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Orbital Pet Toothbrush a kitten and a dog with Orbital Pet Toothbrush
Orbital Pet Toothbrush $20.95 $41.95
Give your furry friend the gift of dental health with our Orbital Pet Toothbrush. Designed with their comfort and well-being in mind, this innovative dental care tool is a game-changer in pet hygiene. About the Orbital Pet Toothbrush: Small Round Head. Our Orbital Pet Toothbrush features a small round head and soft bristles that are gentle on your pet's mouth. This makes it easy to access all those hard-to-reach areas and ensures a thorough cleaning. Say goodbye to plaque and tartar buildup! 5 Color Variants. Choose from a range of five colors to suit your pet's personality and add a touch of fun to their daily dental routine. Whether they suit a bright, bold look or something more subtle, there's a color option for every personality. Pet-Approved Design. We understand that brushing your pet's teeth can be challenging, so Orbital Pet Toothbrush is made with their comfort in mind. The ergonomic grip provides a secure hold, ensuring you can clean your pet's teeth effectively without causing stress or discomfort. Easy to Use. The Orbital Pet Toothbrush is designed for pet owners of all experience levels. Apply your pet's favorite toothpaste and ensure your pet's oral health. Upgrade your pet's dental care routine with the Orbital Pet Toothbrush and enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile. Choose your favorite color and watch your pet's teeth sparkle with every brush. Make your pet's oral health a breeze - order the Orbital Pet Toothbrush today! Other information about the product: Material: Plastic + PBTWeight: about 15gSize: 16.5 x 0.97cm
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Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb - KittyNook Cat Company Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb - KittyNook Cat Company
Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb $24.95 $43.95
Introducing the Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb – the ultimate grooming tool that harmonizes style, function, and versatility to keep your furry friends looking their best! About the Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb: Dual-Action Design. This round comb boasts a unique Gemini feature, with two distinct sides to cater to your pet's specific needs. One half features soft rubber long bristles, perfect for gently detangling and massaging your pet's long, luxurious fur. The other half has stainless steel short bristles, designed to tackle knots and tangles in short-haired coats with ease. Suitable for All. Whether your pet is a long-haired beauty or flaunts a short and sleek look, the Fur Fusion has you covered. Its adaptable design ensures that grooming sessions are a breeze, regardless of your pet's coat type. Ergonomic and Durable. Crafted with a sturdy plastic body, this comb is built to last. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, making grooming sessions comfortable for both you and your pet. The stainless steel bristles are built to withstand the test of time while maintaining their grooming effectiveness. A Splash of Color. Fur Fusion is available in white with soft and appealing accents of either green, pink, or brown. Choose the shade that matches your pet's personality or your own style preference. Grooming has never been so chic! Say goodbye to tangled fur and hello to a pet with a radiant coat and a happy disposition. With the Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb, grooming becomes a bonding experience that your pet will actually look forward to. Bring home this exceptional grooming tool today and witness the transformation in your pet's appearance and overall well-being. Order now and experience the fusion of style and functionality with the Fur Fusion Gemini Pet Comb – because your pet deserves the very best! Other information about the product: Size: 90 x 90 x 30 mm
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Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager - KittyNook Cat Company Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager - KittyNook Cat Company
Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager $38.95 $63.95
The Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager is the ultimate relaxation tool for your furry friend! This innovative and fun massager is designed to provide your cat with a soothing massage, helping them to unwind and de-stress after a long day of play. About the Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager: Four Rotating Combs. Crafted from silicone, this adorable cat head massager features a range of nubs and ridges that massage your cat's head, neck, and shoulders. The gentle pressure from four rotating combs helps to relieve tension and promote relaxation, which makes it the perfect tool for calming anxious cats. Adjustable Speed. Kitty Knead is the perfect solution if your cat is feeling anxious, stressed, or needs some pampering. Simply place the massager on your cat's head, adjust to the desired rotation speed, and let the bristles do the rest! Medical Grade Silicone. The combination of ABS plastic and silicone helps to avoid bacteria buildup. It's also safe and non-toxic for your beloved fur friend. Ergonomic Design. Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager is not only a treat for your pet but also for you! The massager fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the ergonomic handle allows for easy and comfortable use. You can spoil your cat with unlimited massages without hurting your hands and wrist. Give Your Cat Health Benefits. The Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager is a great way to help your cat relax and unwind and provides numerous health benefits. Massaging your cat's head and neck can help increase blood flow and circulation and promote healthy skin and coat. It can also relieve muscle tension and stiffness.  But this isn't just a tool for your furry friend - it's also an excellent way to bond with your cat. With its compact and lightweight design, this cat head massager is perfect for use at home and even when you travel. So what are you waiting for? Start spending quality time with your cat with Kitty Knead Cat Head Massager. Other Information About the Product: The package you will receive will include the following. 1 x Electric Head Massage 1 x Dock 1 x USB cable 1 x Manual Charging Time: 3 HoursBattery Capacity: 1200mAhNote: This product is splash resistant but is not waterproof.
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Two Sided Cat Deshedding Brush - KittyNook Cat Company Two Sided Cat Deshedding Brush - KittyNook Cat Company
Two Sided Cat Deshedding Brush $24.95 $48.95
The two-Sided Cat Deshedding Brush is a must-have for pet owners everywhere! This brush is a great way to keep your pet's coat looking healthy and well-groomed. This is because it can effectively remove dead undercoats, loose fur, and mats from cats' fur while being gentle on their skin. About the Two-Sided Cat Deshedding Brush: Dual-Sided Design: This two-sided brush can help you achieve faster and more professional-looking grooming. The first side is a de-shedding rake to help remove loose hair and undercoat, while the other is a dematting comb to remove stubborn mats and tangles. To use, start with one side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with the other for thinning and de-shedding.  Ergonomic Handle: The lightweight and non-slip rubber handle design help for comfortable holding and maximum grip while brushing. You will enjoy your grooming time with this pet brush. Gentle On Pet's Skin: The blunted stainless steel edge is gentle on your pet's skin but is sturdy to tackle the toughest tangles. This brush is also ideal for distributing natural oils essential for maintaining a healthy and shiny coat. Durable: The durable construction and no-rust stainless steel teeth ensure longevity. With this product, you will never need to repurchase a new pet brush! Regular use ensures your pet's coat stays healthy, trimmed, and lustrous. This brush is ideal for medium- and long-coated pets of all sizes. Indeed, a powerful tool for any pet owner! Give your pet the pampering they deserve with this two-sided deshedding brush! Note: Please refer to the chart below to help you choose the best one for your pet.   Size Characteristics Ideal for M Six teeth for dematting and detangling Medium pets Eleven teeth for thinning and deshedding L Sixteen teeth for dematting and detangling Large pets Sixteen teeth for thinning and deshedding
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Silky Coat Best Cat Brush - KittyNook Cat Company Silky Coat Best Cat Brush - KittyNook Cat Company
Silky Coat Best Cat Brush $18.95 $45.95
Keep your cat's coat silky and soft with the Silky Coat Best Cat Brush! A cat's coat is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep it looking healthy and in good shape. Thankfully, KittyNook's Silky Coat Best Cat Brush is the solution to all of your problems! You can effortlessly groom your cat's coat with an ergonomic design. This brush not only helps to reduce shedding but also to promote healthy fur growth.  Remove loose and dead hair with the Silky Coat Best Cat Brush. This allows you to easily brush your pet's coat to a smooth, shiny finish! The ultimate pet care brush is specifically designed to provide 500% more brushing power than a human hand. Your cat will look and feel better with the help of this brush! Remove loose hair, dander, and dirt from your cat's undercoat. Unlike other brushes, this hairbrush cleans thoroughly, removing loose hair and dirt from your cat's coat. Grooming your cat does not only provide your pet with good hygiene but also helps to keeps the home clean! to provide you with a clean and hygienic home environment. Gently remove dead hair and undercoat while stimulating the skin and increasing blood flow with the Silky Coat Best Cat Brush. Features: Our first-of-its-kind pet grooming tool features a unique angled design that is great for long hair, short hair, and everything in-between. The strong yet gentle rubber-tipped pins are perfect for removing loose hair and for grooming away unwanted tangles, mats, and impurities. In fact, the Silky Coat Best Cat Brush's uniquely-designed pins are proven to be up to 3x more effective than regular cat brushes at removing loose hair and tangles. The self-cleaning button makes your hair removal easier and more efficient. You only need to press the button and the hair will be removed from the brush very simply. In addition, you can easily wash this comb with water to keep it hygienic. Brushing should not be difficult. This is why the brush we designed is very easy to use. The ergonomic handle includes a silicone non-slip handle that is comfortable to use for both left and right hands, helping you and your pet provide a more relaxing experience. Easily remove pet's hair, no matter it is a short, medium or long, thick or thin, single or double coating, there will be no pain or trouble...fast! The stainless bristles with rounded bead ends can massage your pet and prevent it from scratching your pet's skin. The stainless steel has some flexibility because of the 60-degree bend. It helps prevent skin diseases and increase blood circulation. Pet grooming can strengthen communication and further the connection between you and your pet. Our brushes are suitable for all breeds and hair types.
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Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light - KittyNook Cat Company Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light - KittyNook Cat Company
Pet Nail Clipper with LED... $25.95 $45.95
Nail trimming with Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light is now safer, faster, and more precise than ever! This pet nail clipper features a precise, surgical-grade stainless-steel blade, an LED light source for more secured clipping, and magnifying glasses on the lid to see things clearly. More About Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light: This high-quality cat nail clipper features a stainless steel blade, a light to illuminate the nails, and a safety stop guard to protect your pet from any accidents. The ergonomic handles are easy to hold because they are non-slip. The clippers are heavy-duty stainless steel, meaning you can use them for a long time. Our nail clippers are perfectly designed with your cat's safety in mind. The light makes it easy for you to see the blood vessels in the nails to avoid cutting too much. It also makes it ideal for cutting nails when your cat is asleep since they cannot see the light and will not move as much. Simply press the button on the side of the clippers to turn on the light. Our nail clippers are made of the highest quality materials and are extremely sharp. Step away from the clippers you have used and try this one out; you'll be glad you did! The built-in LED light illuminates the area, so you can see where your cat's blood vessels are and avoid accidentally cutting too many of their nails and causing bleeding. Whatever a cat's personality is, they need grooming. These clever clippers are a great gift idea for any cat lover. How to cut safely with these nail clippers? 1. Make sure the nail is perpendicular to the nail clipper.2. After confirming the position of the quick (the blood vessel) with the LED light, keep a safe distance and cut it quickly. More information about the product: Material: Stainless steel+PPSize: 13.3*5*2.5cmBattery Type: LR44 coin batteryPackage includes: 1pc Pet Nail Clipper (with 3pcs battery)
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Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush - KittyNook Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush - KittyNook
Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush $16.95 $42.95
Does your kitty like to be clean? So do ours... and we make sure they've got the necessary tools to do the job! Keep your cat looking its best with this silicone bath brush. Use it to clean kitty's fur after rolling around in the dirt! The soft silicone bristles are gentle on the skin, and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. The Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush stimulates your pet's skin and helps remove loose hair. Made of food-grade, non-toxic silicone, this bath brush will ensure that all your cats are fully and thoroughly scrubbed. Designed  to help remove dead skin and other nasty buildup, it's a good way to promote your cat's healthy skin and coat. It also makes a great "heart-shaped" gift for any cat lover! Get the Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush now and make bathing a positive and pleasurable experience for your kitty! Features: The Oh-So-Clean Silicone Bath Brush head is soft and gentle to your pet's skin. The back part can be opened to add shower gel or pet shampoo. With the nearly 500 soft silicone bristles, it's easy to make rich and delicate foam. It features an ergonomic design, comfortable grip, to prevent slipping when bathing your pet! Made of food-grade silicone that is high-quality and safe for your fur baby's skin. The soft bristles on the head of the brush are great for getting out mats from your cat's fur. It's solid and won't break or fall apart when you're scrubbing out your cat's fur. It's the perfect size and the heart-shape helps in scrubbing around hard to reach areas.
-59% sale
Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - KittyNook Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - KittyNook
Self-Cleaning Best Cat Brush $19.95 $47.95
Keep your favorite feline looking her best with this Self-Cleaning Best Cat Brush! Cats are meticulous cleaners and groomers, but it's still important to brush your pet regularly to keep their coat in good condition. This brush has ultra-soft, fine pins and a gentle grip for a comfortable brushing experience for you and your cat. This brush is ideal for removing excess fur from your cat without hurting their delicate skin or making them nervous. Keep your feline's coat gleaming and tangle-free with the Self-Cleaning Best Cat Brush! The KittyNook Self-Cleaning Brush features a spring that works to loosen collected hair. It also has a non-slip, rubber grip handle so you can hold it comfortably. Brush your cat easily with this tool designed with your cat in mind. You can use this grooming tool for long-hair cats, short-haired cats, and everything in between.  Even the most discerning owner will be pleased by the performance of this brush! This is a brush that cleans itself. It's an ideal brush for cats and people who are averse to tedious cleaning. Features: The KittyNook Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a premium grooming tool that's perfect for cats. The efficient self-cleaning mechanism effectively and easily cleans your pet's hair so you can save time and effort. The stainless steel blunted bristles gently remove mats without pulling or tugging. You can use this as a de-shedding tool as well as a brush to help keep your cat's coat clean and shiny. Our grooming tool features a well-designed ergonomic handle and stainless steel bristles designed to remove loose hair from your cat's coat gently. Cats and cat lovers will love this grooming tool! Featuring a curved brush, soft bristles, and an ergonomic handle designed for excellent grip and comfort. It's the best brush for your kitty. Get it now!
-59% sale
Bulbous Silicone Cat Foot Covers - KittyNook Bulbous Silicone Cat Foot Covers - KittyNook
Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers $19.95 $47.95
Admit it, grooming and giving baths are some of the least pleasant things that come with taking care of a cat. KittyNook has a solution for this! Thoughtful and whimsical, the Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers are shaped small little bulbs on your cat's feet. Your cat won't be able to scratch you in these cute cat covers! Based on a Japanese design, these fun cat covers remove the harm of cat scratches when grooming or giving your cats a bath. Cat claw scratches are not to be taken lightly! They pose real dangers to owners. So keep your cat healthy and happy by not skipping the needed grooming and bath time with the help of the Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers! Features: The Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers are made of high-quality silicone that is non-skid and ideal for bath times. Protect yourself from cat scratches when grooming and bathing your cat! The soft silicone cover slips over the foot to protect you from your cat's claws. Choose between our Bumpy and Smoothie variants! Available in fun and yummy colors, these Japanese-style cat covers are simply adorable to look at! More information about the product: Package Includes: 4Pcs Cat Foot CoversSize: Upper width 2.5cm Lower width 3.5cm Height 7cm Please refer to the photo below:
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Groom It! Stainless Steel Nail Clippers - KittyNook Cat Company Groom It! Stainless Steel Nail Clippers - KittyNook
Groom It! Stainless Steel Nail... $16.95 $40.95
Grooming is a necessary step to keep our cats healthy. And for this job, we have the best tool! Groom It! Stainless Steel Nail Clippers is safe to use and will ensure that you won't be cutting through your cat's blood vessels. It is made of high-quality materials that will stay sharp for a long time. It is available in two colors, so you can choose what will better suit your furry baby's personality! Make every grooming session safe for your pets and easier for you by using the proper tools! Get yours now! Features: Groom It! is made of high-quality Stainless Steel and PP handle. Safety Barrier. This prevents you from cutting through your cat's blood vessels, preventing injuries. Non-Slip Handle. Cutting your furry baby's nail with sure and steady hands is a must! The handle is non-slip and lightweight, making every grooming session a breeze! Stainless Steel Blade. This ensures that the trimming blade will stay sharp for longer. Dull blades cause a lot of accidents! Pull-back Spring. This helps you control every cut, making the job easier. Size: 14 x 5.5 cm
-51% sale
Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush - KittyNook Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush - KittyNook
Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush $22.95 $45.95
We brush our teeth daily to keep from developing plaque and bad breath. But what about our beloved pets? Good thing we have the perfect product to help you! The Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush is designed with your pet's mouth in mind. It is made of three-sided bristles to clean both the small teeth and the bigger fangs our pets have. Oral health plays a big part in our pet's overall health. Cleaning our pet's mouth is imperative if we were to keep them healthy. Especially if we like feeding out pets with wet food, the possibility of developing tartar is higher. Take care of your pet's mouth with the Squeaky-Clean Pet Toothbrush! Features: This product is made from high-quality PP, TPR, and Nylon that is designed with our pet's mouth in mind. It is ergonomic and leaves your pet's mouth squeaky-clean! It is light-weight and easy to use. Available in many fun colors. You can certainly pick one for each pet at home!
-59% sale
Gentle Hands Best Cat Deshedder Gloves - KittyNook Gentle Hands Best Cat Deshedder Gloves - KittyNook
Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves $16.95 $40.95
Does your cat shed hair everywhere? KittyNook's Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves has you covered! You can use these gloves to clean your pet's coat and manage the excessive shedding. Gloves are especially helpful when grooming long-haired cats because they shed a lot. These gloves feature a soft lining and an elastic Velcro wrist strap. If you do cat grooming at home, these gloves will be very handy. The gloves are snug around the wrist to make it easy to slip on and off. the perforations allow for the pet fur to flow through without the tug. Gently deshedding your cat has never been easier with the Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves! Your cat would love the grooming session because Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves also work as a gentle massager for your cat. It's a win-win for you and for your cat! The manufacturers designed these gloves to reach your cats' undercoat. It, therefore, provides a very thorough detangling! Made from breathable mesh and silicone, it gently removes loose fur without hurting your fur babies. Keep your home guest-ready and your fur babies happy with the Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves, exclusively at KittyNook! Features: You can choose between Left and Right Handed Gloves for maximum control and coverage. The Gentle Hand Pet Grooming Gloves are specially designed with bumps and tips to massage and clean your pet's coat all at the same time. The products stimulate your cat's skin oils, so your cat's coat becomes more healthy and shiny with each brush. Great for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, and larger animals as well. These five-finger deshedding gloves are great for cleaning and massage for cats and dogs. But it can also work well for horses and other animals.  Your pets are bound to love these gloves because most animals love to be touched gently with your hands rather than other grooming products.  At KittyNook, we create lasting products that help people benefit from the power of technology and make life better, easier and more fulfilling. 
Cat Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb - KittyNook Cat Hair Removal Massaging Shell Comb - KittyNook
Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell... from $19.95 $41.95
Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell Comb is a double-duty grooming tool for your beloved pets. Say goodbye to shedding and hello to a healthy and shiny fur coat! More about Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell Comb: Gentle massage design. With its 2-in-1 gentle massage design, this comb removes loose fur and provides a soothing massage for your pets.  Durable and safe materials. Made of durable ABS plastic and silicone, this comb is built to last and is safe for all pets. Whether you have a large cat, dog, or any other furry pet, this comb is perfect for keeping their coat looking fabulous.  Suitable for medium to long cat coats. The Hair Removal Massaging Cat Comb gets rid of loose hair and matting on medium—and long-coat cats. The soft silicone bristles go deep while remaining gentle on cat's skin. What's more, they massage your pet's skin and release natural oils. Grooming and massaging your cat has never been easier! With the Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell Comb, you can detangle your pets' coats scratch-free and pain-free. This gentle comb effortlessly removes up to 95% of dead hair and untangles it in minutes! Regular brushing and massaging with the Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell Comb not only keeps your pet's coat looking fabulous but also improves blood circulation and helps them relax. It's like a spa day for your furry friends! Give your furry friends the pampering they deserve with the Hair Removal Cat Massaging Shell Comb. Order yours today and keep your pets looking and feeling their best!More information about the product:Materials: ABS Plastic and Silicone Bristles