6 Perfect Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers

Are you a dog lover? These cat breeds are the perfect addition to your home!
6 Perfect Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers - KittyNook
Are you afflicted with puppy-fever but can't own a dog? Whether it's allergic reactions or a strict landlord stopping you, don't surrender on your dream to have a pet on your household yet. Have you ever taken into consideration a dog-like cat as an option?

Hear us out.

While most dog lovers push off cats as unsociable bores, this could not be further from the truth. There are lots of dog-like cats that will charm you with their canine qualities.

Below are our top choices for the most dog-like feline breeds.

1. Savannah

Savannah cats are a famously dog-like type, and they show a lot of canine characteristics. They're intensely loyal and become highly attached to their owners.

If an energized playmate is what you want, the exotic-looking Savannah cat will happily fulfill that. They're athletic, adventurous, and can be leash-trained. Do you need a dog with a pet like that?

2. Ragdoll cats
It's tough to say no to the ragdoll's piercing blue eyes and the fluffy fur. Frequently called "puppy felines," they are a mild, compliant, and amiable cat breed.

Unlike most felines, the ragdoll loves hugs. They have a laidback, cordial demeanor that's a hit with people and pets alike. They've been known to melt with satisfying pleasure in their owner's arms, for this reason, their very fitting name.

3. Bombay cats

Bombays are nicknamed "Velcro cats," and aptly so. These dog-like felines tend to stick to their owners, typically following them around the house. They're exceptionally social and interactive, making them a terrific choice for the animal lover who cannot own a dog.

They're not reluctant around unfamiliar people—unlike other felines, they won't rush under the bed when you have guests in the house. They're likely to welcome you at the door.

4. Bengal cats

Not a low-maintenance cat, the spirited Bengal is also far from being a boring breed. You are warned: their spirit will surely keep you on your toes!

The Bengal is a product of crossbreeding Asian leopards with domestic cats. This heritage contributes to their large build, as well as their high energy level. These cats are always moving and would love doing regular walks in the neighborhood.

5. Maine Coons

Named as cat world's "gentle giants," Maine Coon is one of the most dog-like breeds.

It is perhaps due to their water-resistant hair that these cats enjoy having fun with water. Maine coons are able swimmers and are more participating at bath time than most felines.

This dog-like cat is also vocal about their needs. They are known for their "chirping song" for this reason.

6. Siamese

Siamese cats are the ultimate dog-like cat. These cats are magnificent buddies for those looking for a caring, social, and interactive pet. They're not picky regarding their circle, either. They appreciate the presence of kids, other cats, and even strangers.

Siamese cats are extremely trainable and can be taught to fetch and do high-fives. Not bad, right?

For the history enthusiasts hanging out, Siamese cats have a loaded lineage. One of the earliest domesticated types globally, they came from Thailand in the 14th century. They did not make their stateside launch until the 1800s. However, we're so happy they did!

So there you have it. These dog-like felines have everything: individuality, playfulness, as well as knowledge. Have a visit with your local shelters or credible breeders. Who knows, you may be transformed into a feline fanatic for life!

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