Ramen Noodles Pet Bed - KittyNook Ramen Noodles Pet Bed - KittyNook
Ramen Noodles Pet Bed from $46.95 $75.95
A ramen noodle bed for cats? Yes, please! Who would have thought that this will be a great place for your kitty to curl up and snooze? This pet bed is made to resemble a giant bowl of ramen noodles! Soft, plushy, and perfectly sized for your cat or kitten to curl up in, this cozy bed is sure to be a big hit! The "ramen lid" fleece cover can double as a blanket. The ramen "contents" is a soft plush mat that will keep your kitty snoozing in no time! Not only is this pet bed cute and unique, it also offers your furry friend a cozy place to snooze. The ramen lid and inner cushions are removable for easy washing. The bed is available in three sizes to fit both large and small cats! Sure, it's not made of fine Italian leather - but this comfy bed is the purrrfect place to crash after your cat's big afternoon of petting!  Features: The Ramen Noodles Pet Bed is soft, comfy, and durable. It's made of thick, durable, machine-washable polyester fleece, with reinforced edges for durability. The bed is made with soft plush material, lined with soft fleece material, and has Velcro fastenings. The bed has a removable insert that can be machine-washed. Size Chart:  Size Dimensions Height S 15.7 inches diameter 7.87 inches (without lid) M 19.6 inches diameter 7.87 inches (without lid) L 23.6 inches diameter 10.2 inches (without lid)    
Rattan Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Rattan Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Rattan Cat Bed from $39.95 $64.95
Give your cat the place to sleep in comfort and style with the Rattan Cat Bed! This stylish piece is made from rattan, a material that has a natural rustic appeal. It has a beautifully woven design, so it looks both modern and stylish. Your cat will love to snuggle up in it, especially on those colder days. This super comfy bed is perfect for lazy catnaps and snuggling with your kitty. It's incredibly durable, so even if your cat likes to roll and scratch, the bed will keep its beauty. The Rattan Cat Bed has a natural and rustic look that will surely shine through! This is a modern cat bed that looks very stylish while also being practical. It is a spacious and stylish cat bed that is sure to add a rustic flair to any cat lover's home. Crafted from natural rattan, this bed has a roomy base, so your cat can rest easily and comfortably in its favorite position at any time. The bed also has a removable cushion to allow for easy washing and cleaning.  Let your cat take center stage with the eye-catching wooden bed that will be their new favorite place to hang out Features: The Rattan Cat Bed is made of high-quality natural rattan woven into an attractive basket shape. This chic natural rattan cat bed with is purr-fect for your kitty. Crafted with cats and cat lovers in mind, this kitty bed will give your feline a stylish place to nap.  It fits all shapes and sizes because of its spacious bases. It makes a great alternative to traditional cat towers and cat beds. This bed is hand-crafted with love, so it is sturdy and has a long-lasting quality. This stylish, spacious and roomy cat bed is handwoven from eco-friendly, natural rattan. Get yours now and see the beauty of it for yourself! Other Information about the Product:  Size Dimensions Suggested Pet Weight S 35cm diameter 1-5kg L 42cm diameter 5-10kg L 48cm diameter 10-15kg
Sisal Rope for DIY Cat Tree - KittyNook Sisal Rope for DIY Cat Tree - KittyNook
Sisal Rope for DIY Cat... from $24.95 $44.95
Are you planning to create a DIY Cat Tree for your cat? Or perhaps you want to replace the rope on your cat's old cat tree? KittyNook has you covered! With the different rope lengths and thicknesses you can choose from, you are sure to find one fitting for the project you have in mind! Order one now and start that project now! Need a guide? You can refer here. Features: It is made of Natural Sisal that is perfect for that DIY Cat Tree you have in mind. You can also use the Sisal Rope to wrap around your furniture to prevent cat scratching damage. With high-quality material, this rope is durable and not easily damaged. Economic. This is a great replacement to repair old worn-out rope on your cat's scratching post or tree instead of buying a new one. This is a non-toxic material. This product is guaranteed safe for your pets. The rope may be a bit rough to us humans, but that's what our cat likes! It drives them crazy and helps stop scratching elsewhere. Choose from different rope lengths and thickness depending on your needs! Notes: This product consists of only the sisal rope. It does not include any board or frame. For your reference, the rope thickness featured in the product photos is 5mm.
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So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch - KittyNook So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch - KittyNook
So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch $40.95 $67.95
Does your cat often jump up and down in the room? They may be curious and want to see the world outside the window! The So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch is specially designed for them! There's nothing better for your curious cat than a window perch where they can see the outside world. Satisfy your cat's curiosities and keep them healthy! Get yours today! More About So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch: High-Quality Materials. So-Sturdy Cat Window Perch is made of high-density fabric, a PVC frame, steel wires, and super suction cups. Comfortable Cat Perch. Your cats can lay and stretch out in a durable hammock. Safe & Reliable. The suction cup is attached to the glass using the principle of atmospheric pressure. The strong suction cup can carry up to 22kg, so it is reliable for your furry friends. Convenient.  It is easy to install; no tools needed. Sleek design. The natural khaki color makes the product more than just a piece of cat furniture, but an integral part of your house decor. Installation process:Please refer to the photo below. Size: Please refer to the photo below
Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook Sweet-Dreams Calming Pet Bed - KittyNook
Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds from $31.95 $52.95
Never deny your cat a luxurious sleep with the Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds! Fur parents know that there's no denying that cats love to sleep. Whether they're lounging and napping away or just snuggled up with their humans—cats and sleep go hand in hand. Knowing this, KittyNook created Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds, undoubtedly one of the highest-quality pet beds produced. The Sweet Dreams Luxury Cat Beds will be a favorite spot for cats to rest, play, and nap! This bed is ideal for cats who love to curl up! And which cat doesn't? This round cat bed is crafted from super soft and comfy faux fur. It also has an enormous surface area, so your cat can curl and stretch as they please. The bed is elegant looking and is available in so many shades and colors, so you are assured that you can find the best color that will suit your cat. The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Your pet will be sooo relaxed! Comfy and soft to the touch, it allows your beloved kitty to sink right in and not want to leave! If you were a cat, you wouldn't want to as well! Features: Ease your cat's anxiety: The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness that cats love and need. Ultra Soft, Vegan Fur Fabric: The material we used to create these cat beds is one of the comfiest materials known to men. Its long fibers are soft, durable, and machine-washable. Luxurious design: The sleek design and the soft and vibrant hues of this bed is a great addition to complement the interior of any home! You are assured that these beds will never be an eyesore. Easy to clean: The beds are compatible with the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat) Find the best size for your cat: Please refer to the measurements and suggestions below to find the best possible size for your cat. Bed Size  Bed Diameter Pet Size S 15.8 inches (40 cm) for pets up to 2.5 kg M 19.7 inches (50 cm) for pets up to 5 kg L 23.6 inches (60 cm) for pets up to 10 kg XL 27.6 inches (70 cm) for pets up to 12 kg XXL 31.5 inches (80 cm) for pets up to 15 kg
Tall Tiny Cat Tree Tall Tiny Cat Tree
Tall Tiny Cat Tree from $84.95 $126.95
Have you always wanted to buy a cat tree but have limited space in the house? We have the product suited to your needs! Tall Tiny Cat Tree will not take up too much floor space, but will still give your cat the height that they enjoy so much! Cats love hanging out in high places because it gives them a good vantage point for surveying their surroundings. Get this for your cat and this will be their favorite place to hang out for sure! Features: Tall Tiny Cat Tree is made of light wood and is covered in fleece and sisal rope. It has an adjustable height of 238cm-286cm. It is sure to attract your cat's interest! Tall Tiny Cat Tree is steady and solid. It is well-made and will not give in to your cat's weight. Assembly is easy as 1-2-3!
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Treezilla Extra Large Cat Tree Treezilla Extra Large Cat Tree
Treezilla Extra Large Cat Tree $141.95 $184.95
The Treezilla Extra Large Cat Tree is our best one yet! This is a marvel of modern design! This cat tree is over 5 feet tall and provides plenty of room to stretch out, even in homes with multiple cats. The deluxe cat tree offers your feline friend a home with a view. The multiple elevated perches provide your feline friend with a place to lie down, stretch, play, and watch the neighborhood. Treezilla provides plenty of opportunities for playing and lounging. It also features a hammock, perches, carpeted cubby houses, scratching posts, and hanging toys. It is an all-in-one place for your cat to spend all their time. Let your kitties survey their domain with the Treezilla Extra Large Cat Tree! With more than 5 feet of open and closed spaces, Treezilla Extra Large cat tree provides plenty of room for your cat to lounge and play. The durable but soft, plush-covered climbing poles and platforms offer many avenues for enrichment activities. We know cats love to perch in high places, so this tree has multiple perches on the highest points of the tree. With the multiple perches, cubby, and loads of scratching areas, your feline companion will enjoy every inch of their new cat tree! The dangle toys also add visual interest and additional kitty playtime—one more awesome feature of this cat tree. Get the best tree house for your feline. Provide your cat with endless entertainment with Treezilla! Features: Treezilla has one large cat hammock, two cat perches, and plenty of sisal rope-covered posts for your cat to enjoy. The tree also has three dangle toys, two huge cubby houses, and two inclined planes, all covered in plush. The Cat Tree is made from lightwood, which is eco-friendly and durable. The different levels and platforms allow your cat to exercise regularly, climb, and stretch out. Trezzilla's base is sturdy, so you don't have to worry. The high load-bearing capacity will keep multiple cats safe and secure. The tall tree features multiple perches and is sized to accommodate up to three cats.  It has plush carpets and sisal-covered posts all around! There's also noticeable sturdy stitching all around. With the tools, screws, and instructions, the assembly of this dream tree is effortless! Note: To preserve your cat tree and keep it clean, occasionally wipe with a soft cloth with mild soap and water.
Urban Jungle Cactus Cat Tree - KittyNook Cat Company Urban Jungle Cactus Cat Tree - KittyNook Cat Company
Urban Jungle Cactus Cat Tree from $92.95 $138.95
Our Urban Jungle Cactus Cat Tree is a charming piece of furniture that your cat will love. This Cat Tree gives your cat a place to climb and wander around because of its perches and cat condo. The cactus theme comes from the cactus branches and spikes in the green towers. Because there are three variants available, you can choose what is best for your cat's enjoyment. It's designed with the contemporary cat at heart. The sleek and modern design is also a perfect complement to any modern home. The main colors, green and brown, add a liveliness similar to the effect of having plants. Very easy on the eyes, indeed! The Urban Jungle Cactus Cat Tree is a truly modern work of art. The Urban Jungle Cat Tree provides your cat with a place to climb, stretch and rest—just like in the wild. You can give your feline some kitty play time with this 3-tiered cat tree. The cat tree features sisal-wrapped tower scratchers, perches, and a cute cat condo that your cat can climb, perch, and lounge. Get this cat furniture with a jungle motif, and your cat will surely feel like your cat will feel like he's in the wild! This urban jungle cat tree will delight cats and any cat lover. Features: This cat tree is like an urban oasis for your cat. This tree has a sturdy base, wood towers, two perches, and a cat condo for lounging, climbing, scratching, and playing. The multiple perches also offer great vantage points, and the plush toys will keep cats entertained and busy. Your cat can have exercise and comfort with this unique-looking cat tree. It features a large, roomy condo plus smaller sections for playing and resting. The cactus trunks have high-quality sisal and corduroy fabric, both are treated to be stain and mildew-resistant. The condo base has a plush faux suede material covering.  It’s available in three styles, so you can choose what best suits your cat. You can check out the photos to know the dimensions of each cat tree variant. 
Wall Mounted Cat Hammock - KittyNook Cat Company Wall Mounted Cat Hammock - KittyNook Cat Company
Wall Mounted Cat Hammock from $54.95 $90.95
The Wall Mounted Cat Hammock is the purr-fect blend of comfort and playfulness for your feline friend. Give your furry friends the ultimate luxury lounging experience today! About the Wall Mounted Cat Hammock: Made of Natural Wood. Made from high-quality wood, this Wall Mounted Cat Hammock is sturdy and adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. The natural wood finish seamlessly integrates with any interior. Your furry friend will love lounging in this charming hammock, while you'll love how it enhances your home decor.  Cargo Net-Inspired Center. But what sets our hammock apart is the sisal rope center. We know how much cats love to scratch, and with the sisal rope, your furry friend can indulge in their favorite pastime while lounging in luxury. The rope is the perfect scratching surface to keep your cat's claws healthy, and their curious minds engaged. The wall-mounted design also saves valuable floor space while providing a comfortable and secure spot for your cat to lounge. Installation is a Breeze. The package includes all necessary mounting hardware, so you won't have trouble installing this to your wall. Secure it to the wall to create a cozy elevated oasis and unique vantage point for your kitty lounge. Built to Last. Our Wall Mounted Cat Hammock is built to last, ensuring years of enjoyment for your feline companion. It's the ideal spot for your cat to curl up for a nap, bask in the warm sunlight, or daydream while surveying the surroundings. So what are you waiting for? Spoil your beloved furball with the ultimate relaxation retreat. Let your feline friend experience the bliss they genuinely deserve. Order yours today and watch your kitty purr with delight! More Information about the Product:  Size  Dimensions S 28 x 35 cm M 30 x 40 cm
Whisker Whirl Cat Bed Scratcher Variants Whisker Whirl Cat Bed Scratcher
Whisker Whirl Cat Bed Scratcher from $40.95 $66.95
Whisker Whirl Cat Bed Scratcher is the perfect fusion of comfort and play for your feline friend! Pamper your pet with the ultimate comfort and say goodbye to scratched furniture. This cozy cat bed scratcher is designed to cater to your kitty's every need. More About Whisker Whirl Cat Bed Scratcher: Perfect Size. With a purr-fect diameter and a snug height, this cat bed scratcher offers your feline friend the ideal space to scratch, nap, and play – all in one! Round Shape for Maximum Coziness. The unique round shape makes it comfortable for your cat to lounge in. The bowl-shaped design contours your cat's body, giving them a comfortable and peaceful place to rest. Safe, Lightweight, and Durable. The high-density, recyclable, non-toxic sisal top layer is more durable than corrugated cardboard, so cats can bite, scratch, and roll on this cat scratcher and keep a healthy cat claw after a scratching exercise. The interior is made of robust cardboard, making it incredibly lightweight. The plush sides provide cozy corners of relaxation. Whimsical and Modern Design. Watch your cat's eyes light up as they encounter various cute animals like pandas, frogs, and sweet strawberries. The two-toned variants add a dash of flair, making it a visually pleasing addition to your home. Furniture Saver. Say goodbye to scratched sofas and damaged furniture! The Whisker Whirl is a dedicated scratching haven, channeling your cat's instincts away from your precious belongings. Combining sisal rope and cardboard provides the ideal outlet for scratching, promoting a healthier and happier cat. Reclaim your furniture by giving your cat this round Whisker Whirl Cat Scratcher Bed! More information about the product:  Materials  Diameter Height Sisal Top Layer Plush-covered Sides Corrugated cardboard Interior 39 cm; 40 cm; 41cm(depending on the variant) 9.5 cm; 10 cm; 11 cm(depending on the variant)
Woven Bamboo Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Woven Bamboo Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Woven Bamboo Cat Bed from $34.95 $56.95
Introducing the Woven Bamboo Cat Bed – the perfect cozy nest for your beloved feline friend! This woven bamboo cat bed is an ideal way to give your furry friend a place to rest and relax. About the Woven Bamboo Cat Bed Natural Bamboo Material: Crafted from natural bamboo, this cat bed is sturdy yet lightweight. This means your fur baby will not topple over even when they stretch and curl a lot. Bamboo is also known for comfort because it allows for plenty of air circulation. Raised Sides: Cats love to put their cheeks against slightly raised objects when they sleep. The raised sides protect your cat from the elements and give them somewhere to bump their heads. It's super cozy for your cat! Lightweight: The lightweight design makes moving the bed from room to room easy. You will have no trouble finding the perfect spot for your cat's bed, even if your cat changes their mind daily. Soft and Comfortable Cushion: One cushion ensures your pet stays comfortable during long naps and deep sleep. The breathable fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and promotes airflow to keep your pet cool and comfortable. With the two cushions, your cat will have a cozy nest that's super comfortable. Machine-Washable: The cushions are easy to clean and maintain, making the bed an ideal choice for modern cat parents. You can chuck the cushion on the washing machine without worrying about shrinkage. Soft Natural Tones: The neutral earthy tones of the bamboo and the cushions blend nicely with any décor. This cozy nest adds a touch of charm to any room. Intricate Woven Details: The weaving pattern adds a touch of charm while also ensuring it will withstand everyday wear and tear. The unique weaving pattern makes for a stylish and elegant addition to your home. With its unique design and natural material, this pet bed will surely bring some calming charm to your home. Snuggle up with your furry companion and let them drift off to dreamland in this stylish and luxurious Woven Bamboo Cat Bed! More Information About the Product:  Size Diameter Height Suggested Pet Weight S 32cm 13cm Less than 2kg M 36cm 14cm Less than 3kg L 45cm 15cm Less than 8kg