Bathe Your Cat And Come Out Scratch Free!

Cats are notoriously scared of water. So it won't be hard to imagine yourself struggling with bathing them. Good thing, there are steps you can take to make bathing time easier for our cats!
Bathe Your Cat And Come Out Scratch Free! - KittyNook Cat Company

Cats despise water. That much is easy to see as your cat gives you a barrage of claws whenever they get near it. Why would someone wish to bathe their cat, then?

They can sometimes be dirty and may come to be flea-infested similar to dogs, so cats do require bathing. In some cases, you'll need to do it. The key is not to wash your cat more than once a month as this will damage your cat's skin and hair.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Before you bathe your pet cat

Obtain everything you require in one area so so when you start bathing your pet cat, every little thing is within reach. You'll need:

  • A large plastic container, sink, or bathroom (lined with a non-slip floor mat) to use as a pet cat bath.
  • Specialist kitten or cat shampoo. It's best to get a moderate all-rounder with no severe chemicals or fragrances. Never use human or baby shampoo, as it's unsuitable for cat hair and skin as a result of the difference in pH levels.
  • If your pet cat has a long coat, you may include a conditioner. Once more, do not use a human conditioner in bathing your cat.
  • A towel or two
  • A brush to help remove knots and impurities

To do the work, you'll need these supplies. If you have it, a sprayer would likewise be practical. No sprayer? Utilize a bottle of water and also keep it near the sink or the bathtub. It will certainly help if you have a non-skid mat to aid your cat stand much better in the water. However, this isn't required.

An anxious cat is difficult to manage. If you mean to clean your feline in the bathtub, close the bathroom door to quit your cat from running out and also spraying water on the whole home.

What To Do

a  person holding a wet cat in the bath tub

Add about 2 or 3 inches of lukewarm water to the base of the sink or a tub. Position your cat at the bottom. Make assuring gestures to your cat, telling them that they're all right. This way, your cat is more likely to settle down within a couple of minutes. When your cat is calm, you can utilize the sprayer. If this terrifies him, you would want to pour water using the bottle. Do not pour water into his head. We will cleanse his face later.

When your cat is wet enough, squeeze a palm-sized amount of shampoo. Massage the shampoo into your cat's coat. Use slow and gentle motions, and he'll unwind and perhaps even will enjoy it. When your cat is lathered, wash him off thoroughly. Ensure that all of the shampoos are out of his coat. Any residue left on your cat might irritate them.

If your cat has long hair, do the same steps using the cat's conditioner. If your cat is upset, it might be wise to skip this as well.

When you are done cleaning the body, you can move to the face. Wet the sponge or the palm of your hand (with water) and gently wipe down your cat's face. Don't pour!

After Your Pet Cat's Bath

woman drying a gray cat with blue towel

Bathing is done! Cover your cat up in the towels and blot off as much water as possible from their body. Use a dry towel as a second blotting tool. Any work to be done, your cat will do by themselves. You can utilize a blow dryer at the lowest setting for those with a long-haired cat. Be very careful not to burn your cat's skin.

Your cat may not show it to you, but they will be thankful for the bath! More cuddling to come as they are now clean and fresh smelling!

We hope this helps you give your cat TLC with a little shampoo.

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