Big Bow Adjustable Cat Harness - KittyNook Cat Company Big Bow Adjustable Cat Harness - KittyNook Cat Company
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a diva cat needs the Big Bow Adjustable Cat Harness. This attractive big bow cat harness has adjustable straps for maximum comfort and security, so you don't have to worry about your cat. This adjustable cat harness features a big, elegant bow at the back with a single daisy embroidered on it. This cat harness will surely make for a very adorable accessory to walk your pet. The sturdy nylon and polyester ensure durability. It also has breakaway buckles, a safety feature of utmost importance. The Big Bow Adjustable Cat Harness is chic and sleek! A great-looking and comfortable harness for cats, the Bow Harness provides full support for the neck, shoulders, and chest. It is the perfect outdoor harness, especially for owners that want a chic and feminine style to complement their cat's stylish personality. Your cat can enjoy comfort and freedom of movement while also being fashionable—truly every fashion lover's dream! Make your pet a fashion darling with the Big Bow Adjustable Cat Harness. Features: This cat harness is carefully designed and made with high-quality and breathable cotton. It has adjustable straps for optimal fit and comfort and is therefore terrific for everyday wear. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this adjustable harness features a big bow on the back that gives your cat an adorable and chic look. The adjustable strap makes it comfortable for your cat, even for long periods. The fabric is soft and breathable but also looks prim and proper. It makes for a great fashion accessory. This adorable harness is appropriate for small to medium cats.  The adjustable buckle fits securely around the cat's chest and neck. It additionally has a bow with a single daisy that is beautifully sewn onto the strap. This beautiful cat harness is fashionable and functional. It has an adjustable neck closure and a broad chest strap with D-ring for leash attachment. This beautiful harness features a classic bow and comes in 8 different colors, so you will have a lot to choose from.  It is perfect for walking, training, traveling, and more! Size: To help you choose the best size for your cat, please refer to the size chart below.  Size Neck Chest Leash Width Leash Length Pet Weight Reference S 22-32cm 25-35cm 1.0cm 125cm Below 3 kg M 25-38cm 35-50cm 1.5cm 125cm 3 kg -6 kg
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Catventures Leash and Harness - KittyNook Cat Company Catventures Leash and Harness - KittyNook Cat Company
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The Catventures Leash and Harness combines style, comfort, and functionality for your feline friend's outdoor adventures! This leash and harness duo is perfect for cat owners who want to provide their pets with a safe, comfortable, and stylish outdoor experience. About the Catventures Leash and Harness:  Soft and Breathable Mesh. The soft and breathable mesh fabric is gentle on your cat's skin and allows ample airflow. It won't chafe or rub your cat's delicate skin. No-Choke Design. The harness rests on the base of the neck to prevent your cat from choking. The D-ring placement also ensures that pressure is evenly distributed on your cat's body and not concentrated on the neck. Escape-Proof. Because of the adjustable straps and lightweight design, this duo has a snug fit that won't weigh your kitty down or restrict their movement. It features two secure clips that provide 360° coverage to the body. The sturdy D-ring on the back also allows for easy and secure leash attachment.  Four Adjustable Points. You can easily slip the harness over your cat's head. You can also adjust it in four points to achieve the best fit and comfort around the cat's body. Most cat harness only has two adjustable points. The two extra adjustment points allow you to get the perfect fit, so your cat can move freely. Reflectorized Strips for Safety. The harness has added reflective strips all over to ensure low-light visibility. The leash is also designed for the cat owner's comfort, with a soft handle that won't rub or irritate your hands.  Available in Six Fun Colors. In addition to its functional features, the leash and harness duo also boasts a stylish design that will turn heads. The vibrant colors and fun patterns are a great way to showcase your cat's unique personality and sense of style. It's sure to turn heads on your next walk.  Whether taking your cat for a stroll in the park, exploring new trails, or just relaxing in the backyard, the Catventure Leash and Harness ensure your pet is always safe and secure. So why wait? Get your paws on the Catventure Leash and Harness today, and let the outside catventures begin! Catventures Size Guide: Size Neck (inches) Chest (inches) Leash Length (inches)  S 7.1 - 9.4  12.9 - 15.7 59 M 9.1 - 12.6 14.9 - 17.3 59 L 11.8 - 18.1 17.3 - 19.2 59 XL 14.6 - 21.3 18.5 - 22 59
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Colorburst Lupine Pet Leash - KittyNook Cat Company Colorburst Lupine Pet Leash - KittyNook Cat Company
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Unleash vibrant everyday adventures with Colorburst Lupine Leash. This colorful pet accessory will make every walk with your furry friend an enchanting experience. This leash is designed to withstand any excursion because it is crafted from high-quality traction nylon rope. About the Colorburst Lupine Pet Leash: Not Your Average Leash. You can now bid farewell to uncomfortable collars that unnecessarily strain your furry friend's neck. This harness prioritizes pet comfort and well-being on every adventure. Because of the pet-friendly body harness, Colorburst Pet Leash lets your pet roam and explore freely without discomfort or restriction.  Vibrant and Unapologetic. Not just that, this leash is also as rich as your pet's personality. Available in a kaleidoscope of eye-catching colors, this leash will turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. It's also perfect if your pet wants to join Pride with you!  Reliable Security. But what sets our Colorburst Lupine Pet Leash apart is its ingenious design. Unlike traditional collar leashes, this beauty is a body harness, guaranteeing optimum comfort for your precious companions. Gone are the days of uncomfortable tugging and pulling on their delicate necks. The sturdy hardware also connects you and your pet strongly, while the traction nylon rope offers excellent grip and control. With this leash, your pets can strut and frolic freely and easily, enjoying full walks. All without worries! This is a must-have for fashion-forward pet owners like yourself. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your pet's walking experience with the Colorburst Lupine Leash! It's finally time to let your pet shine and embrace the vibrant bursts of color. Grab your Colorburst Lupine Leash today and experience a new level of walking bliss with your beloved companion! Other information about the product: Rope Width: 1cmLeash Length: 120cmChest Size: 25-40cm
Engrave-Your-Name Cat Collar - KittyNook Engrave-Your-Name Cat Collar - KittyNook
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Cat Collars are more than just stylish accessories for our cats. Collars help us identify them! Engrave-Your-Name Cat Collar offers name and contact details engraving for free! This is to ensure that your cat will be brought back in case they stray away from home. What are you waiting for? Get your cat a personalized collar today! Features: Engrave-Your-Name Cat Collars are made of high-quality adjustable nylon and stainless steel plates that won't rust. It is available in solid colors and printed patterns to suit your furry friend's personality. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The bell sound is crisp. The cat-face breakaway buckle prevents accidental choking. Note:Include your cat's name and contact number to be engraved in the notes on checkout Size:6.3-10.3 inch or 16-26cm
Flexi Retractable Leash - KittyNook Cat Company Flexi Retractable Leash - KittyNook Cat Company
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Are your cat's paws ready for some outdoor time? Then get them some Flexi Retractable Leash! Flexi offers convenience, style, and function. It has a flexi-lock system, which allows you to extend and lock the leash at the desired length. It also retracts quickly for when you need your cat closer to you. Flexi makes it easy to take your cat on trips, to the park, or on vacation. The leash is 9-15 feet long and comes in many fun handle colors. It is lightweight, durable, and perfect for medium and large cats alike. The Flexi Retractable Leash is the perfect training aid! The Flexi retractable leash is lightweight, compact, and has an ergonomic handle to help you not lose your grip. The leash moves along with your pet to prevent injury. It also has a quick release mechanism, ideal if your pet loves climbing trees and staying in high places. Flexi has solid but flexible nylon webbing, which ensures durability. The clasps and swivel snap hook are of solid metal. Enjoy the outdoors while keeping your cat close to you with Flexi! Features: Flexi has durable 3-ply polypropylene webbing that is soft and comfortable for your pet. The handle is made of soft plastic with a rubber coating to help with your grip. The quick release and flexi-lock mechanisms make for safe strolling outdoors with your cat or dog. It is sturdy, durable, and perfect for everyday use. Flexi Retractable Leash combines comfort and durability. The handle section is made from soft touch and non-slip, making it comfortable to hold. The leash is high-quality webbing and tangle resistant to give your cat the best time. With its two sizes, the Flexi retractable leash is perfect for pets of any size.
Leather Nameplate Cat Collar - KittyNook Leather Nameplate Cat Collar - KittyNook
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Cat parents know how important identification is for the safety of their fur babies. This personalized leather nameplate cat collar is made with stainless hardware and is available in your choice of many colors and two styles. Aside from providing a layer of security, cat collars create an instant fashion statement. This is a one-of-a-kind personalized leather collar that you will be proud to wear on your cat or give as a gift! It makes for a great gift for any cat lover. This comfortable, beautiful, durable cat collar is crafted with love and is designed to last longer than ordinary cat collars. Don't forget to put your cat's name and your contact number on the notes when you order! Features: This collar is made of genuine latigo leather with a high-quality stainless hardware. The nameplate is also made of stainless and has a silver tone finish. This collar comes in three sizes that will fit even medium-sized dogs. The collar has a personalized nameplate dog that we'll engrave according to your instructions Please enter your pet's name and your number in the notes when you checkout. Name plate is made out of stainless steel and attached with stainless steel rivets that will not rust. Size:S - Neck fit 19 to 26cmM - Neck fit 26 to 33 cmL - Neck fit 32 to 39 cm
Lil' Bloomers Personalized Pet Collar and Leash - KittyNook Cat Company Lil' Bloomers Personalized Pet Collar and Leash - KittyNook Cat Company
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Our Lil' Bloomers Personalized Pet Collar and Leash set is an excellent choice for the cat that loves to stand out! This personalized combo comes with an adorable flower accessory, adding extra charm to your pet's look. About the Lil' Bloomers Personalized Pet Collar and Leash: Style Meets Practicality: This collar and leash set is not only pretty, but it's also convenient! Nylon is a great fabric that is comfortable on your pet's skin and easy to clean. The dainty floral theme and the personalized collar make for a perfect blend of cuteness and usefulness.  Eye-catching Flower Design: The collar and leash come adorned with beautiful floral prints. It also has a big flower accessory handcrafted from the same vibrant and beautiful floral fabrics, adding elegance to your pet's ensemble. Adjustable Collar: Because it is adjustable, it will fit any pet size. Our sizes are small, medium, and large. You can also use this for your dogs. A Truly Unique Collar: The ability to customize makes this a truly unique collar. You can put your pet's name and contact details for security purposes.  High Quality and Made to Last: This collar and leash set is made of premium quality materials to keep your pet comfortable and secure. The collar is adjustable to fit just right to your feline friend. This fashionable set provides a unique and stylish way to keep your pet safe and secure.  Perfect for Special Occasions: Because it is flamboyant and customizable, it's a memorable gift for any pet lover. With Lil' Bloomers, your pet will look chic on every special occasion. The beautiful flower design will make any pet stand out.  Every pet deserves to feel loved. With this personalized set, you can give them the ultimate pet pampering. Turn your walks into fashionable catwalks with the Lil' Bloomers! Collar size: Get the circumference of your pet's neck, then refer to the chart below for the best size. Ensure that you can put two fingers between the collar and the neck for your pet to be comfortable. Size  Neck Neck Width Leash Width Leash Length XS 8-12" 5/8" 3/4" 5ft (60") S 10-15" 5/8" 3/4" 5ft (60") M 12-21" 3/4" 3/4" 5ft (60") L 15-25" 1" 3/4" 5ft (60")
Little Miss Dainty Lace Cat Collar - KittyNook Cat Company Little Miss Dainty Lace Cat Collar - KittyNook Cat Company
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The Little Miss Dainty Lace Cat Collar will complement your cat's look and make her feel special! Lace collars are becoming increasingly popular with today's fashion-savvy felines because of Tiktok trends. This beautifully crafted collar from KittyNook is available in various sizes and colors to suit your little feline friend's delicate sensibilities. This collar is perfect for the little lady of the house. It is made of delicate lace and satin ribbon, resulting in a dainty appearance perfect for special occasions and ordinary days alike. The lace fabric has a fine weave and is delicate. It is adjustable to fit snuggly around your cat's neck without hurting them. The collar has cotton tape lining, which is soft and breathable. This fancy and elegant Little Miss Dainty Lace Cat Collar is the perfect accent for your dainty cat. This dainty lace collar is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is the ideal accessory for your feline friend. It is the perfect accessory that will bring a chic and classy look to your pet's outfit. Your darling pet will indeed look dapper in this! Get the Little Miss Dainty collar. It is dainty and sweet, made with love, and all the embroidery is delicate and beautiful!  Features: Lace cat collars are a beautiful way to dress up your feline and help her stand out from the crowd. This beautiful cat collar is made from high-quality cotton lace. Little Miss Dainty Lace Cat Collar is the perfect accessory for your little kitty. The design is a classic cat collar with ruffles and a dainty bow in the center. It is lined with cotton tape fabric to ensure that it is comfortable for your pet to wear. Lace collars are an excellent gift for special occasions or even ordinary days. This collar will make a cat stand out among the crowd, but it will also be a comfortable accessory. This collar is designed to fit many sizes, from kitten to adult cat. Size: To see which size best fit your cat's neck, please not the measurements on our size chart.  Size Neck Circumference XS 15cm - 20cm S 20cm - 25cm M 25cm - 30cm L 30cm - 25cm XL 35cm - 45cm
Premium Japanese Style Cat Harness Pet - KittyNook Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Cat Harness - KittyNook
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The Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Best Cat Harness will enable you to enjoy precious outdoor moments with your cat! Made from a breathable polyester cloth that is comfortable yet durable, the Premium Japanese Style cat harness allows your cat to enjoy the fresh air with you in comfort. More About Premium Japanese Style Escape-Proof Best Cat Harness: Made of multiple layers of high-quality, breathable polycotton blend for maximum comfort. The harness features reflective and adjustable webbing for safety and comfort for your pet. It is Fixed with a simple sliding clip. The 4-point harness design disperses pulling force so your cat will not feel uncomfortable when you take them out for a walk. The simple, easy-on, and easy-off design is ideal for your fuzzy cat. The vest and strap are designed for your cat's comfort. The easy-on-and-off design features a seatbelt buckle and nylon clasp for broad adjustments. Anti-rust metal D buckles and traction buckle ensure this last for years! You'll have a much easier time taking your cat on walks now! This premium, high-quality Japanese-made leash and harness have an escape-proof design and soft padded lining. More information about the product: For the best fit for your cat, refer to the photo below.
Sofy Breathable Cat Harness and Leash Sofy Breathable Cat Harness and Leash
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The Sofy Breathable Cat Harness and Leash are the perfect accessories for outdoor adventures! Made from soft and breathable mesh neoprene, the saddle is comfortable for your pet, and the leash is strong and durable. It's also adjustable, so your cat can have the best fit. More About Sofy Breathable Cat Harness and Leash: The breathable mesh makes this harness and leash comfortable, soft, and breathable. It is a perfect choice for outdoor walking or traveling. A leash is attached to a D-hook on each end of the harness. The harness features adjustable, quick-release buckles and soft nylon straps. The chest padding relieves pressure on the chest. The trims have reflective features, so your cat will be safe at night. The harness surrounds the shoulder, chest, and back so your cat can't wriggle free. The soft, breathable fabric prevents rubbing and chaffing, while the breakaway closure provides adjustability. The harness and leash float, so cats can swim and play easily. Plus, the saddle and the leash have reflective trim, so it's ideal for walks at night. The harness and leash are designed for maximum comfort for cats of all sizes. Sofy Breathable Cat Harness and Leash are for city cats who love the outdoors. Allow your cat to feel comfortable even under extended periods of physical activity. This innovative harness and leash combination makes an all-day walking companion for the stylish feline. If you want your cat safe, then this is a must-have! More information about the product: Size: Please refer to the size chart to help you find the best fit for your cat. Size Leash Lenght Neck  Chest Recommended Weight XS 150 cm 29-32 cm 31-34 cm <1.5 kg S 150 cm 33-36cm 35-40cm 1.5-3 kg M 150 cm 38-44cm 44-50 cm 5-7 kg L 150 cm 44-52 cm 50-59 cm 7-11 kg
Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar - KittyNook Cat Company Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar - KittyNook Cat Company
Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar from $23.95 $44.95
Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar is the perfect accessory to help your furry friend recover. The soft and lightweight material enables your pet to move freely and comfortably. The collar's sunflower shape allows for better peripheral vision, ensuring your pet's awareness of their surroundings remains intact. Plus, the vibrant colors and playful design help to uplift your pet's spirits during a challenging time. About the Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar: Sunflower-Shaped Design. Our collar isn't just a necessity; it's a fashion statement! The cheerful sunflower shape adds a touch of sunshine to your pet's recovery journey, making it a delightful accessory. Perfect for Home Comfort. Sunflower Bloom is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Your cat can go about their daily activities without feeling restricted, making it an ideal choice for home recovery. Premium Material. This recovery collar is crafted using premium PP cotton material. This ensures a soft and plush feel against your pet's skin, making it comfortable for them to wear throughout their recovery. It is lightweight and gentle on your cat's neck, so your pet can say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional plastic cones. Four Sizes to Choose From. We understand that all pets come in different shapes and sizes, so this collar is available in XS-L. This enables owners to choose the perfect fit for their furry friend, ensuring maximum comfort and secure fit during their healing process.  Show your pet some love with the Sunflower Bloom Recovery Collar. It's more than just a recovery aid; it symbolizes your care and affection. Watch your cat bloom like a sunflower on a sunny day. Choose the perfect size for your furry friend and order Sunflower Bloom now. Make your cat's recovery journey comfortable, cheerful, and stylish. Because every pet deserves to shine! Other information about the product: Measure your pet's neck circumference to find the ideal size.  Size Neck Circumference Flower Diameter XS 8 - 22 cm 15 cm S 11 - 23 cm 18 cm  M 13 - 27 cm 21 cm L 15 - 32 cm 27 cm
Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker - KittyNook Cat Company Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker - KittyNook Cat Company
Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker from $15.95 $38.95
Keep tabs on your furry friend with the Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker! This nifty little device can easily be attached to your cat's collar to help you keep track of their whereabouts. You can also use this for other important things, too! About the Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker: Track Your Pet. You can now monitor your cat's whereabouts with Whisker Watch. Attach the tracker to your cat's collar, connect to Smart App, and you're ready to track! Long Battery Life. This Bluetooth tracking device is powered by a CR2032 battery, with a standby time of more than ten months. You can also easily replace it when the power runs out.  Portable and Convenient. This is the perfect accessory for cat parents who wants to keep tabs on their pet and other important things. Because of the keychain design, it works well attached to other valuable items like car keys, wallet, and even your bag. Because it's compact, you can take it wherever you go and always be sure your belongings are safe and secure. It brings convenience to you anytime, anywhere. The sophisticated and elegant appearance makes it an eye candy.  Reliable Bluetooth Technology. Attach it to your cat's collar and connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology will seamlessly connect to your smartphone, giving real-time location updates on your cat's movements. You'll also get alerts for when your cat goes beyond the range. User-Friendly Application. The Whisker Watch Cat Tracker is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly app that allows you to track your cat's location and set up safe zones. The app will notify you if your cat leaves a designated area, so you can quickly take action if they wander too far from home. It supports iOS and Android 4.3 or later (Bluetooth 4.0 required). You can download the "iSearching" app from the app store or scan the QR code that comes with the manual to download the app. With the Whisker Watch Bluetooth Cat Tracker, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable and accurate tracking system. And with its long-lasting battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted tracking for months! You can always be sure your cat is safe and sound, whether exploring the great outdoors or just lounging around the house. Size: 1.49 inches diameter; 0.27 inches thicknessMaterial: ABS Plastic