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Activity Center Modern Cat Condo - KittyNook Cat Company Activity Center Modern Cat Condo - KittyNook Cat Company
Activity Center Modern Cat Condo $179.95 $233.95
Give your cat what they want. The Activity Center Modern Cat Condo provides your cat with a comfy place to lounge. This modern take on the cat tree suits cats of all ages. It also includes many sleeping spots, scratching posts, and perches.  The solid wood construction and spacious interior make it the perfect place for your cat to play and perch. There are cubbies and hidey holes that are the sweet spots for your cat to lounge. And that's not all! Because it has wood elements, this cat condo is easy on the eyes. It is a splendid piece of furniture, especially in small spaces. The Activity Center offers cats a cozy space and provides everything a cat needs— nothing here that a cat doesn't need! Your cat will hop right in the Activity Center Modern Cat Condo! This modern design is made of sisal and pinewood. Because of the compact design, it works well in small apartments, condos, and homes. Because of the spacious interior and various accessories, the Activity Center caters to your cat's relaxation and enrichment needs. It's also ideal for multiple cats. Combining eco-friendly materials and modern styling makes it a practical and beautiful choice. Give your cats many varied experiences with this modern cat condo!  Features: A combination of natural pinewood and sisal ropes makes up most of this cat condo. There are also soft plush mats on the perches where your cat can lounge and play. This modern cat condo features high-quality sisal and natural wood to create a stylish cat tree for your feline friend. Your cat will love the comfortable resting spots and climbing opportunities. There are three perches, plenty of scratching posts, a dangling toy, and two spacious condos, making this cat condo perfect for homes with multiple cats. Because it's easy to assemble, you do not have to employ extra tools when assembling this cat condo.
Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post - KittyNook Cat Company Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post - KittyNook Cat Company
Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post from $59.95 $97.95
Introducing the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post – the perfect addition to your feline's playtime! Designed with your cat's natural instincts in mind, this unique and quirky scratching post features a cactus-shaped sturdy scratching pole covered in a combination of plush carpet and sisal rope. About the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post: Provides Needed Enrichment. Cats need enrichment activities to be healthy. The sisal rope-covered pole is perfect for satisfying your cat's scratching needs. It also helps to keep your cat's claws healthy and strong, while the height of the post provides ample space for your cat to stretch and climb. Sturdy and Durable. With its durable materials and unique design, the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post is the perfect way to keep your cat entertained and your furniture scratch-free. Easy to Assemble. This cat tree scratching post is also easy to assemble, so you can have it up and ready for your furry friend in no time. Variety of Scratching Surfaces. This unique cat tree is made with plush carpet for maximum comfort and sisal for maximum scratching pleasure. You will know your cat's preferred scratching material in no time. Doubles as a Cute Home Decor. In addition to being a functional scratching post, the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post is also a playful and stylish addition to your home decor. The cactus shape and vibrant green color will make any room come to life. Your kitty will love the options for lounging, playing, and scratching that this post provides, and you will love the stylish and eye-catching design.  Bring this Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post home today and let the fun begin! *Please see the product dimensions carefully.
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Cactus Modern Cat Tower Cactus Modern Cat Tower
Cactus Modern Cat Tower $74.95 $111.95
The Cactus Modern Cat Tower is a hybrid of a cat condo, a hammock, and a scratching post. Add a dash of whimsy to your cat's domain with this cat furniture! This sturdy tower has three levels of unique wood construction. The top offers three branches, so your cat can comfortably perch on them. The base has two scratching posts; the second level is a hammock that your cat can use as a bed. More About Cactus Modern Cat Tower: The cactus shape of this cat tower adds a pop of fun to any home. It is more stylish than most cat toys on the market. The fully sisal-wrapped posts help keep your cat from damaging furniture, curtains, and more. Save your money by buying good furniture for your cat! A compact cat tree gives your favorite feline a place to call their own but won't take up too much space—great for you and your kitty! It has a comfy top-level hammock which is the perfect place for your cat to settle in for an extended sleeping session. The circular shape is the ideal fit for them to curl up in. A carpet covers the base platform for warmth and comfort. A fluffy pom-pom hangs from the cactus branch to give the kitty the thrill of the hunt as your cat bats them back and forth. They're designed to release excess energy to ensure the kitty is extra safe while playing. Make playtime more enjoyable with this cactus cat tower and scratching post. Your cat can scratch, nap, and climb on the scratching bars, cactus branches, and cat hammock. This gorgeous cat tower is perfect for your cat's sunning spot and scratching post. It's the ideal solution for your kitty's scratching post needs.  It will be your cat's entire playground. The tower is covered with sisal rope, making it easy for cats to climb. Your cat can sharpen their claws in the two lower buildings. This cat tree will surely provide your cats with hours of fun and entertainment. This actual modern cat tower will add a decorative touch to any room in your home. Size: Please refer to the photo below as a guide to know the tree's measurements and dimensions.
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Cat Lounge Hammock Bed Cat Lounge Hammock Bed
Cat Lounge Hammock Bed $62.95 $102.95
Whether your cats love lounging or snoozing, give them a bed that's just for them! The Cat Lounge Hammock Bed is made of wood and breathable linen, so your kitty can lie for hours without feeling hot. More About Cat Lounge Hammock Bed: Sturdy and breathable materials. The kitty lounge hammock bed is made of sturdy wood and cozy linen fabric that lets air circulate to keep their bodies cool even on hot days. Your cat can bathe in the sun, promoting the absorption of nutrients such as calcium and eliminating parasites in the body. Anti-sway design. The carefully placed anchors mitigate swaying so your cat remains calm and not agitated when they lounge. Easy to Clean. The linen cloth is reversible and can easily be removed for machine washing. Get your pet off the floor. Sleeping or napping on hard floors is not always the best place for pets, especially for older ones who already suffer from joint pains. Get them their hammock to be extra comfortable. Suitable for most cats. The Cat Lounge holds 20lbs comfortably. It's the purr-fect summertime bed! What's so unique about this bed, you say? It has a concealed safety lock that you can flip to make the hammock rock!  When you want your furry friend to have a unique lounge space, this round bed is exactly what you need. It's the ultimate stylish, space-saving furniture for your cat, with a unique suspended hammock style. This charming cat hammock gives your felines a cozy place to relax in style. More information about the product: Material: Pine wood + Multilayer Board + Linen ClothSuitable pets: Cats, Small DogsSize: About 59.2 x 37 x 20cm or 22.91 x 14.57 x 7.87in Note: To ensure the comfort and safety of your cat, we recommend placing the bed on a non-slip surface, such as a tile floor.
Cozy Cat Cave - KittyNook Cozy Cat Cave - KittyNook
Cozy Cat Cave from $40.95 $66.95
Let your cat enjoy its new favorite napping place!Cozy Cat Cave is a warm and comfortable bed that will give your cats privacy and protection in their most vulnerable time. Its modern and stylish design makes it a nice addition to your home! Every bed is made with love to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy. With this beautiful and soft cave bed, your furry baby will have a cozy place to rest and sleep! Features: Cozy Cat Cave's semi-closed design creates an enclosed space for your cat's needs. The inside has thick insulation to keep away unwanted noise. The soft and cute cat ear design complements the pet's playfulness. Has an anti-skid bottom to keep the bed in place. The wear-resistant and water-proof design ensures durability. More information about the product:  Size Dimensions Pet Weight Suggestion M 33 x 33 x 35 cm <4 kg L 36 x 36 x 40 cm <6 kg XL 39 x 39 x 40 cm <8 kg
Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Disk-O Felt Cat Tunnel Bed from $39.95 $64.95
Your kitty will love curling up in this cozy cat tunnel bed! Cats love to hide as it is a way to feel secure. We know this so we created this bed to make your cat feel safe. The bed is soft enough for your cat to comfortably lay on and sturdy enough to withstand scratches! The perfect cat tunnel bed for your kitty! Our tunnel bed gives the perfect venue for play and rest. The bed's center is a disk that is wide enough for your cat to nap in. The middle is an O-tunnel that your cat can play in. Give your cat a place to retreat and play in style with this handsome felt tunnel bed.  Constructed of wool felt that's naturally soft, washable, and hypoallergenic, the bed will retain its shape even when your cat naps inside the tunnel. Because of the simple shape, the bed is easy to clean and maintain. This cat tunnel bed also folds up for easy storage!  Truly is the ultimate rest- and playhouse for your cat! Features: KittyNook's round Disk-O Felt Bed is sturdy and cozy. It is more durable than cloth tunnels and a lot more comfortable for your cat to sleep on! This is because it is made of soft, short-pile polyester felt. This cat bed functions as 2-in-1 furniture. Used this as a play tunnel to stimulate your cat's curiosity and help your cat stay active and fit. It can also be a cozy den for your cat! Let your cat enjoy hours of playtime fun and exercise with this unique bed. The Disk-O Bed is a multi-use toy that can be used as a bed, tunnel, and scratchpad. The best all-in-bed for your cat! Size: Please refer to the photo below:
Dreamy Rattan Retreat Lightweight Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Dreamy Rattan Retreat Lightweight Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Dreamy Rattan Retreat Lightweight Cat... from $22.95 $44.95
The Dreamy Rattan Retreat Lightweight Cat Bed is the perfect summer haven for your feline companion. Designed with comfort and style in mind, this unique cat bed combines the natural appeal of faux rattan with the cozy luxury of foam sides, providing your cat with an exquisite retreat to relax and unwind. About the Dreamy Rattan Retreat Lightweight Cat Bed: The Perfect Summer Bed. The faux rattan center adds a touch of elegance to any room while providing a breathable surface for your cat. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around. And the rattan aesthetic makes the cat bed blend nicely in modern homes. The anti-slip bottom also helps provide comfort even to the most mischievous of cats. Raised Sides for Extra Pet Comfort. The foam sides of the Dreamy Rattan Retreat cat bed are raised to provide a sense of security and support. As a result, your cat feels snug and cozy throughout their stay. The plush cushioning offers a soft and comfortable surface for your feline friend to curl up on, promoting restful sleep and sweet dreams. Portable. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this lightweight cat bed is the perfect companion for summer adventures. Take it along on picnics or patio for lounging. You can also place it by a sunny window at home, so you can let your cat experience the blissful tranquility of their private oasis. All while they keep an eye on their surroundings. The Dreamy Rattan Retreat is not just a bed but a stylish statement piece that complements your home aesthetics. Pamper your furry friend with a touch of sophistication and give them the ultimate relaxation they deserve. Order now so you can create a serene haven where your cat can revel in the joys of summer in unmatched comfort and style! Please refer to the chart to pick the best size for your pet:  Size Dimensions S 15.7 x 11.8 inches M 19.6 x 15.7 inches L 23.6 x 17.7 inches XL 29.5 x 21.6 inches
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Five Tier Cat Tree - KittyNook Five Tier Cat Tree - KittyNook
Five Tier Cat Tree $157.95 $205.95
KittyNook's Five Tier Cat Tree is just as its name describes: a five-tier cat tree with hanging toys and a hammock for your feline friend! More About Five Tier Cat Tree: With 7 sisal posts, 4 carpet-covered platforms, and room for up to 5 large cats, this Five Tier Cat Tree will make your furballs think they're in kitty paradise! Meet the needs of your cat's activity level and provide a place for rest and play. This cat tree has a lot of height, so your cat will have a great vantage from which to survey its territory. This fluffy, five-tier cat tree is perfect for a household with multiple kitties. The fun house shape will whisk them into a playful frenzy, and the carpeting and dangling toys will keep them entertained for hours! Designed to give your cat plenty of room to play, lounge, and climb, this large yet cozy tree features multiple sisal scratching posts to help hone your cat's expressive claws. Five tier cat tree is a perfect scratching post for cats. Made of wood, faux fur, and natural sisal rope, it is sturdy and solid. It is a high-quality cat tree house for your pets. It is the purr-fect spot for your cat to lounge, play, or scratch! It will keep your kitty occupied for hours. This five-tier cat tree will give your feline friends hours of fun while adding a decorative element to your home. With a cozy bedroom, an activity center, multiple scratching posts, a hammock, and a perch, this five-tier cat tree has everything a feline could want! It is a gorgeous and well-constructed piece you would want in the home! More information about the product: Material: Wood, Particle Board, Sisal Ropes, Size: Refer to the photo below for the product dimensions.    
Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed from $48.95 $80.95
The Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed is a blend of comfort and style! Indulge your cherished feline with the epitome of luxury. Lovingly crafted to combine supreme comfort with impeccable style, this bed is the haven your furry friend deserves. About the Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed: A cocoon of softness. Constructed from the finest PP Cotton, our cat bed envelopes your pet in a cocoon of softness. The plush material provides gentle support, promising endless moments of pure relaxation for your cat. Not just as a bed; it's an artistic masterpiece. The stunning knit design lends an air of sophistication to any room, harmonizing effortlessly with your home's aesthetics. Your cat will be nestled in the lap of luxury, and you'll marvel at the bed's seamless integration into your decor. Exquisite roundness. Embracing the natural inclinations of your feline companion, the round shape accommodates all manner of lounging preferences – be it curling up or stretching out. Each bed invites peaceful catnaps, leisurely lounging, and tranquil contemplation. Freedom to choose. With a palette of 13 exquisite colors and six sizes to select from, you're empowered to tailor the bed to your cat's personality and your space's dimensions. Create a personalized oasis that reflects your cat's unique character while elevating your interior design. Elevate your cat's lounging experience today – order the Fluffy Knitted Round Cat Bed now and grant your furry friend the gift of comfort, style, and a touch of individuality! More information about the product: Material: PP Cotton  Size Diameter XS 35 cm S 40 cm M 45 cm L 50 cm XL 55 cm XXL 60 cm
Foldie Portable Cat Playpen - KittyNook Foldie Portable Cat Playpen - KittyNook
Foldie Portable Cat Playpen from $46.95 $76.95
Turn your living room into a playground for your kitty! With the Foldie, your cat can play, climb, scratch, and sleep surrounded by all the sights and sounds of home. Just unfold it, place it on a flat surface, and let your feline play inside without escaping. (It's also great for keeping your cat off your countertops while you're away!) More About Foldie Portable Cat Playpen: Foldie Portable Cat Playpen is made of select high-quality oxford cloth. It is durable and bite-resistant. The skylight zipper design prevents your cat from accidentally opening the playpen door. The top of the tent is fixed with a mesh zipper. The rolling door design makes it convenient for pets to enter and exit the tent freely. The 8-panels fences are a breathable mesh and doubles as an anti-mosquito grid. breathable mesh, also anti-insect and anti-mosquito The folding design makes storage convenient and fast. Fold it up for easy storage and transport, take it with you on your weekend trip. Unfold in hotels, picnics, and other places to let your cat have fun playing while also being safe.  The inside of the tent has wear-resistant and durable steel that helps the playpen keep its shape. It is the ultimate space for your favorite kitty to play, relax, scratch, pounce and sleep. It's the perfect size for small and medium cats and folds flat for easy storage. Use it to keep pets off furniture, off your bed, or anywhere they shouldn't be, and start saving money on scratching posts and cat trees! Let your cats play, explore and scratch to their hearts' content with Foldie. Just pick, unfold, and pop up! Size: M:  74 x 74 x 43cmL:  91 x 91 x 58cm  
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Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier - KittyNook Cat Company Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier - KittyNook Cat Company
Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier $126.95 $163.95
Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier is the only cat carrier that grows with your cat! With so many great cat toys and accessories available, it's always hard to know what to get your cat. The Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier is no ordinary cat carrier. Its innovative designs and features allow you to carry your kitty in the utmost comfort and style.  More About Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier: The Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier is made of sturdy Oxford cloth that is waterproof. It's also guaranteed to have no unpleasant odors. The breathable mesh is extra thick, making it a more wear- and scratch-resistant—comfortable and padded shoulder strap for cat parents. The breathable mesh design allows pets to observe the surrounding environment. This effectively reduces their anxiety and makes them more comfortable during travel. No matter when or where you use it, it gives your pet good protection. This is a soft and expandable pet bag with more space. You can remove the comfortable wool pet mattress and machine-wash it. This pet bag also has an adjustable and non-slip shoulder strap for easy carrying and storage. The two zippered openings provide ease of access. The cat carrier is also easy to collapse, making it perfect for travel and space-saving storage. This pet carrier will make your trips easier and more enjoyable. It's unlike any other cat carrier on the market. With multiple airlines requiring airline-approved carriers, the Go Cat Expandable Cat Carrier is the best one for bringing your cat on aeroplane trips.  More information about the product: Size:S: 40x25x25cmM: 45x30x30cm
Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed - a frog inspired cat bed all variants on display Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed all variants on dosplay
Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed from $41.95 $68.95
Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed is the ultimate cozy retreat for your feline friend! Made with high-quality PP and cotton material, this bed offers a perfect blend of comfort and durability. More About the Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed: Cozy Cat Naps. Hoppin Haven combines imaginative design with purr-fect comfort to create a truly unique resting spot for your furry companion. Premium Materials. Crafted from premium PP and cotton materials, this cat bed is as durable as it is soft. It's designed to stand up to countless catnaps, clawing adventures, and playful pounces, providing your pet with a sanctuary they'll adore. Three Charming Variants. Available in three charming variants, this bed suits every kitty's preference. Whether your cat enjoys curling up in a snug nest, hiding in a half cave, or retreating into a full cave bed for complete privacy, Hoppin Haven offers the perfect option for any mood. Soft to the Eyes. The delightful color combination of green and cream is soothing to the eyes and perfectly complements the frog-inspired design. It's as if your feline friend is taking a relaxing nap by a tranquil pond, surrounded by a serene, froggy ambiance. Hoppin Haven isn't just a cat bed; it's a statement piece that seamlessly blends into your home decor while providing endless comfort for your pet. It's the ideal fusion of fashion and function, sure to be your cat's favorite place to rest, play, and dream. Treat your fur baby to the best in feline comfort and style. Get them the Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed today and watch as they hop into their little world of purr-fect relaxation. More information about the product: Dimensions (Diameter x Height) Pet Weight Suggestion Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed - Nest S 50 x 8 cm < 5 kg M 60 x 8 cm < 10 kg Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed - Half Cave S 40 x 20 cm < 5 kg M 50 x 20 cm < 10 kg Hoppin Haven Cool Cat Bed - Full Cave S 40 x 37 cm < 5 kg M 50 x 46 cm < 10 kg
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Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed $79.95 $119.95
The Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed is the purr-fect kitty bed for your pampered cat! This cozy bed will warm your furry baby all year round, but it's best for chilly autumn breeze and cold winter nights. When you decide to get this cat bed, one thing is sure: your cat will feel cozy and secure.  More About Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed: A cozy nest for your cat or kitten. Hunny Jar is crafted from sturdy faux plush and velvet. It also has felt honey spill details to complete the Hunny Jar look. The soft polyester fiber fill makes it warm and cozy. And a polypro non-slip bottom helps it to stay in place even when your cat stretches. Plush carpet included. The perfect cozy spot for your cat, this cat bed features a soft, fluffy "pillow" that your cat can curl up on and relax on. Designed just for cats, the Hunny Jar has no loops or knots for your cat to get tangled up in accidentally. It also has no zippers, buttons, ties, or strings. Purr-fect hiding place. This will be your cat's favorite place to take cat naps and hide. The Hunny Jar is not only stylish, but it's also an incredibly functional piece of furniture. Easy to clean. The honey spill mat is detachable, so you can wash it separately. The bed itself is machine washable, too! Life is a breeze with the Hunny Jar cat bed! Besides being so cozy, this cat bed is also oh-so-pretty! The Hunny Jar looks like a rustic honey pot, ala Pooh bear. The "spilled honey" mat also adds to the warmth and cuteness! The Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed will instantly make your cat feel at home! More information about the product: KittyNook Recommendation: Best for pets 4 kg and less.Size: Refer to the photo below for the dimensions.
Japanese Style Cat Sleeping Bag - KittyNook Japanese Style Cat Sleeping Bag - KittyNook
Japanese Style Cat Sleeping Bag from $32.95 $54.95
Do you have a timid cat at home? This super-soft, ultra-warm sleeping bag is the perfect place for them to rest and take naps! Taking inspiration from a Japanese-style bed, it is the purr-fect cozy cat bed. The exterior is made of cotton material, while the interior is a polyester material with fleece stuffing to keep the heat in! The unique design is will be loved by a fashionable kitty-lover. When your cat lover friends see this, they'll want one for their cats, too! It is a stylish way for your cat to stay warm, especially during colder days. Don't sleep on this one, cat lovers! Size: S - 45cm x 30cmM - 55cm x 40cmL - 65cm x 50cm
Climber Clamber Sisal Rope Cat Bridge - KittyNook Cat Company Climber Clamber Sisal Rope Cat Bridge - KittyNook Cat Company
Kitty Krossing Cat Rope Bridge from $55.95 $91.95
Kitty Krossing Cat Rope Bridge takes playtime to new heights! Calling all curious kitties and adventurous cats! Satisfy your feline friend's natural instincts and open the gateway to endless entertainment and exploration. About the Kitty Krossing Cat Rope Bridge: Durable and Safe Construction. Kitty Krossing is built to withstand even the most vigorous play because it is crafted with premium materials. The sturdy wooden planks and high-quality ropes also ensure a safe and secure platform for your furry companion. Enriching Playtime. Unleash your cat's inner explorer! This captivating rope bridge ignites your cat's curiosity. Effectively encourage your cat to climb, balance, and conquer new heights. It also provides an opportunity for physical exercise, mental stimulation, and the unleashing of their natural hunting instincts. Space-Saving Design. The Kitty Krossing fits effortlessly into any living space with its compact design. You can easily attach it to existing cat trees, furniture, or walls. Optimize your home's vertical space while also providing a dedicated area for your cat's active play. Suitable for Multiple Cats. The spacious design is ideal for single or multi-cat households, allowing multiple feline friends to play together simultaneously. Watch as your cats form social bonds and engage in interactive play, fostering a happy and harmonious cat community. Easy Installation. Setting up the Kitty Krossing is a breeze! The package already includes all the necessary hardware and instructions, so don't need any special tools! A quick and secure installation is guaranteed. Aesthetic Appeal. Apart from being an adventure playground for your feline, this cat rope bridge also adds a touch of rustic charm to your home decor. The light wood finish blends seamlessly with any interior style, and as a result, enhances the visual appeal of any space. Provide your furry friend with hours of fun, exercise, and mental stimulation while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle with Kitty Krossing Cat Rope Bridge!