Top 9 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Whether you like to embrace a friendly cat home, or already have a lovely cat at home and also want to see how they measure up against other friendly ones or are just plain curious, here are the top 9 most affectionate feline breeds.
Top 9 Friendliest Cat Breeds - KittyNook Cat Company

"Does my cat like me?" Many cat owners have asked this question themselves, feeling slightly uncertain how to know the real answer. However, while the enigma of a feline's actual feelings is likely to withstand, we know that they have a friendly, affectionate side. Felines may not be declared as "a man's best friend" anytime soon, but some cat breeds sure come close.

Whether you like to embrace a friendly cat home, already have a lovely cat at home and want to see how they measure up against other friendly ones or are just plain curious, here are the top 9 most affectionate feline breeds.

1. Abyssinian - the "Carpe Diem" cat

Abyssinian - the "Carpe Diem" cat

The Abyssinian is the feline you wish you have in human form. If you own an Abyssinian, you know that they have an always-on personality. And what a happiness it is to have such an intelligent and also friendly cat breed in your life! Their fondness for seizing every minute will require you to have your energy always levels up.

They are always eager to welcome you when you return from work or from running an errand; they are pleasant with strangers and other pets cats. They will also regularly check up on you throughout the day, with reassuring meows!

The Aby will stay within the cuddling range of their owner no matter what. You'll find an Abyssinian joining you in the kitchen when you're doing the dishes, perched on your shoulder when you're working from home, as well as trying to cuddle next to you on a movie night. There is no doubt in the Abyssinians' minds that you will be besties forever, which is what makes the Abyssinian among the friendliest breed to have.

2. Exotic Shorthair - the loving cat

Exotic Shorthairs are closely related to Persians, and for that reason, they have a lot of the Persians' peaceful and pleasant nature. They love playtime a bit greater than Persian cats and have significantly shorter hair that make grooming easier. If you are searching for some loyal companions, the Exotic is among the most caring feline breeds you can welcome into your life.

3. Ragdoll - the laidback friend

When such a name is used for a breed of cat, you know there are many cuddles to be had as soon as you invite a Ragdoll feline into your life. Known as a very affectionate breed, Ragdolls love nothing more than spending time with their owner, which means following you around when you're too busy for cuddles.

Be in their company for a few days, and you'll start asking yourself whether you've taken on a pup instead of a cat. Some owners take their puppy-like nature to the next level and teach them to play fetch or even hide-and-seek. Honestly, how adorable! You won't have any doubts that you're in the business of one of the most affectionate companions when this ball of fur starts to melt in your arms every time you hold them.

4. Persian - the ultimate lap cat

A furry coat equates to cuddly in the cat world, and when it involves fuzzy cats, the Persian is a famous one. You'll usually find them patiently waiting on you to take a seat so they can be in their comfortable spot--on your lap. Persians are a calm breed; they'll snatch your heart just by sitting quietly, which, according to their proprietors, they'll be doing a lot of.

5. Maine Coon - the gentle giant

Maine Coon sits right between being friendly and independent. Despite their large physique, they like nothing more than a good cuddle. They will probably make the local mice hold on to dear life as they like to flaunt their chasing skills, mainly when rodents are about.

The Maine Coon is an intelligent feline, so keep the toy box filled up with plenty of interesting toys. Absolutely nothing spells fun for these cats more than an incredible mental challenge.

6. Siamese - the life of the party

If you want a social cat that enjoys a good chat, you will love hanging out with a Siamese. These kitties know how to make a household bright and alive!

Attractive and innovative, these felines are also reasonably keen on people. However, you must know that they are not as keen on being left at home alone. The Siamese need to have human companions in the house or be with another Siamese companion to be a happy cat.

7. Burmese - the curious cat

The window sill is a Burmese cat's favorite place in the world. Their analytical mind cannot resist looking at the world outside. But do not think they'll completely ignore their owners. There is only so much attention you can give a cat daily, and the Burmese will gladly have all of it. They will want to know what's inside your cabinets, be on your shoulder while you're searching the Internet, and also poke their head between you and the TV. Having a Burmese in the house might cost you some privacy, but they will offset it with cuddles. Don't we all love that! They are great playmates for children, too, which makes them ideal for families with children. They are one of the most affectionate cat breeds you'll ever meet, constantly up for cuddling time and eager to have the children playing with them constantly. 

8. Scottish Fold - the sweetest feline companion

The Scottish Fold is the happiest when beside its human owners. They're so keen to join all the tasks that you will soon suspect they have no concept that they're a cat and not a human. Their strong bonds with the human owners are tested if their routine is disrupted, suggesting you may have to refrain from rearranging the house as frequently as you would like.

These cats come with quite a few one-of-a-kind quirks that you can't help but love: from their folded-up ears to their capability to sit up on their hind legs. Add in this their caring nature, which they won't be shy to show to everyone, and you can't help but be captivated!

9. Sphynx - the social butterfly

With their appearance are like no other, the Sphynx does not mind being in the limelight at all. Sphinxes want to be the center of attention and will compensate you with satisfied purrs and cuddles in return. They are talkative and lively, and if that's not the meaning of friendly, we don't know what is. Make sure you keep the Sphynx cat far from the elements, though. Their distinct hairless look suggests that they'll feel the cold on a wintery day and may also get sunburnt in the summer. Apart from that, fortunate Sphynx owners can be proud to have one of the most undemanding and pleasant cat breeds around.

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