The Biggest Domestic Cats In The World

For cat enthusiasts who want to have a big cat to adopt and care for, here are eleven of the biggest domestic feline breeds in the world around.

The Biggest Domestic Cats In The World - KittyNook Cat Company

While a vast, undomesticated cat breed—like the tiger—might be unattainable for the pedestrian cat lover, there are many big domestic felines that you can have as a pet. For cat enthusiasts who want to have a big cat to adopt and care for, any cat breeds are terrific family because of their relatively low maintenance.

Here are eleven of the biggest domestic feline breeds in the world around.

Siberian Cat

an orange siberian cat

The Siberian is a breed perfect for cuddles with a rounded look and pleasant demeanor. Just make sure to make room on your lap for this big cat!

These big cats have a water-resistant coat, and many Siberians are fond of water. Adaptable and elegant, these intelligent cats make excellent household pet dogs with a playful, pleasing character. They typically weigh around 8-26 pounds.


ragamuffin cat

Known for their big and expressive eyes, these huge cats have an almost teddy-bear look. They have a super cozy coat that can be seen in many colors and variations and are available in several colors.

Ragamuffins make terrific household animals because of their calmness and easy temperament. They are amenable to other pets and are very teachable. They typically weigh around 8 -20 pounds but can take a little more time to grow. Ragamuffins reach full adult age until around four.


ragdoll cat

These big cats owe their name to their propensity to go limp if picked up. They are also gentle giants that have an easy temperament.

Many Ragdolls like to be around their owners and have a spirited, people-oriented personality. They get along with children and other pets, making them terrific family animals.

While the Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin share ancestors (and have a lot of similarities), they are different cats. Ragdolls come in fewer colors and have eyes that are more oval (and frequently blue). They weigh around 8-20 pounds.

Turkish Van

turkish van

The Turkish Van stand mainly because of their distinctive white bodies with marked tails and ears, even among big domestic cats. The color on the extremities can come in several varieties, from tabby to tortoiseshell. They typically weigh around 7-20 pounds.

The Turkish Van is a curious cat with powerful jumping abilities. These huge domestic felines are athletic, smart, and active. Many strongly bond with their human owners and might even get talkative when they want attention.

Many Turkish Vans love being around water and are sometimes called "swimming cats" in their native Turkey.

Maine Coon

maine coon cat

Perhaps the most popular big cat, Maine Coons are a gentle giants with a devoted, caring nature and unquestionably pettable coat. These huge cats enjoy being in nature; they are spirited, loving, and loyal to their human. They weigh around 9-18 pounds and are known for being excellent with kids and dogs. They're also known for their length, owing to their super-long tails.

British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

With huge eyes and a stocky build, the British short hair was initially bred as a working cat. The breed was utilized for rat control in British streets and barns. They weigh around 9-17 pounds and have an adorable appearance like a teddy bear. Blue is the most common coat color, but it can also come in various shades and patterns.

Independent and undemanding, these quiet felines have a track record of being shy; however, they warm up swiftly with a little love. They're a bit short-legged, friendly, but perhaps not lap cats; they sport hair that does not tangle like longhaired cats. They're wonderful and even-tempered, and lots can hit it off with children, making them good family pets.


bengal cat

These huge domestic cats typically weigh around 6-18 pounds and are known for the rosette pattern of their coats, giving them a wild cat look. Some Bengals have the "glitter gene," giving their hair an iridescent radiance that looks like frost on the fur.

Confident and curious, these cats enjoy being involved in family activities and like chasing, climbing, and well-rounded play.


pixiebob cat

Despite their bobbed tails, these felines are, in fact, quite huge by domestic cat standards. They typically weigh around 8-17 pounds and are loving pets. They're energetic and excellent with children and other pets. Similar to other big cats, the Pixiebob is frequently compared to a dog owing to their fondness for being walked on a leash.

Some Pixiebobs tend to be polydactyl, with up to seven toes on one paw!

Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

With its brilliant eyes, poofy tail, and huge build, the Norwegian Forest cat has a wild cat look to it. They typically weigh around 8-16 pounds and love to climb on racks and bookcases. They have a laid-back personality and are not easily stressed out, making them wonderful cats around children and other pets. In Norway, this city is called Skogkatt.

Savannah Cat

savannah cat

Savannah came from crossing domesticated felines (typically a Siamese) with a Serval - an African wild cat. When it comes to size, it typically varies on how much removed the cat is from their Serval relative; however, the tallest Savannah on record was about 19 inches tall. This big cat has come under scrutiny in the last few years on whether it qualifies as a domestic cat or not.


chausie cat

Like how the Savannah feline came to be, the Chausie is also a big cat that came from crossing a wild cat and a domestic cat. These big, eye-catching cats can weigh up to 25 pounds and possess long legs and a graceful body. Favored for their wild look, these social cats are best suited to households whose owners spend most of their time at home. In addition, they are happiest with a routine and don't like it when things change.

Chausie cats have deep chests, meaning they can take deep breaths—so don't be surprised if they seem to have so much energy!

Fun Facts About Big Cat Breeds

Here are a couple of more fun facts concerning these big cats:

  • Because they're so big, many cat breeds take a little more time to grow, and some do not mature until as late as five years.
  • You will not find an existing Guinness World for the largest cat breed or biggest domestic cats worldwide to discourage over-feeding cats. Instead, the record-takers measure the biggest domestic cat breed by height and length.
  • Big domestic cats have remarkable personalities and notable differences (they can also be purebred or mixed). If you think you are ready to add one (or more) to your family, start by browsing Petfinder, which shows a lot of adorable adoptable cats near you.
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