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Natural Cat Odor Control Tips for Small Spaces

Natural Cat Odor Control Tips for Small Spaces

Litter box odor is one of the most unpleasant smells in a cat owner's home. It is an inescapable part of having cats, but it does not need to be unbearable. You can keep your cat's litter box smelling fresh and clean with the proper steps.

Today's blog will share six ways to help you keep your cat-loving home smelling fresh and clean naturally, without masking them with synthetic fragrances.

Why Does the Litter Box Smell So Bad?

a tabby cat lying on red carpet

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Litter box smells can be a cause of embarrassment and irritation. Regrettably, there are many factors why strong and unpleasant odors are coming from your cat's litter box. One of the most common is concentrated urine. Cat pee, on average, smells more intense than other pets. This is because cats have more urea in their urine. Urea is a compound that breaks down into ammonia, which can be really pungent and unpleasant to human noses.

Another factor affecting the way your cat smells is their diet. Ammonia is a protein by-product of the metabolic process. So if your cat has an unbalanced diet or consumes too much protein, it might generate more ammonia than usual. You can reduce the smell emanating from the cat litter box by ensuring that your cat has a well-balanced diet. This includes adequate fiber to help break down proteins.

Do Litter Box Enclosures Reduce the Smell?

Do Litter Box Enclosures Reduce the Smell

Enclosed boxes might be much more aesthetically pleasing for human eyes, but they can make cats awkward and even cause them to urinate outside the box. This is because the enclosure traps all of the smells with the cat, which can be unpleasant for them. Furthermore, if you intend to dig into the box daily, an enclosed box is not really needed.

Tips to Get Rid Of Litter Box Smells

Indisputably, the odor of an unclean litter box can be frustrating and unpleasant, but there are means to lessen or eliminate them without using harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Here are six natural ways to get rid of litter box smell:

Scoop the Box Daily

Scoop the Box Daily

Regular scooping is key to keeping your home odorless. Not only does it help eliminate the smell, but it also helps prevent bacteria from breeding and spreading throughout the house. It's all the more imperative for multiple cat homes, as their waste (and the smell) can quickly pile up.

Daily scooping starts by collecting any solid waste accumulated since the last time you cleaned it. Once all solid waste has been removed, use a cleaner created explicitly for cat litter boxes to clean and disinfect the area. Cleaners made specifically for cats help to keep any stubborn smells at bay. You should also remove all clumps of wet litter that have developed, as these make odors stick even after you have dug the solids.

Wash the Box Thoroughly

Wash the Box Thoroughly

Washing the litter box is a fundamental part of being a responsible pet owner. Not only does it help maintain the area spotless, but it also helps ensure that your cat is happy. To wash the box:

  • Use non-scented soap.
  • Stir clear from using bleach or other harsh chemicals, as the pungent smells might cause your cat to urinate outside the box.
  • After washing, dry it thoroughly before putting in fresh litter.
  • Clean the box at least once a month.

Washing the litter box is unpleasant work, but it is imperative to keep the home keeping a fresh scent. Making an effort to clean the box will help keep you and your cat happy in the future! The habit also protects your household against possible health concerns for your pet and yourself.

Add One More Box

Add One More Box

Having multiple cats at home is a beautiful experience, but it also demands more work. Each cat has to have one litter box plus another extra one. This means you should have four litter boxes if you have three cats, and so on. This might feel like a lot, but especially for homes with multiple cats, having an extra box is among the most critical steps.

An extra litter box ensures that each cat has space to do their business without feeling jampacked or uncomfortable. It also helps keep smells from overwhelming, as cats are less inclined to use an unclean box. In addition, having more than one allows you to space out cleaning duties to ensure that you don't have to clean them all simultaneously.

Change Boxes Periodically

Change Boxes Periodically

Cats will scratch and damage the box with time, creating grooves and crevices that are the best places for bacteria to thrive. This can result in undesirable odors and an unhealthy setting for your cat and you. It is, therefore, necessary to replace the box every once in a while to keep it tidy and hygienic. Furthermore, if you have more than one cat, it's a good practice to get a new one yearly, as over time, cats may start to fight over the same one.

When getting a new litter box, ensure that it is large enough for your cat/s and easy to wash. Additionally, ensure that the product is durable enough to withstand damage from your cats' claws.

Keep the Area Well-Ventilated

Keep the Area Well-Ventilated

Appropriate ventilation is an overlooked but essential factor in keeping your cat's litter box area tidy and odor-free. Without sufficient airflow, the odor of the litter box may become overwhelming and unpleasant. An ideal place to put it is in an open room or screened patio. This allows fresh air to circulate around the area and helps reduce smells.

Use a Natural Pet Odor Eliminator In the Area

Use a Natural Pet Odor Eliminator In the Area

A pet odor eliminator is a reliable way to get rid of smells. Our Downy Paws Cat Litter Deodorizer are safe and effective; it does not use harsh chemicals that just mask the odor. It's also effortless to use because you just pop it on any smooth surface, and it will automatically detect when your cat goes in and out of the box.

You might not smell the effect instantly, but wait for a few days, and you'll find that your home will have a clean scent for months. So if you're looking for an easy way to keep your home smelling nice, try using our smart odor eliminator today!

Last Words

Getting on top of odors can be a lot of work, but by taking these simple and easy steps, we can guarantee that your home will stay clean and odorless for everybody in your home!

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