Cat Lounge Hammock Bed

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Cat Lounge Hammock Bed

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Product description

Whether your cats loves lounging or snoozing, give a bed that's just for them!

This cat hammock bed is made of wood and breathable linen so your kitty can lie for hours without feeling hot.

It's the purr-fect summertime bed!

This cat hammock bed will give your feline friend a place to snuggle and nap during the day or night. The linen allows for air to circulate and keeps your pet cool on hot days.

What's so unique with this bed you say? There's a concealed safety lock that you can flip to make the hammock rock!

When you want your furry friend to have a unique place to lounge, this round bed is exactly what you need. It's the ultimate in stylish, space-saving furniture for your cat, with a unique suspended hammock style.

Give your felines a cozy place to relax in style with this charming cat hammock.


  • The kitty lounge hammock bed is made of sturdy wood and cozy linen fabric that lets air circulate to keep their bodies cool even on hot days.
  • This stylish Cat Lounge Hammock is crafted of eco-friendly high-quality fabrics and is longer on either side than the average cat bed, so you get all the benefits of a cat hammock without sacrificing space. This hammock is also extra wide, so there's plenty of room for contortionist stretching!
  • This cat bed can hold up to 30 lbs of cat, and the linen is removable for easy cleaning. 
  •  It's perfect for small- to medium-sized cats. This hammock is easy to clean, with a removable pad and liner, and also features a removable safety strap.
  • Our cat hammock is big enough for a small to medium-sized cats. It is a great place for cats to take a nap, catch a cool breeze, or just relax and watch a little TV.
  • To ensure the comfort and safety of your cat, we recommend placing the bed on a non-slip surface, such as a tile floor.


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