10 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect for First-time Owners

So you've finally decided to own a cat. Congratulations! You're one step closer to finally being a fur parent. But what breed should you choose? Let KittyNook help you decide as we round up the 10 best cat breeds ideal for first-time owners.
10 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect for First-time Owners - KittyNook
So, you've finally decided to own a cat. Wonderful!

If you have already begun to hunt for the perfect cat, you know how daunting the job is. Don't give up and keep looking!

We're here to assist you further because we have listed ten ideal feline types suitable for first-time owners today. Let's get to it!

1. Maine Coon

Large, fluffy, and super snuggly, Maine Coons feature a personality you will find irresistible.

Their knowledge and social skills are a few of the reasons they are perfect for new cat owners. Although they are a large breed—they are the largest cat type—they are effortless to tame and train. Their nearly dog-like behavior will surely keep your home continuously entertained.

2. Siamese

Siamese felines are believed to have come from Thailand, where they were kept to safeguard the royal treasures. Their deep blue eyes and triangle-like head make them a unique breed to possess.

However, besides their charm, they are smart and extraordinary cats. The Siamese type is sassy, loyal, as well as social in nature. Furthermore, because they have short hair, it is simple to brush them--a plus point for those with little or no experience with felines!

3. American Shorthair

Although American Shorthairs' origin is in Europe, they can be located almost everywhere in the US. And since it is a common breed in North America, you can quickly get one for yourself. These felines are extremely easy to maintain, enjoyable to be around, and smart to be trained. Nonetheless, they do need their personal space occasionally.

4. Burmese

Although the Burmese Cat Type originated in Southeast Asia, they have Maine Coone-like characteristics. These charming looking, snuggly pet cats have a temperament, which is a good fit for a person who wants to have a pet cat for the first time. They like to be around people and can be conveniently trained to perform simple tricks.

If you are looking for a feline who enjoys accompanying you, is devoted, and lovable, opt for a Burmese cat.

5. Sphynx

Having a feline is fun, but it comes with a great deal of fur mess. But what if we told you that there is a hairless cat ideal to be a pet?

Sphynx cats are among the exotic feline breeds. They have an energetic spirit, are social by nature, and are very smart. The only point you need to remember in having them is to keep them away from direct sunlight.

6. Ragdoll

Yes, they are as snuggly as dolls! If you are looking at a pet cat that quadrates people well and is laid back, get a ragdoll. Likewise, if you have a kid in the household, these charming cats can be an ideal buddy to them. These cuddly little felines are always in a lively mood and also are incredibly easy to marry in the household.

7. Somali

If you have a big household or various other pet dogs, but you want to add right into it (since why not?), a Somali pet cat might be an appropriate choice.

These cats are full of power and also are always energetic. They love to be around their proprietors and also maintain them delighted with their antics.

8. Scottish Fold

When you have set eyes on a Scottish Fold cat, you can not help falling in love! Their folded ears give them an owl-like look and make them one of the prettiest feline breeds.

Besides their cute appearance, they are also recognized to have been gentle cats. These sweet felines can create a solid bond with their owners and remain by their side, always.

9. Russian Blue

As the name suggests, these felines have Russian origins. They are exceptionally popular as indoor cats in America. Russian blue cats have an air of elegance as well as a beautiful personality.

These cats have shorthaired coats that may vary from grey, silver, or slate shades. Because they are shorthaired pet cats, it's easy to keep them tidy. Russian Blues are curious creatures and have no problem getting along with others. And of course, they love cuddling with their owners.

10. Snowshoe

This pet cat breed is related to Siamese and likewise shares their look. However, they have white paws which they got their name from.

Comparable to Siamese, these pet cats make for an excellent family pet. They are not only faithful like Siamese, but are likewise interested and intelligent. They have a laid back character, making it simple to educate and mingle them with others. Given that they have short hair, they need only minimal grooming.

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Jean @ KittyNook @ Tue, Sep 26, 23

Hello Anna! We feature other blogs that highlight the importance of adoption. One of these is a blog titled “12 Reasons To Adopt A Cat From Shelters.” We know how important it is that cat enthusiasts adopt, not shop!

Anna Bongiorno @ Tue, Oct 26, 21

Sadly no mention of adopting these breeds rather than purchasing them is made.