Kawaii Cat Please Adopt Pin

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Kawaii Cat Please Adopt Pin

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Product description

The Kawaii Cat Please Adopt Pin is the purr-fect pin for a cause!

These cat pins are unique because they are not just cute, but they also send a loving message across!

Now you can be a cat-vocate anytime, anywhere! Just pop this pin in your person, make sure everyone you meet sees the cute pin, and you might just be converting people to adopt a pet as you walk down your neighborhood!

This adorable pin says "please adopt" in cute gold lettering all across a cute cat's body. This cute cat pin is perfect for those cat lovers out there!

The adorable Kawaii Cat Please Adopt Pin makes a great gift (or reminder) for cat lovers.

These brooches are made from very durable materials, so you are assured that these pins will last you for years (so long as you don't lose them, of course).

You can make a big statement while also being highly fashionable and cute. Wear this pin anywhere you go, and who knows? You might just melt someone's heart or touch someone enough that they adopt a new pet.

That's enough motivation to wear this pin, right? Give this as a gift to cat lovers in your life, even if it's only yourself.

They are the perfect cat accessories for your shirts, collars, lapels, or even backpacks! Truly So Kawaii!


  • This cute pin has a hard enamel face and a zinc alloy backing to ensure durability.
  • It features a cute black cat pin with the words "Please Adopt" in embossed since alloy. The pin measures approximately 1.5 inches high and 1 inch across.
  • The glossy finish makes it so that dirt will not be easily visible, plus it's cutter that way too!
Size: Please refer to the photo below for the dimensions of this adorable pin.
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