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Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush - KittyNook Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush - KittyNook
Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush $22.95 $45.95
We brush our teeth daily to keep from developing plaque and bad breath. But what about our beloved pets? Good thing we have the perfect product to help you! The Squeaky-Clean Three Sided Pet Toothbrush is designed with your pet's mouth in mind. It is made of three-sided bristles to clean both the small teeth and the bigger fangs our pets have. Oral health plays a big part in our pet's overall health. Cleaning our pet's mouth is imperative if we were to keep them healthy. Especially if we like feeding out pets with wet food, the possibility of developing tartar is higher. Take care of your pet's mouth with the Squeaky-Clean Pet Toothbrush! Features: This product is made from high-quality PP, TPR, and Nylon that is designed with our pet's mouth in mind. It is ergonomic and leaves your pet's mouth squeaky-clean! It is light-weight and easy to use. Available in many fun colors. You can certainly pick one for each pet at home!
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Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses - KittyNook Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses - KittyNook
Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses $21.95 $42.95
We all love to shower our cats with adorable things. And what could be cuter than your favorite feline match your sunglasses boss style? 😎 Make the people on your household scream and laugh in delight as you put on Fashionesque Multicolored Pet Glasses in your cat! It is the perfect accessory for that photo shoot you always wanted! It is likewise excellent for Halloween and other costume parties. You can even use this on regular days because why not? Our cats are badass bosses every day anyway. This is one accessory you don't know you need until you get your hands on it! Features: Fashionesque pet glasses are made of steel and high-quality glass. Available in different colors and styles, so you are sure to find one that complements your pet! The light-weight material ensures that your cat will not be bothered by the glass. Fashionable and cute, it is perfect for photos! Other information about the product:  Size Lens Diameter Earspiece Length Glasses Face Length M 3 cm 7 cm 8 cm L 4 cm 12 cm 11 cm
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Tunnel Ball Cat Toy - KittyNook Tunnel Ball Cat Toy - KittyNook
Tunnel Ball Cat Toy $24.95 $48.95
Are you tired of buying toys for your cat that only gets lost somewhere in the house? Or maybe your kitty likes tearing toys apart, as they do to your home slippers? We have the perfect toy for your needs! The Tunnel Ball Cat Toy is an amazing space and money saver! You only need a glass wall or window to mount the toy against and they will be sticking around! Your cat will not need a new toy three months from now! Help keep your cats healthy and in good shape without having to spend over and over for toys that are easily lost or broken! Get yours now. Features: Made of high-quality and safe material. It is durable and reliable for long-term use. Easy to mount. No need to drill holes or use screws. The mounted design is ideal for small spaces. Help cats remain healthy by playing games. Having toys is also proven to reduce damages to your furniture. The Package includes 1 tunnel and 2 balls that cats can play with.
-60% sale
Ding-ding! Feeding Reminder Bell - KittyNook Ding-ding! Feeding Reminder Bell - KittyNook
Ding-ding! Feeding Reminder Bell $17.95 $43.95
Ding-ding! Are you wanting to train your pet the concept of feeding time? We got you covered! The Feeding Reminder Bell is perfect to start training your pets when it's time to eat. Our cats are creatures of routine, and using this bell daily will help them recognize that the bell sound means food is ready. Eventually, you can train your cat to Ding! the bell themselves whenever they are hungry. Isn't that just adorable and exciting? Features: Ding-ding! Feeding Reminder Bell has a loud, crisp sound that your pet will love to hear. It is made of high-quality PU. It is durable and will last you for a long time. It is an effective training tool to teach your cat the concept of feeding time.
-59% sale
Running Mouse Plush Toy - KittyNook Running Mouse Plush Toy - KittyNook
Running Mouse Plush Toy $19.95 $47.95
Looking for a way to bond with your cat? Or have you noticed that maybe your cat is bored all the time? Build a loving relationship with your kitty and prevent depression by creating an opportunity for your cat to move around! KittyNook has the perfect little toy to help you—the Running Mouse Plush Cat Toy! Let your cat feel the chase! Keep them happy and healthy, even when you are not around to play with them.   What are you waiting for? Grab yours now! Features: The Running Mouse Cat Toy is not battery operated. You just pull the string, and the mouse will run. It is made of natural fibers that are safe and non-toxic. Your cat can bite the plush merrily and to its heart's content! Size:Please refer to the photo for the product's measurements.  
-59% sale
Easy Scoop! 2-in-1 Duckie Spoon for Pet Food - KittyNook Easy Scoop! 2-in-1 Duckie Spoon for Pet Food - KittyNook
Duckie Cat Food Spoon $16.95 $40.95
Meet our Duck Beak Shaped Cat Food Spoon – a unique, playful, and oh-so-practical tool that will have you and your feline friend quacking with joy! Why Choose Duckie Cat Food Spoon? 🦆 Adorable Design: Our cat food spoon boasts a charming duck beak shape that brings a touch of amusement to the mundane task of scooping. It's a mini work of art that adds personality to your cat's dining corner. 🍽️ Transparent Scoop: No more guesswork! The transparent scoop ensures you serve the right portion every time, keeping your furball's diet on track. Say goodbye to overfeeding or underfeeding – now, that's something to wag your tail about! 🌈 Vibrant Resealing Beak: Tired of fumbling with cumbersome food packaging? The duck's beak is designed like a clothespin, allowing you to effortlessly reseal your cat's food bag. It lets you keep those crunchy nibbles as fresh as the first bite! 🐟 Especially Made for Dry Food: Crafted with the needs of your fluffy companion in mind, our cat food spoon is tailor-made for dry cat food. Whether your cat craves chicken, fish, or beef-flavored bites, our spoon can handle it with finesse. 🌟 Quality ABS Plastic: Your cat deserves nothing but the best. The Duckie spoon is sturdy and safe for cats because it's high-quality ABS plastic. 🎨 Expressive Color Palette: Choose from four delightful colors – pink, blue, peach, and green. Match your cat's unique personality or your kitchen decor. With such a variety, you'll find the perfect hue that resonates with your style. Join the Feline Festivity! So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Elevate your cat's dining ritual and create lasting memories with our charming duck beak cat food spoon. Indulge your feline friend, and let the quirkiness begin! Get Quacking Today – Order Your Duckie Cat Food Spoon Now! More information about the product: Size: 14.7 x 5.5cm (5.79 x 2.17in)
-51% sale
Healthy Cat Snacks - Nutritious Jelly Ball - KittyNook Healthy Cat Snacks - Nutritious Jelly Ball - KittyNook
Healthy Cat Snacks - Nutritious... $21.95 $43.95
Give your darling cats a healthy treat for their good behavior! The Nutrition Jelly Ball is made of high-grade collagen, vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, and other trace elements. It is the perfect delicious and healthy snacks for your cats between meals! Snacking throughout the day is great for your cats because it encourages them to drink more water. Give them treats for being good cats by gifting them with Nutritious Jelly Balls! Features: The Nutritious Jelly Ball is made up of Catnip and Vitamin-packed Fish Gelatin. The container has a strong adhesive tape on the back to allow you to tape it to walls, where licking them is more convenient for your cat. The Jelly Ball can covered with a transparent lid, making it hygienic. Weight: 12g
-45% sale
Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy - KittyNook Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy - KittyNook
Riri the Rat Remote Control... $24.95 $44.95
Is your cat getting chonky because you are spoiling them with their favorite treat? Is your cat always bored at home? Riri is here to save the day! Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy is sure to create a unique experience for your cat. Riri will make them practice their hunter instinct and will make them re-live the challenge of the hunt.  You can control Riri to go anywhere in the house, which appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats. It will form a large play area for your pet to play while bringing a novel experience each time. Your kitty will love you for bringing Riri into their lives! Features: 100% brand new and high quality Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight Includes a Remote Control, which can go forward, and backward turn. With its realistic appearance, you can also use this to play tricks on others. You can try teasing your cat or having fun with your spouse or kids. Specifications:Material: PVC + FeltRat Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (not included) Size: 8.6 x 3 x 2.3 inches (L x W x H)Weight:100g
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Squiggly Cat Scratchboard - KittyNook Squiggly Cat Scratchboard - KittyNook
Squiggly Cat Scratchboard $14.95 $36.95
Are you looking for the perfect lounge and playtime place for your cat? Look no further! KittyNook's Squiggly Cat Scratchboard is not only a great resting place for your pet, but it's also perfect for claw grinding. Well designed according to cat's habits, it is practical, creative, eco-friendly, room-saving, and multi-functional. It is small and compact without occupying too much space. With the help of it, your cat can grind its claws conveniently and will stay away from your sofas and furniture. It is made of safe, recyclable, eco-friendly, and wear-resistant corrugated paper. It can bear any scratch and does not damage your cat's claws. With the added catnip that you can sprinkle on the board, it will surely become your cat's favorite place to hang out! Features: Lightweight with the honeycomb wave design, durable and brings more fun to your cat Protect your furniture from being scratching Satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts Size: (L x W x H)17.32 x 8.47 x 2.95 inches / 44 x 21.5 x 7.5cmThickness: 4cmWeight: 11.22oz / 318g   Note:Deliveries for this item are random. You may either receive a green or yellow board.
Nancy Sway Wooden Rope Bridge - KittyNook Nancy Sway Wooden Rope Bridge - KittyNook
Nancy Sway Wooden Rope Bridge from $96.95 $144.95
Whether you have a Mister Grumpy or a Miss Prim as a cat, they all have climbing needs! You can now fulfill them with Nancy Sway! This Nancy Sway Wooden Rope Bridge is a beautiful addition to a climbing wall that is sure to get your indoor pet climbing and running around! With its natural light wood finish, it is also can be a pleasant decor in your home (because we all love multi-purpose stuff, right?) Nancy is a traditionally rigged rope bridge that sags and sways as little or as much as you desire. You can mix and match it with your already existing climbing wall features, or you can use them alone. Features: Nancy is suitable for cats' innate climbing habits. They can bear multiple cats at the same time. Cats can also sleep comfortably on the ladder. The wall-mounted design saves space inside the house. The ropes are bound using traditional Sailor's Whipping, using 1.5mm 100% Sisal Rope. This process prevents the ends of the rope from fraying and looks fantastic because of the handmade nature and the care put into its construction. The Nancy Sway is constructed using natural, smooth cut, solid premium white pine. All edges are sanded round for safety and a pleasing finish. This item will come pre-built. Screws and instructions on how to mount your bridge will be provided. Nancy is environment-friendly because of the natural materials used. Note: The Nancy Sway Wooden Rope Bridge is for cats only. Not for small children.
Stalwart-Shine Cat Scratch Guard - KittyNook Stalwart-Shine Cat Scratch Guard - KittyNook
Stalwart-Shine Cat Scratch Guard from $16.95 $40.95
We love our cats, but that doesn't mean it's okay for them to ruin stuff in the house. Introducing a quick solution to your little kitty scratching problems! Our Stalwart-Shine Cat Scratch Guard is made with a thick plastic that you can put to your furniture to protect it from all the cat scratching. What's more, given that you provide your cat with appropriate scratching surfaces (like the KittyNook Keep Safe Sisal Mat), it trains your kitties to avoid sofas and furniture so that they stop the behavior altogether! Features: Made from thick plastic materials Protect your sofas or couches from cat scratches Sturdy material that will last long Each package comes with pins for installation Instructions on installation:Please refer to the photo below.  Each order comes with 2 pieces of Stalwart-Shine Cat Scratch Guard.
Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy - KittyNook Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy - KittyNook
Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy from $13.95 $34.95
Fight cat boredom, anxiety, and even depression with Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy! Made of high-quality materials that are friendly to cat teeth. It is safe and reliable, and will allow your kitties to chew and play. It's also sturdy and will last you long. Caca will surely be your cat's new best friend and they will never be lonely again. Give it to your cat and you'll never be able to get it back! Don't say we didn't warn you! This is especially perfect for kittens and other small cats because of their cute size! There are many colors to choose from, so you can be sure that your cats have one apt for their personality and gender. Features: Caca is made of Plush and PP Cotton High-Quality Plush Material: These plush dog toys are made of non-toxic plush and cotton fabric material, friendly to dogs' teeth, safe and reliable for your pets to chew and play. Easy To Wash: Machine washable. Just throw them in the washer and you have a brand new toy again. Note that these plush toys are not indestructible. We recommend supervised play and timely replacement of the broken ones. Size:L x W: 10 x 4.5cm (3.94" x 1.77")
-59% sale
Gentle Hands Best Cat Deshedder Gloves - KittyNook Gentle Hands Best Cat Deshedder Gloves - KittyNook
Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves $16.95 $40.95
Does your cat shed hair everywhere? KittyNook's Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves has you covered! You can use these gloves to clean your pet's coat and manage the excessive shedding. Gloves are especially helpful when grooming long-haired cats because they shed a lot. These gloves feature a soft lining and an elastic Velcro wrist strap. If you do cat grooming at home, these gloves will be very handy. The gloves are snug around the wrist to make it easy to slip on and off. the perforations allow for the pet fur to flow through without the tug. Gently deshedding your cat has never been easier with the Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves! Your cat would love the grooming session because Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves also work as a gentle massager for your cat. It's a win-win for you and for your cat! The manufacturers designed these gloves to reach your cats' undercoat. It, therefore, provides a very thorough detangling! Made from breathable mesh and silicone, it gently removes loose fur without hurting your fur babies. Keep your home guest-ready and your fur babies happy with the Gentle Hands Cat Deshedder Gloves, exclusively at KittyNook! Features: You can choose between Left and Right Handed Gloves for maximum control and coverage. The Gentle Hand Pet Grooming Gloves are specially designed with bumps and tips to massage and clean your pet's coat all at the same time. The products stimulate your cat's skin oils, so your cat's coat becomes more healthy and shiny with each brush. Great for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, and larger animals as well. These five-finger deshedding gloves are great for cleaning and massage for cats and dogs. But it can also work well for horses and other animals.  Your pets are bound to love these gloves because most animals love to be touched gently with your hands rather than other grooming products.  At KittyNook, we create lasting products that help people benefit from the power of technology and make life better, easier and more fulfilling. 
Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook
Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds from $31.95 $52.95
Never deny your cat a luxurious sleep with the Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds! Fur parents know that there's no denying that cats love to sleep. Whether they're lounging and napping away or just snuggled up with their humans—cats and sleep go hand in hand. Knowing this, KittyNook created Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds, undoubtedly one of the highest-quality pet beds produced. The Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds will be a favorite spot for cats to rest, play, and nap! This bed is ideal for cats who love to curl up! And which cat doesn't? This round cat bed is crafted from super soft and comfy faux fur. It also has an enormous surface area, so your cat can curl and stretch as they please. The bed is elegant looking and is available in so many shades and colors, so you are assured that you can find the best color that will suit your cat. The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Your pet will be sooo relaxed! Comfy and soft to the touch, it allows your beloved kitty to sink right in and not want to leave! If you were a cat, you wouldn't want to as well! Features: Ease your cat's anxiety: The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness that cats love and need. Ultra Soft, Vegan Fur Fabric: The material we used to create these cat beds is one of the comfiest materials known to men. Its long fibers are soft, durable, and machine-washable. Luxurious design: The sleek design and the soft and vibrant hues of this bed is a great addition to complement the interior of any home! You are assured that these beds will never be an eyesore. Easy to clean: The beds are compatible with the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat) Find the best size for your cat: Please refer to the measurements and suggestions below to find the best possible size for your cat. Bed Size  Bed Diameter Pet Size S 15.8 inches (40 cm) for pets up to 2.5 kg M 19.7 inches (50 cm) for pets up to 5 kg L 23.6 inches (60 cm) for pets up to 10 kg XL 27.6 inches (70 cm) for pets up to 12 kg XXL 31.5 inches (80 cm) for pets up to 15 kg
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Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy - KittyNook Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy - KittyNook
Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy $22.95 $45.95
Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy is your cat's new favorite playtime pal! Are you a proud cat parent on the hunt for the purrfect playtime companion? Look no further! Kiki is here to whisk your kitty away on an aquatic adventure like no other.  About Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy: Battery-Powered Bliss. Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries! Your cat will enjoy endless playtime because Kiki has a convenient USB recharging feature. Plug it in, charge it up, and let the aquatic acrobatics begin! Motion Magic. Inside Kiki's enchanting exterior lies a motion-detecting motor that mimics the movements of a flapping fish. When your curious kitty gives it a gentle nudge, Kiki responds with lifelike wiggles, keeping your cat engaged and entertained for hours. Plus, Kiki is smart enough to pause the show when your cat decides to take a break. Large Catch. Kiki is no ordinary fish. Measuring a whopping 11 inches (30 cm) in length; this large-size fishy friend provides ample room for your cat to pounce, bat, bite, and wrestle to their heart's content. Washable Wonder. Worried about playtime turning messy? No problem! Kiki's washable fabric exterior ensures easy cleanup after enthusiastic play sessions. Catnip-Compatible. You can add catnip inside Kiki's secret chamber for extra excitement. Watch your kitty go wild with delight as they engage with their new scented friend. Zipper Closure. Kiki's secret is safe with a secure zipper closure, ensuring your cat's playtime stays stimulating and safe. Control at Your Fingertips. With a simple ON/OFF button, you can start the show whenever your feline friend wants some underwater antics. Kiki is the ultimate gift for your whiskered companion and the cat lover in you. Whether you're treating your own precious fur baby or delighting a cat-loving friend, Kiki is guaranteed to make a splash! So, why wait? Dive into a world of playtime wonder with Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy. It's time to create unforgettable moments of joy and laughter for your four-legged friend and keep the fun flowing all day long.