for them.

Offer your cat lots of love and playtime.

It's a common misconception that cats aren't social as dogs, but the truth is that cats yearn for and want interaction equally as much as any other pets. They like playing, snuggling, and receiving attention and love, so play with your pet as much as you can! Keeping your cat happy and healthy means improving their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally!

An obese feline is more at risk of a range of illnesses, like diabetes. Playing with toys and having strolls can, for example, can keep them in shape, while mental exercise with puzzle toys will keep their minds sharp. Exercising for 15 minutes in a controlled environment has been shown to lower the incidence of FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, or bladder inflammation) in felines.

A bored feline is also often a destructive and miserable cat. Cats need to have scratch surfaces to help avoid damaging furniture. If you're busy and can not constantly play with your cat, it's best to have a person who can come and look after your cat. Cats aren't always the low-maintenance, independent divas we always associate them as—they still will need somebody keeping an eye out for them, someone trustworthy that always put your feline's needs first.

If your cat loves hanging out outdoors, think about giving a catio. A catio is an outdoor room that will confine your feline to a specific room and protect them from the risks generally encountered by cats that spend time outdoors. A catio can offer hours of home entertainment for your feline. Another alternative is taking your cat outdoors on a collar or harness and leash. Your kitty will undoubtedly delight in exploring the outside world, and you will be able to keep them safe and secure.

Do not forget your feline's teeth.

Regular oral care will help keep your feline's mouth healthy and helps protect against oral diseases common in cats. Getting your cat's teeth cleaned has been shown to help regulate conditions like respiratory infections, diabetic issues, and loss of appetite.

Vaccinations and neutering are essential.

Take your kitty for routine vet visits and help them get all the required vaccinations.

Getting your cat neutered or spayed results in a happier and healthier feline. It keeps your cats from getting into heat, getting pregnant, spraying pee, and overall helps curb cat overpopulation, which is a big problem in the cat world.

Perhaps the most important of all...

Love your cat unconditionally, treat them well, and love your kitten to bloom into a lovely, healthy cat.

Those are the suggestions we have to keep your cat satisfied and healthy all year long!

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