Poncho Sphynx Cat Sweater - KittyNook Cat Company Poncho Sphynx Cat Sweater - KittyNook Cat Company
Poncho Sphynx Cat Sweater from $27.95 $49.95
Indulge your cats with this Poncho Sphynx Cat Sweater! This sphynx velvet cat sweater is purr-fect for days when your kitty's cold paws are keeping you up at night. More About Poncho Sphynx Cat Sweater: Velvety Softness. These classic cat sweaters are anything but ordinary. This elegant-looking cat sweater is made from medium-weight soft velvet fabric. Each sweater is irresistibly comfy and cosy and exquisitely made, making it the best choice for your Sphynx cat. Vivid Colors. This luxurious velvet-like fabric is dyed in rich and vivid colors. It is cut in a classic pea coat shape and has a turtleneck-style collar and loose-fitting sleeves for maximum comfort. Ultimate Cold-Weather Outfit. The poncho sweater is the ultimate accessory for cold weather. Especially made with hairless cats in mind, you can keep your cat's paws toasty every time. Manu Sizes to Choose from. It is snuggly and soft, perfect for our hairless pals. With the different sizes, you can find one that hugs your kitty's body in all the right spots. Truly, it is a warm and adorable addition to your pet's winter wardrobe! Show off your love of a sphynx with this funky sweater. Bring a little catwalk at home with this lovely addition to your cat's wardrobe! Size: To find the best fit for your Sphynx cat, please refer to the chart below.
Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater
Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater from $18.95 $42.95
The Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater is the purr-fect choice for your fashionable feline friend this winter. This sweater is made from cozy cotton fabric and provides ultimate comfort and warmth for your beloved pet. More about the Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater: Vibrant Variety. Available in four charming colors, our Tailored Tabby Cat Sweater lets your cat express their personality with options that suit their coat color. Elegant V-neck Design. The sophisticated V-neck design adds a touch of class to your winter ensemble, making it suitable for various occasions, such as holidays and photoshoots. Cozy Cotton Comfort. Crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, this sweater provides a soft and comfortable feel against your cat's skin. Specially made for hairless cats, it provides warmth without compromising on style during winter. Perfect Fit for Everyone. With six sizes available, finding the ideal fit for your cat's size has never been easier. Tailored Tabby ensures that everyone can indulge in the joy of donning this chic and comfortable garment. Winter-Ready Warmth. >Designed with the chilly season in mind, this sweater provides the warmth your cat needs to combat winter's chill. Let your cat stay snug and stylish as they navigate through the colder months in style! As temperatures drop, you can rely on the warmth of this quality cotton fabric! Embrace the changing seasons with this must-have winter wardrobe essential, thoughtfully designed to keep you cozy and chic. More information about the product: Please refer to the size chart below to find the best fit for your cat.  
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Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company
Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume $18.95 $47.95
Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume is where style meets the supernatural for your beloved feline friend! Get ready for a howling good time as your cat becomes the charming Count Whiskerstein or the elegant Catula with our Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume. About the Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume: Unleash the Elegance. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this enchanting costume will transform your cat into the epitome of feline sophistication with a supernatural twist. The high-quality polyester fabric ensures a comfortable fit that won't irritate your cat's skin. Eerie and Elegant. This costume combines classic vampire aesthetics with a cat's graceful charm. The black shiny material exudes an air of mystery, while the vibrant red lining fabric adds a touch of elegance, making your cat the center of attention at any spooky gathering. Purr-fectly Safe. Worried about your cat's comfort? We've got you covered. This fang-tastic costume features a string-tied closure that's not only secure but also incredibly comfortable for your furry friend. No need to fret about any discomfort or irritation during their time as charming creatures of the night. Be Halloween Ready. Whether you're preparing for Halloween festivities, a themed pet party, or just want to share some supernatural charm on social media, our Fangtastic is the perfect choice to elevate your cat's style game. One Size Fits Most. Designed to accommodate a range of cat sizes, this costume is purr-fect for most feline companions. From medium to large cats, they can all embrace their inner vampire in style. A Memorable Transformation: Watch as your cat becomes the star of the show, turning heads and drawing smiles wherever they go. This costume is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and share some laughter with friends and family. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your cat's Halloween truly memorable. Order the "Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume" today and let your cat embrace their inner creature of the night with comfort and style! Get yours now, and let the feline fun begin! Other information about the product: Neckline length: 20-35 cmCape Spread: 71x51 cm
Cozy Cat Cardigan - KittyNook Cat Company Cozy Cat Cardigan - KittyNook Cat Company
Cozy Cat Cardigan from $22.95 $44.95
Introducing the Cozy Cat Cardigan—the perfect addition to your cat's wardrobe! Crafted from a soft, luxurious blend of materials, this cardigan is as comfortable as it is stylish. Made with soft, luxurious fabric, this cat jumper will keep your cat warm and snug all day long. About the Cozy Cat Cardigan: Soft and Comfortable for Cats. Made from soft and high-quality fleece, this cardigan is ultra-soft and comfortable. It's the ideal choice for chilly days when your cat needs extra warmth. Playful Design. Featuring a playful feline design with the words "adicat" printed on the back, this sweater is sure to make everyone who sees it smile. Great for Special Occasions. This cat apparel is perfect for special occasions—birthdays, holidays, photo shoots, and even during outside walks. Available in a Range of Colors. The Cozy Cardigan is available in a range of sizes that will fit small to medium-sized cats. It's also available in many colors, so you can choose one that will best fit your cat's personality.  Machine Washable. It's machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning. Just chuck it on the washing machine, and your cat can wear it again. Great Gift for Cat Owners. With its oh-so-cute cat design, you'll be the envy of all your feline-loving friends. This is perfect for gifting to cat lover owners on special occasions such as holidays, or birthdays. Whether you're snuggling up at home with your furry friends or taking walks around the town, the Cozy Cat Cardigan will catch looks from everyone you meet! So why wait? Get your paws on our Cozy Cat Cardigan today and take your cat's fashion game to the next level!  Size Back Length Chest Pet Weight Recommendation XS  16cm/6.29inches 27cm/10.62inches 0.6-1.2kg S 20cm/7.87inches 32cm/12.59inches 1.2-2kg M 25cm/9.84inches 37cm/14.561inches 2-3kg L 30cm/11.81inches 42cm/16.531inches 3-4.3kg XL 35cm/13.77inches 47cm/18.5inches 4.3-6kg XXL 40cm/15.74inches 52cm/20.47inches 6-8kg
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I ❤️ My Mom Cat Hoodie - KittyNook Cat Company I ❤️ My Mom Cat Hoodie - KittyNook Cat Company
I ❤️ My Mom Cat... from $20.95 $41.95
Hey, cat lover, do not miss out on this adorable and comfy I ❤️ My Mom Cat Hoodie! This hoodie has a soft short-sleeved design, a pullover head style, and the words "I ❤️ My Mom" written in big, bold letters. Because we know it's true! This is the perfect hoodie for chilly days and special occasions. You can just slip this on your cat and they're instantly ready for pictures! Show kitty how much you love them with this fun I ❤️ My Mom Cat Hoodie! This precious hoodie is made of soft polyester and cotton blend, therefore it is breathable and gentle to your cat's delicate skin. This soft, lightweight hoodie is like an extra coat on chilly days. Because it is thin, it is perfect for lounging around the house. Show off your love for your cat as they show their love for you. Because of the rich and vivid colors, the high-quality fabrics, and the print, this hoodie is a versatile wardrobe staple. Let your cat tell you that they love you with the I ❤️ My Mom Cat Hoodie! Features: This hoodie is made from high-quality cotton and polyester blend that has a soft feel and is resistant to pilling, making for comfortable wear. It also has to give and stretch, giving more comfort to your kitty. Show your cat how much you love them. This hoodie comes in rich and vivid colors of yellow, black, heather grey, aqua, and pink that will fit your cat's purr-sonality! This hoodie features an adorable "I ❤️ My Mom" printed across the back and a pullover head design that can match you as you make your morning runs. Size: Please check the size chart before you buy it! For the growing kitten, we advise your to choose bigger size to accommodate for growth.
Security Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company Security Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company
Security Cat Costume from $15.95 $37.95
Now your feline friend can help keep your home safe, too! The Security Cat Costume features cat-sized, official-looking overalls—no crime-fighting skills needed! The Security Cat is a full-body costume with a hood, so your cat can roam the neighborhood and still be able to protect its identity. It is made of breathable and durable polyester, so this costume is comfortable for your feline and will last for a long time! Whether you're looking for a cosplay costume for your cat or just a fun way to bond with your cat and take pictures, this costume is the purr-fect choice. The black jumpsuit has big SECURITY vinyl printed all over the back. The full-body Security Cat Costume is perfect for your cat's next heist! Show off your cat's playful side with this lightweight, plush, over-the-head Security Cat Costume. It is fun and safe for all pets because of the breathable fabric. Your cat will be the talk of the town when they wear this Security Cat Costume. It is a comfortable and stylish way to let your pet take care of any "terrorist" trying to break into your home. This is a wonderful gift for that special cat owner who has everything. The product is 100% machine-washable and easy to put on and take off. Your cat will be the most adorable security guard around!  Features: This is the best costume for your cat on the prowl for crime! This one-piece hooded costume comes in different colors and sizes, so you'll surely find one that perfectly fits your cat! This CAT-riffic costume is made from a polycotton blend that is comfortable and breathable. Plus, it's easy to put on and take off! This is a must-have for the most fashionable felines. Get one for your kitty now! Size: To help you choose the best size for your cat, please refer to the size chart below.
Goku Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company Goku Cat Costume - KittyNook Cat Company
Goku Cartoon Cat Costume from $16.95 $40.95
Your cat will feel like a real warrior of the universe in the Goku Cartoon Cat Costume! Dress your cat up in this one-piece jumpsuit and see them transform before your eyes. This adorable costume will make your cat the center of attention at Halloween parties and other special occasions. It will instantly make your cat look cuter! This costume features the iconic Dragon Ball outfit in the iconic blue and orange color combination. The outfit is comfortable, stretchy, and has a range of sizes to fit cats of different chonkiness. Your cat will indeed fight back with the Goku Cartoon Cat Costume! This cat costume is designed for cats that like to fight and look cool simultaneously. It is also 100% cotton, so you don't have to worry about your cat being hot and sweaty inside. Your cat will be ready to defend the Earth and battle his enemies in style—the only downside is that it doesn't come with any actual superpowers. Features: Transform your furry friend into the mighty warrior Goku from the wildly popular anime and manga series "Dragon Ball Z." This colorful cat costume is designed to look like Goku from the Dragon Ball series. The costume includes a jumpsuit with the character's iconic orange and blue colors; the famous Dragon Ball pattern is on the back. The costume has a range of sizes from XS to XXL, so you'll have something that will fit your favorite fur friend. The material is made from 100% cotton and is breathable for your pets! Size: Please refer to the chart below to find the best fit for your kitty!  Size Length (inches) Chest (inches) Pet Weight (kg) XS 6 9 0.6-1.2 S 7 11 1.2-2.0 M 9 12 2.0-3.0 L 10 15 3.0-4.3 XL 13 16 4.3-6.0 XXL 14 18 6.0-8.0
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Pets - KittyNook Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Pets - KittyNook
Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Pets from $16.95 $41.95
Who says ugly sweaters are only for humans? It's a fact: cats wearing Christmas sweaters are twice as fun! This Christmas, give the gift of warmth and whimsy to your favorite feline who's been good all year with one (or more!) of these Ugly Christmas Sweaters. They'll be purring with happiness! We've got Christmas sweater outfits in a variety of holiday themes—from classic Christmas prints to adorable reindeer motifs—to keep your cat warm and merry! These holiday sweaters for pets are sure to be the highlight of your holiday party and the envy of all your friends.  It's guaranteed to be a big hit at the holidays and will become a keepsake for years to come. When the family Christmas photos are due to be taken, be sure to get your pet an Ugly Christmas Sweater to wear for a most memorable keepsake! Features: These fun holiday sweaters are available in XS to XXL sizes.  They are high quality and machine washable. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they make a great gift for any cat lover.  This festive turtleneck sweater is the purrfect gift for your favorite feline! Made from 100% cotton and with a wide size range designed to fit most kitties, this is the purrfect holiday outfit for your pet. These festive holiday sweaters are a fun way to celebrate the season and will have cats and dog owners alike feeling merry and bright! Size:Please refer to our size chart below to see which one best fits your cat.  Size Length (inches) Chest Width (inches) Recommended Pet Weight XS 7 8-10 1-1.5 kg S 8 9-11 1.5-2.5 kg M 9 11-13 2.5-3 kg L 11 12-14 3-4 kg XL 13 14-16 4-7 kg XXL 16 16-17 7-10 kg
So Kawaii! Lion Mane Cat Costume - KittyNook So Kawaii! Lion Mane Cat Costume - KittyNook
So Kawaii! Lion Mane Cat... from $22.95 $45.95
Your cat will become the king of the jungle in this lion-style cat costume! The cutest feline around just got an upgrade! This kitty costume features a plush, brown-black-and-white faux mane with jaunty little lion ears. The front closes with high-quality Velcro tapes to ensure a snug fit as your kitty rawrs! This soft and cuddly lion's mane is the purrfect accessory for your pet! It mimics classic lion's mane, but with a soft and fluffy feel. Great for Halloween and costume parties, but will make your cat look cute and kawaii all year-round! Get ready for your ferocious feline to be transformed into a majestic lion in this furry mane! Features: This adorable lion-head cat costume is made of plush faux fur with a warm fleece lining. It features a Velcro closure for for a snug fit under your cat's chin. Based on the traditional lion mane, this product will have your favorite feline feeling so kawaii! With the comfortable fit, it can be worn for hours. This is the perfect accessory for Halloween, costume parties, photo shoots, and more! Size:  Size Cap Circumference Neck Circumference S 24cm 28cm M 26 cm 32cm L 30 cm 38cm
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Witch's Familiar Cat Costume - KittyNook Witch's Familiar Cat Costume - KittyNook
Witch's Familiar Cat Costume $24.95 $49.95
Your cat will purr and meow with delight with the adorable Witch's Familiar Cat Costume! With a pumpkin face in a pointy witch's hat and a ruffled neck piece, your kitty will be dressed for Halloween in this traditional witch familiar look! Dress up your favorite feline in this spooky and cute outfit so they can celebrate in true witch's cat fashion.  Scare up some fun when they dress in the Witch's Familiar Cat Costume! The perfect getup for both cat-lovers and witches, this costume is sure to make your cat the star of the neighborhood! Join in on this year's Halloween festivities with the Witch's Familiar Cat Costume! Features: The Witch's Familiar Cat Costume is made of high quality cloth material, which is soft and comfortable. The strap of the collar and the hat is adjustable, making it easy to put on and take off as well. This cat costume is suitable for all cats and even small dogs. Make your pets more attractive and cool on Halloween. You can also use this costume one fancy dress balls, birthdays, family photo, or play date. Dimensions:Hat Height: Approx.15cm/5.91inHat Diameter: Approx.12cm/4.72inHead Circumference: Approx. 20.4cm/8.03 in Neck Circumference: Approx.25-40cm/9.84-15.75in Note:Because of the cloth material and the design, the costume should be hand-washed and hang to dry.
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Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses - KittyNook Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses - KittyNook
Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses $21.95 $42.95
We all love to shower our cats with adorable things. And what could be cuter than your favorite feline match your sunglasses boss style? 😎 Make the people on your household scream and laugh in delight as you put on Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses in your cat! It is the perfect accessory for that photo shoot you always wanted! It is likewise excellent for Halloween and other costume parties. You can even use this on regular days because why not? Our cats are badass bosses every day anyway. This is one accessory you don't know you need until you get your hands on it! Features: Fashionesque pet glasses are made of steel and high-quality glass. Available in different colors and styles, so you are sure to find one that complements your pet! The light-weight material ensures that your cat will not be bothered by the glass. Fashionable and cute, it is perfect for photos! Other information about the product:  Size Lens Diameter Earspiece Length Glasses Face Length M 3 cm 7 cm 8 cm L 4 cm 12 cm 11 cm