Egyptian Cat Earrings

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Egyptian Cat Earrings

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Product description

Egyptian Cats are symbols of power. Feel empowered every time you wear the Egyptian Cat Earrings!

This statement earring is perfect for special occasions, especially when you want to stand out. This bold earring is sure to be a conversation starter, so be extra chatty when you wear them.

These statement earrings are the perfect gift for your cat lover friends (or yourself), especially if they love Egyptian cats. 

Add a touch of exotic style to your outfit with these fabulous cat earrings!

These playful earrings have a silver-tone metal base, with beautiful gold-tone accents for the cuffs that Egyptian cats are known to have.

Our craftsmen worked carefully on each earring, and the intricate details show the work done in every piece. The earrings come in two pieces, and the tail is extra long for a dangling effect.

Wear good luck with your ears with the Egyptian Cat Earrings. If your friends ask you where you got it, point them to KittyNook!


  • The Egyptian Cat Earrings are made from a copper base with a fine silver finish for the body and gold coating for the cuffs. 
  • Each earring comes in two pieces: a front and a back. The back part serves as the lock and has a long tail for a dangling effect. 
  • These Egyptian-themed cat earrings showcase intricately carved designs and features that the wearer will love.
  • It is also perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out and feel extra special. 
  • The combination of silver and gold in the earrings makes them a very versatile jewelry piece. I will look marvelous paired with a black dress, but it's up to you!
  • Because of its timeless design, you can dress it up or down to your cat lover heart's desires.

Note: This product is sold by piece.

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