Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume

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Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume

$ 18.95 USD $47.95 -61% OFF

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Product description

Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume is where style meets the supernatural for your beloved feline friend!

Get ready for a howling good time as your cat becomes the charming Count Whiskerstein or the elegant Catula with our Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume.

About the Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume:

  • Unleash the Elegance. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this enchanting costume will transform your cat into the epitome of feline sophistication with a supernatural twist. The high-quality polyester fabric ensures a comfortable fit that won't irritate your cat's skin.
  • Eerie and Elegant. This costume combines classic vampire aesthetics with a cat's graceful charm. The black shiny material exudes an air of mystery, while the vibrant red lining fabric adds a touch of elegance, making your cat the center of attention at any spooky gathering.
  • Purr-fectly Safe. Worried about your cat's comfort? We've got you covered. This fang-tastic costume features a string-tied closure that's not only secure but also incredibly comfortable for your furry friend. No need to fret about any discomfort or irritation during their time as charming creatures of the night.
  • Be Halloween Ready. Whether you're preparing for Halloween festivities, a themed pet party, or just want to share some supernatural charm on social media, our Fangtastic is the perfect choice to elevate your cat's style game.
  • One Size Fits Most. Designed to accommodate a range of cat sizes, this costume is purr-fect for most feline companions. From medium to large cats, they can all embrace their inner vampire in style.
  • A Memorable Transformation: Watch as your cat becomes the star of the show, turning heads and drawing smiles wherever they go. This costume is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and share some laughter with friends and family.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your cat's Halloween truly memorable. Order the "Fangtastic Vampire Cat Costume" today and let your cat embrace their inner creature of the night with comfort and style!

Get yours now, and let the feline fun begin!

Other information about the product:

Neckline length: 20-35 cm
Cape Spread: 71x51 cm

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