Litter Box Placement Strategies

Much like the layout of our homes, cats like their litter boxes placed in areas that makes sense to them. Find out what these areas are and make your cat happy!
Litter Box Placement Strategies

Much like in our houses where the layout is essential, the places we put our cat's litter boxes are significant. Below are some ideas to efficiently situate them in places that make sense to your cat.

When you think of litter box positioning, consider where you want to be when doing your number twos. We value a quiet and exclusive area. Our cats are not different.

Strategic Places

Our cats will surely appreciate being positioned where they can feel risk-free while doing their thing. Remember that bowel movement makes our cats vulnerable due to the nature of the activity. If your cat doesn't feel safe and comfortable, they'll find other locations to satisfy this requirement.

Depending upon your cat's mobility or age, the perfect location is somewhere where people don't walk by continuously. An ideal room would be one that doesn't have much human activity and won't allow for odors escaping throughout the house. Consider this when inspecting your home for potential areas. Some suggestions are your basement and rarely-used bathrooms.

A family member's bedroom can also function as one, assuming that the individual won't be rattled awake at 3 AM when kitty is actively digging to bury her precious! You can use places in the house like that as well.

The majority of cats like to have their box near their favored "hangouts." In this manner, they do not need to walk too far to respond to the call of nature.

A preferred area will be silent, somewhat secluded, and will also afford your cat the luxury of time. A sense of safety and security also helps them to bury their litter correctly. They should not be rushed in this activity.

Occasionally, your cat will be the judge at what they like. In my case, my cat Otis likes his litter box in the home gym (because it isn't used! lol), and another outside the kitchen area.


Strategic placements are nothing if the litter box itself is the one they hate using. It may be that they are not fans of the litter box itself, in which case it's critical to maintain the box's cleanliness. Cats, much like humans, hate dirty bathrooms.

For example, I make sure that there are no deposits left over from Otis' sister Chibi. I also leave the door open during the few times that I'm using the exercise bike. If I fail to remember any of these points, he makes sure he gets the message across in the most straightforward way possible - by not using the litter box when he needs to go.

Indeed, cats don't see us as masters but as waiters and staff! I'm the living proof! So be good at taking hints from your cat and do your best to accommodate their favored location. This is important for a harmonious relationship with them. We want to protect their peace as well as ours.

How about you? Where are the places that your cat loves when doing their thing? Tell us in the comments to help your fellow cat owners!

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