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Best Cat Products that Cat Parents Should Not Live Without

Best Cat Products that Cat Parents Should Not Live Without - KittyNook Cat Company

Sharing your home with a cat is undoubtedly one of the best things you'll ever do. But being a pet parent also has its own set of challenges.

Whether you feel like you're in a losing battle with cat hair, are concerned about keeping your home smelling good, or just looking for ways to improve your cat's life, here is a list of things you shouldn't live without as a cat parent.

An easy-to-clean and cute water fountain that will make your cats drink more water.

Cat parents' common complaint about water fountains is how hard they are to clean up. For water fountains, we recommend something that has no corners for dirt to get stuck on and is easy to clean, like this minimalist cat fountain that we have to the store.

A food bowl that puts less strain on your cat's neck.

Younger cats will benefit from tilted bowls, but really, it's the senior cats that need it most. Imagine needing to crouch low and eat off a plate on the floor. Luckily, many kinds of raised cat food bowls are ergonomically made to help your cat eat healthier, like this one on the shop!

A home window perch where they can see their surroundings pleasantly.

Felines sure love home windows, huh? You probably would also if you were stuck inside all day. Perhaps we related best with our cats when we were all in quarantine. Who did not spend time looking longingly outside when we couldn't go out? Plopping your cat on its window perch will help relieve its boredom and provide enrichment. Our So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch has solid suction cups that hold onto the window, which may sound scary, but the high load bearing ensures your cat is safe.

A self-cleaning brush to manage shedding.

Even if your cat has taken control of your heart doesn't mean they need to take over at home. A cat relaxing on a couch is adorable, the sofa being entirely covered in hair, not so much. The most efficient way to deal with shedding is to brush your cat's coat routinely. This Self-Cleaning Brush is an excellent device that makes the entire process painless for your cat. The bristles are rounded so they will not damage the cat's skin. And the self-cleaning feature makes the combing more fun!

An effective lint roller, so you can be in public without looking like a cat yourself.

If you have a major shedder at home, have a plan B. This lint roller may look like a regular hair remover but it has a few quirks! It is genuinely multiple-use and does not need refills. You can wash and dry it, and it's ready to catch hairs again. Plus, it's also cute and portable.

A cat carrier for all the vet trips.

Some tips for choosing cat carriers are the materials. You can choose between materials ranging from hard plastic and suede to cotton and canvas. Hard plastics are more stable to handle, but softer materials are more comfortable for cats. Another thing that cat parents should consider is the openings for the carrier. This Macaron Cat Carrier is one that combines functionality and style!

The world's trustiest cat toy, the laser pointer.

Laser pointer cat toys are many cat owners' toys of choice for their cats. Like this one from our store that is perfect for busy cat parents who sometimes do not have the time to play with their cats. Just don't forget to give your cat some tangible things they can chase after periods of play with laser pointers.

A litter deodorizer that can deal with the smelliest cat poop.

Cat parents know that even the most effective odor-deodorizing litter is no match when a car chooses to strike with its best effort (i.e., the smelliest poo). There are litter deodorizers—like this one in our shop for that additional line of defense. For a product like this, "it does its job" is the highest compliment on the planet.

Scratching articles to rid them off the couch.

Cats NEED to scratch. If you want to get your cats off the furniture, declawing is NOT the solution! You must provide enough scratching articles, and your cat will naturally move away from the off-limit areas.

Give your cat a place to climb.

Cats like to leap and climb whenever they can, so a reliable cat tree is a must. Cat trees are also made from materials that can be scratched, and some even include separate scratching posts. If you are still deciding about looks, you'll find many handsome-looking cat trees in our store.

We hope you'll love the items on this list! We know your cat will love them!

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