Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks

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Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks

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Product description

Is your cat bored? Try spicing up playtime with the Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks!

Playing with our cats is an important part of maintaining their health, so is keeping their teeth healthy!

Natural and great for oral health, each chompy stick is cut from 100% natural silvervine. They are great for teething cats and adult cats alike.

Chew toys like this are important because they provide opportunities for solo play for indoor cats, especially because they spend much time in confined spaces.

If you use the Chompy sticks to mimic cat play, you get the most out of it! Not only will it clean your cat's teeth, but it will also provide kittens and adult cats with movements associated with hunting. 

What are matatabi sticks?

Silvervine is a naturally growing plant that cats adore. It has anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties, which is why they are great as dental sticks for cats.

These Matatabi silvervine sticks are things that cats love to chew on. 100% pure natural cat treat!

Play is a crucial part of a cat's health. Get your hands on these now and have more happy and healthy playtime with your cats! 

What are you waiting for? Get some for your cats now!


  • We make our Chompy Sticks from 100% natural silvervine plants, therefore they are safe and non-toxic to your pets.
  • The Chompy Sticks cleans your cat's teeth.
  • The mint scent leaves the cat's breath fresh for long period.
  • Silvervine is in the same family as catnips, and their smell attracts cats naturally. This is a great alternative to catnip.
  • The Chompy Sticks are not just good for playing, but also for enhancing your cat's appetite!

Please refer to the photo below for the dimensions of the stick.

matatabi sticks dimensions


Note: When you receive the molar stick and the scent is not strong, you can use a knife to wound the surface. The scent inside of the matatabi stick is stronger, which cats love!

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