Cats Make Quarantine Life Better

Cats might just be our heroes during this pandemic.

Cats Make Quarantine Life Better

Our cats help us get through this global crisis.

A survey conducted by Royal Canin—a worldwide cat food company—showed that American cat owners are happier during their COVID-19 pandemic quarantine.

The survey found that over half of the cat owners surveyed felt less alone during quarantine and almost half stating that their pets helped lower their anxiety over the past few months.

The survey also found that cat owners are getting closer to their pets during their quarantine, with over 50% surveyed saying that they recently discovered new places that their pet likes to be in. Within the same group, more than half stated that they found a replacement food for their furry friend, and 34% discovered some new game or toy that their pets love.

With all of us spending a considerable amount of time with our feline friends, more than half of the cat owners polled felt like this brought them closer to their pets overall during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Another silver lining of this pandemic is that it encouraged the adoption and fostering of more pets and cats. The same survey discovered that more than half of its participants either adopted or fostered a pet during the pandemic.

Royal Canin wasn’t alone on this finding as numerous shelters found their cages empty during the pandemic due to a surge of animal lovers looking to adopt or foster. It’s lovely how pets are helping us get that craved companionship during quarantine, while we also support a pet in need of a home.

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