Top Cat Care Tips for Beginners | New Cat Owner Guide

Are you a new cat owner wanting to know what you need to provide your cat? Then this blog is created for you!

From providing wholesome nutrition to ensuring that your cat gets lots of playtime and exercise, these 9 things will improve your cat's life.

Top Cat Care Tips for Beginners | New Cat Owner Guide - KittyNook Cat Company

Are you a new cat owner wanting to know what you need to provide your cat? Then this blog is created for you!

Getting a new pet is very special but can also be daunting. Your new pet will require the proper care to stay happy and healthy. As a new cat owner, you may still be in the dark about what to do. KittyNook aims to simplify the preparation stage for you! So, we put together some standard pointers to help you keep your cat happy and packed with purrs.

From providing wholesome nutrition to ensuring that your cat gets lots of playtime and exercise, these 9 things will improve your cat's life.

Groom Your Cat Regularly

an orange cat being groomed in the head

Grooming is crucial for keeping a cat's coat healthy and a great way to bond with your cat. Cats groom themselves, but that does not mean they don't need your help anymore.

Brushing with a soft bristle brush minimizes shedding. It also keeps dander at bay and reduces hair ingestion, the leading cause of hairballs. Suitable brushes vary depending on the length of the cat's coat. Medium-haired felines need more brushing than short-haired cats because their hair can mat without regular brushing. Long-haired cats require regular brushing! Trimming around sensitive areas, like around the eyes or ears, is also recommended.

Provide Clean Drinking Water All Day, Everyday

a cat looking at the camera with a faucet beside it

This is a basic but essential item to keep your new cat healthy. Proper hydration keeps cats comfortable and healthy. Many felines prefer flowing water over stagnant ones, so a cat water fountain is an excellent choice.

Feed Your Cat Right

Maintaining a healthy diet and weight cannot be overstated. Cats can suffer from health issues due to obesity. And the best way to keep them fit is through 1) proper nutrition and 2) exercise.

Talk with your vet about which diet is the best for your cat—whether dry, wet, or other options—and ensure their calorie intake is well adjusted to keep the right body weight. On top of that, routine enrichment activities and playtime are necessary for your cat's body as well as mental health. Scratching posts, chase toys, and LED laser toys are terrific ways to encourage play and exercise their innate hunting skills.

See to Their Potty Needs

an orange cat in the vet

The basic equation for cat litter boxes is n+1. Each cat must have its own box, plus at least one added. This gives your cat a choice if they don't like using their usual litter box. Also, remember to put the box in a quiet part of the home, with the most minor traffic and activity. By doing all this, you can ensure your feline will always have a nice area to potty!

Keeping the box spotless is as crucial as providing that extra litter box. Scoop the box daily, and wash the litter box at least once a week. (Yes, litter maintenance is perhaps the most tedious and disgusting part of being a cat owner.) The good news is that for those who don't particularly like or have the time for daily scooping, self-cleaning litter boxes are available to save us from this smelly task. These boxes use to automate the scooping process to separate waste from litter. Some versions have motion detectors and odor-eliminating systems that keep your home smelling good. The Smart Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box does exactly those things!

Train Your Cat to Use Scratching Post

a bengal cat scratching a sisal post

Cats will scratch whether you have the proper surface for it or not. Much to the chagrin of cat parents, this means that furniture and carpets are usually prime targets. Fortunately, felines can quickly be trained to use a scratching post as an alternative.

Scratching articles are beneficial in keeping your cat's claws (and furniture) pristine. When cats scratch on the proper surface, such as sisal, carpet, or cardboard helps to shed old layers of nails and enables them to stretch their muscles. Training your cat to use proper scratching areas rather than your couch will add to your and your cat's quality of life.

You may need to move the scratching post around your home to find what works best for your cat. You can successfully train your cat to use proper surfaces with determination and patience (and sometimes with incentives)! Some prefer corrugated cardboard, while others like carpeted or sisal-covered articles.

Use Cat Carriers in the Car

an orange cat inside a cat carrier looking at the camera

Using cat carriers when moving your feline is necessary. Whether to vacation or to the vet, cats must always be safely protected when traveling by car. Not only will carriers protect your cat, but they will also save you from untoward events inside the vehicle.

Pet carriers have several benefits compared to letting your cat wander openly in the cars. Carriers give your cat a private and safe space, which helps to calm them down—especially since car trips can be very stressful for them.

Consider Neutering or Spaying Your Cat

a cat female being spayed in the operation table

Seriously consider having your cat neutered or spayed. Spaying a female lowers the chance of uterine infections and ovarian cancer. Neutering a male cat can lower the risk of testicular cancer and prostate issues. Furthermore, neutering reduces cats' urge to stroll outside and find mates. When your cat stays indoors, it saves them from being harmed by other cats or other accidents.

Cat overpopulation is a real problem we must address as a community. Perhaps most importantly, spaying and neutering greatly help control the homeless cat populace. Uncontrolled populations result in chock-full sanctuaries that might not have enough resources or room to provide food, veterinary treatment, and shelter. And shelters nationwide agree that spaying or neutering your cat is the best way you can help.

Consult with a Cat-friendly Veterinarian

orange tabby cat eating treats from the hand of a vet

Having a cat-friendly veterinarian is crucial in caring for your new pet. Cats may seem like a smaller version of dogs. Still, they have unique vet needs that can be tough for general veterinarians to sufficiently address. Cat-friendly vets are specially educated on cat health and behaviors connected with cats, allowing them to give you tailored advice. From diet programs and vaccinations to behavior counseling, having a vet that knows cats is the best choice for your cat.

Suppose you need help figuring out where to search for a specialized cat veterinarian. In that case, the American Organization of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is an excellent source. The AAFP has countless vet practitioners varying from large to small offices. You can also narrow your search by area or specialty on their website to discover someone who can address your needs.

Schedule Routine Vet Visits

a vet holding down an orange cat in the vet clinic

Prompt vet treatment is essential to your cat's health. Routine veterinary visits ensure that any potential problems are caught before it gets severe. Annual examinations allow your vet to monitor the physical wellness of your cat.

Veterinarians will also provide vaccinations and booster shots for diseases such as feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies. They will deworm as necessary; check cats' oral health; check for parasites; give nutritional advice; tell you essential tips; check out suspicious swellings or bumps when required; administer drugs when needed. Keeping an eye on your feline's case history between visits is also helpful to ensure you can tell your vet about any changes or possible health concerns on checkups.

Last Words

We hope that this guide has been helpful to you in figuring out the basic needs you need to meet as a cat owner. Being a cat parent is difficult, but it will always be worth it!

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