Plastic-Free Cat: Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic as a Cat Parent

If you're considering taking the journey toward becoming a more sustainable cat owner, you'll know that one thing keeps popping up: Plastic! If you're eager to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle for your cat or reduce your cat's carbon paw-print, cutting plastic in your cat's life is definitely a way to go!
grey tabby cat chilling in the grass with a caption that says, plastic-free cat: simple ways to reduce plastic as a cat parent

The tale of Munchkin the orange tabby sparked a sustainability revolution. When Laura Baker saw an innocent kitty kitten with an embedded around its neck, she published it on Facebook to raise treatment funds. To her surprise and delight, the blog resulted in a corporate company pledging to cut its plastic use by 643,630 pounds to preventing similar accidents from happening again.

This event affected many pet lovers and paved the way for changes. And in the spirit of Munchkin, today's blog will talk about areas where you can reduce using single-use plastics as a pet parent.

A Plastic-Free Cat

a kitten in a grassy meadow with small daisy flowers

If you're considering taking the journey toward becoming a more sustainable cat owner, you'll know that one thing keeps popping up: Plastic! If you're eager to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle for your cat or reduce your cat's carbon paw-print, cutting plastic in your cat's life is definitely a way to go!

However, plastic is a sly little thing! From plastic food pouches to plastic food dishes to plastic toys—it's pretty challenging to avoid. We may be unable to reduce 643,630 pounds of plastic, but best believe your actions are not worth zero. So let KittyNook help you in this eco-friendly journey of yours.

Reducing Plastic in Your Cat's Food

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You want to be sure that your cat is enjoying their food, but using environmentally-friendly products will help you have that peace of mind because you're watching out for the environment too. For cats, switching over from plastic pouches to tin cans is a fantastic place to start.

Let's get this straight: tinned food is pricier than plastic-packaged food; however, they are better for the world in the long run. Furthermore, tins have a shelf life twice longer than standard plastic pouches, which means less time too! Since cats love different flavors of wet food, why not change them up with eco-friendly tinned cat food once in a while? With this habit, you'll be able to protect your cat's health while reducing its waste impact.

Cat Litter

top view of a ginger cat inside a hot pink litter box

As feline owners, the most significant consideration is how to deal with cat litter responsibly. As we know from the starting point of this blog, plastics can pose a danger to cats and other animals (mainly in the marine environment). Plastics are also harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are alternatives to dealing with cat poop without using plastic! It can be easy to forget that plastic bags are only sometimes the best selection when disposing of used litter.

Stainless steel litter boxes and scoops may be more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Nevertheless, they are unbeatably tough and will not soak up any odors like plastic might in time. Also, you can use them for as long as your cats need them, which saves you cash in the long run and helps reduce waste throughout your house. Whether you have a single cat or several cats, stainless steel boxes are worth checking out for a convenient and eco-friendly cat!

Cat Toys

a tuxedo cat catching a cat toy mid air

Cat toys are essential to an indoor cat's life. Enrichment toys help to promote physical as well as mental health in cats. But as we know, many toys are constructed from plastic, which can contain toxins like BPA and other harmful materials. Thus, using plastic-based toys may put your cats in jeopardy.

The good news is some toys do not use plastic. From DIY toys made of old clothing to corrugated scratching boards made from recycled materials, there are ways to re-purpose items that would otherwise end up in a garbage dump. Plus, your felines will like having fun with something unique!

Alternatives to Plastic in Other Areas of Your Cat's Life

an orange cat resting in a sisal cat tree

Choosing to use natural fibers can create a better ambiance for your cats. Natural fibers such as sisal, cotton, linen, hemp, wool, or bamboo are all terrific choices, as they break down much faster than plastic. These fibers can be used for toys and beds that make your pet feel comfortable at home.

Ceramics and stainless steel are also excellent choices for food and water bowls. When tempered correctly, ceramic items are durable and resilient, making them a cost-effective option for cats. Sisal ropes are excellent enhancements to any play setup or scratching material your cat needs; made entirely from plants, this material offers your pet the fun they require while showing care for the environment.

Last Words: Plastic-Free Cats?

a wide shot of a hairy gray cat amidst a field with trees and grass

The global issue of plastic waste is an enormously complicated one. As animal owners, we must do our best to help, but we must also remember to be kind to ourselves. Rather than aiming for perfection, know that small changes already make a difference. Consider how to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your cat's care: buy food with marginal plastic packaging and DIY toys. Look for companies that use recycled plastic and other items for your cat's furniture. Every small decision adds up and ultimately creates an impact! You may have used reusable shopping bags or switched out plastic litter boxes for something else. That's already something you should be proud of!

Also, just reading about and letting yourself be educated about the issue is already a step towards making a difference. Try out our suggestions until we get closer to a world where cats don't have any direct exposure to plastic waste.

Do you have other tips that you can share? Please put them in the comments below!

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