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Bulbous Silicone Cat Foot Covers - KittyNook Bulbous Silicone Cat Foot Covers - KittyNook
Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers $19.95 $47.95
Admit it, grooming and giving baths are some of the least pleasant things that come with taking care of a cat. KittyNook has a solution for this! Thoughtful and whimsical, the Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers are shaped small little bulbs on your cat's feet. Your cat won't be able to scratch you in these cute cat covers! Based on a Japanese design, these fun cat covers remove the harm of cat scratches when grooming or giving your cats a bath. Cat claw scratches are not to be taken lightly! They pose real dangers to owners. So keep your cat healthy and happy by not skipping the needed grooming and bath time with the help of the Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers! Features: The Bulby Silicone Cat Foot Covers are made of high-quality silicone that is non-skid and ideal for bath times. Protect yourself from cat scratches when grooming and bathing your cat! The soft silicone cover slips over the foot to protect you from your cat's claws. Choose between our Bumpy and Smoothie variants! Available in fun and yummy colors, these Japanese-style cat covers are simply adorable to look at! More information about the product: Package Includes: 4Pcs Cat Foot CoversSize: Upper width 2.5cm Lower width 3.5cm Height 7cm Please refer to the photo below:
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Bunny Flow Ceramic Cat Water Fountain - KittyNook Cat Company Bunny Flow Ceramic Cat Water Fountain - KittyNook Cat Company
Bunny Flow Ceramic Cat Water... $79.95 $119.95
Bunny Flow Ceramic Cat Water Fountain has the purr-fect blend of style and functionality for feline enthusiasts! Designed with the utmost care, this will delight your furry friend and you! This enchanting water fountain promises to elevate your cat's hydration experience while seamlessly complementing your home decor. About the Bunny Flow Ceramic Cat Water Fountain: Large-capacity. Because of the generous 1L capacity, Bunny Flow ensures a steady supply of fresh and filtered water for several days.  Ultra-quiet filtration. Say goodbye to the constant hum of traditional water fountains! Bunny Flow boasts a whisper-quiet operation of less than 40dB, ensuring your cat has undisturbed moments of tranquillity. Strong filtration system. The advanced 5-fold filtration system guarantees the purity of each sip, removing impurities and odors and promoting your cat's well-being. Cleaning is a breeze! The ceramic material not only enhances durability but also simplifies maintenance. The smooth ceramic surface prevents residue buildup. The result is a consistently fresh water source that prevents impurities easily. Available in two charming colors. You can choose between green and yellow colors, that effortlessly integrate into any space. You can now easily add a touch of whimsy to the home. Unique and adorable design. The bunny head with water cascading from its adorable ears is simply irresistible. Bunny Flow captures your cat's curiosity and invites them to stay hydrated in the cutest way possible! Invest in their well-being and your home's aesthetics today! Order now and experience the joy of seeing your cat sip and flourish with this enchanting ceramic water fountain.  Other information about the product: 5-Layer Filter System The circular filter comprises of 2 layers of cotton filter; 1 layer of ceramic carbon balls; 1 layer of Maifan stone; and 1 layer of volcanic stone. Volume Capacity 1L Product Dimensions 5.5 in (14cm) diameter5.9 in (15 cm) height Power  3 W Power Source Charging Power Outlet USB Cable
Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy - KittyNook Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy - KittyNook
Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy from $13.95 $34.95
Fight cat boredom, anxiety, and even depression with Caca the Cuddly Kitten Toy! Made of high-quality materials that are friendly to cat teeth. It is safe and reliable, and will allow your kitties to chew and play. It's also sturdy and will last you long. Caca will surely be your cat's new best friend and they will never be lonely again. Give it to your cat and you'll never be able to get it back! Don't say we didn't warn you! This is especially perfect for kittens and other small cats because of their cute size! There are many colors to choose from, so you can be sure that your cats have one apt for their personality and gender. Features: Caca is made of Plush and PP Cotton High-Quality Plush Material: These plush dog toys are made of non-toxic plush and cotton fabric material, friendly to dogs' teeth, safe and reliable for your pets to chew and play. Easy To Wash: Machine washable. Just throw them in the washer and you have a brand new toy again. Note that these plush toys are not indestructible. We recommend supervised play and timely replacement of the broken ones. Size:L x W: 10 x 4.5cm (3.94" x 1.77")
Cacti Plush Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Cacti Plush Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Cacti Plush Cat Toy from $24.95 $48.95
The Cacti Plush Cat Toy is as adorable as it is quirky! This cute cactus-shaped plush toy is made from corduroy fabric filled with high-quality PP cotton.  Soft and fun, this cat toy is excellent for your cat to play with because it is the perfect blend of plush and fabric. This cactus-shaped cat toy is cute as it can be. The textured surface is suitable for your cat to bite and scratch. It has lush and pretty colors and pretty decorations that will complement any home. This cactus-shaped textured plush cat will surely make your cat purr with happiness!  Entertain your cats for hours with the Cacti Plush Cat Toy These toys are sure to appeal to your cat because of their classic and timeless design. It will appeal to you if you are a cactus lover, too! It is available in three sizes and has very high-quality craftsmanship shows. The toy is exceptionally soft, fluffy, and cuddly; it can even double as a pillow for your kitty! Sprinkle some catnip on the surface and watch your cat go gaga over it! Get a toy that is the perfect toy for cats of all ages. We know you won't regret it! Features: The Cacti Plush Cat Toy is stuffed with polyester fiberfill and is sewn with a flat-felled seam which can be seen in its high-quality finish. It is available in three unique textures and three shades of a lush green color that is sure to grab your cat’s attention. This plush cactus cat toy is super soft and can double as pillows for your cats. Classic plush toys are always great toys for cats. This is a timeless toy that is great for all ages and will work in all seasons! Sizes: Please refer to the chart below in order to help you find the perfect size for your cat. Two Heads Cactus - Small-sized 16x24cmThree Heads Cactus A - Medium-sized 22x31cmThree Heads Cactus B - Large-sized 26×46cm
Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post - KittyNook Cat Company Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post - KittyNook Cat Company
Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post from $59.95 $97.95
Introducing the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post – the perfect addition to your feline's playtime! Designed with your cat's natural instincts in mind, this unique and quirky scratching post features a cactus-shaped sturdy scratching pole covered in a combination of plush carpet and sisal rope. About the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post: Provides Needed Enrichment. Cats need enrichment activities to be healthy. The sisal rope-covered pole is perfect for satisfying your cat's scratching needs. It also helps to keep your cat's claws healthy and strong, while the height of the post provides ample space for your cat to stretch and climb. Sturdy and Durable. With its durable materials and unique design, the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post is the perfect way to keep your cat entertained and your furniture scratch-free. Easy to Assemble. This cat tree scratching post is also easy to assemble, so you can have it up and ready for your furry friend in no time. Variety of Scratching Surfaces. This unique cat tree is made with plush carpet for maximum comfort and sisal for maximum scratching pleasure. You will know your cat's preferred scratching material in no time. Doubles as a Cute Home Decor. In addition to being a functional scratching post, the Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post is also a playful and stylish addition to your home decor. The cactus shape and vibrant green color will make any room come to life. Your kitty will love the options for lounging, playing, and scratching that this post provides, and you will love the stylish and eye-catching design.  Bring this Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post home today and let the fun begin! *Please see the product dimensions carefully.
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Cactus Modern Cat Tower Cactus Modern Cat Tower
Cactus Modern Cat Tower $74.95 $111.95
The Cactus Modern Cat Tower is a hybrid of a cat condo, a hammock, and a scratching post. Add a dash of whimsy to your cat's domain with this cat furniture! This sturdy tower has three levels of unique wood construction. The top offers three branches, so your cat can comfortably perch on them. The base has two scratching posts; the second level is a hammock that your cat can use as a bed. More About Cactus Modern Cat Tower: The cactus shape of this cat tower adds a pop of fun to any home. It is more stylish than most cat toys on the market. The fully sisal-wrapped posts help keep your cat from damaging furniture, curtains, and more. Save your money by buying good furniture for your cat! A compact cat tree gives your favorite feline a place to call their own but won't take up too much space—great for you and your kitty! It has a comfy top-level hammock which is the perfect place for your cat to settle in for an extended sleeping session. The circular shape is the ideal fit for them to curl up in. A carpet covers the base platform for warmth and comfort. A fluffy pom-pom hangs from the cactus branch to give the kitty the thrill of the hunt as your cat bats them back and forth. They're designed to release excess energy to ensure the kitty is extra safe while playing. Make playtime more enjoyable with this cactus cat tower and scratching post. Your cat can scratch, nap, and climb on the scratching bars, cactus branches, and cat hammock. This gorgeous cat tower is perfect for your cat's sunning spot and scratching post. It's the ideal solution for your kitty's scratching post needs.  It will be your cat's entire playground. The tower is covered with sisal rope, making it easy for cats to climb. Your cat can sharpen their claws in the two lower buildings. This cat tree will surely provide your cats with hours of fun and entertainment. This actual modern cat tower will add a decorative touch to any room in your home. Size: Please refer to the photo below as a guide to know the tree's measurements and dimensions.
Coffee Cats Enamel Pin - KittyNook Cat Company Coffee Cats Enamel Pin - KittyNook Cat Company
Caffeine Cats Enamel Pin from $15.95 $38.95
Our Caffeine Cats line of enamel pins features nineteen adorable cats and coffee-themed accessories perfect for cat and coffee lovers. Each pin has a colorful enamel in a sturdy zinc alloy backing. There are many wonderful coffee-themed designs to choose from. You can put them on your lapels, jackets, and bags.  These cute cat pins are fun and cute and would make an excellent gift for coffee drinkers and cat lovers! Get these cute enamel and add them to your cat lover's accessory collection. Features: The pins are vivid enamel in a tough zinc alloy backing. Each pin will last a very long time because of the high-quality materials used. You can choose from 19 designs that will suit your cat and coffee lover personality. The backing will not fade or discolor, and the enamel details will remain vivid even when used daily. Pins and brooches are cute ways to accessorize, and with these coffee and cat-themed ones, you can introduce yourself even without saying anything.
Cat and Flowers Dangle Earrings - KittyNook Cat Company Cat and Flowers Dangle Earrings - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat and Flowers Dangle Earrings from $15.95 $39.95
The Cat and Flowers Dangle Earrings will catch your eyes! Why settle for one cat when you can have many? These cute earrings have cat and flowers theme in their design. Each pair has a mismatched theme that are purr-fect to make a statement. The earrings are lightweight to ensure comfort. The vintage look makes it an ideal accessory to wear for when you're going out with friends for brunch or are having a night out. Get the stylish Cat and Flowers Dangle Earrings to make a cat lover smile! Brighten up any understated outfit with these lovely earrings adorned with flowers. Each stud has a different design, depending on the dangle. Show your love for cats with these delightful zinc alloy and enamel dangle earrings. They are suitable for all occasions and make for lovely gifts for cat lover people in your life. Wear a delicate pair of drop earrings and see yourself fall in love! Features: These lovely cat and flowers dangle earrings are made of zinc alloy and enamel, finished with a gold-plate for that vintage and elegant look. They are big and bold, but these earrings are extremely light weight! You can wear them all day and will not get your ear sore at the end of the day. Each stud has different design: a lovely stone, a simple round stud, a star, moon, and more! These eye catching accessories are put together well, so that even if mismatched, it is clear that there is a running theme. Each pair go well together even if their not identical. These cat and flower dangle earrings are statement accessories and will surely elevate your casual look! Charm your sweetheart with these pretty, cat themed earrings!
Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat... from $32.95 $54.95
Your cat is sure to love the Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat Bowl! The Cat Cube allows cats to eat at their own pace and it's because of the tilt. The bowl helps your cat eat in a way that suits its needs, and reduces regurgitation in the process. It is a food-grade, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe bowl. We use 100% recycled plastic materials, therefore making it eco-friendly. You can fill the cube with dry or wet food. The cube is ideal for cats because they are wide and shallow. The clever design is sleek and functional because it keeps the mess to a minimum. The Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat Bowl is a modern bowl for the modern cat! The gold-plated stand makes it appealing to the modern eye. It has curved edges which makes it safer for pets. Easy to clean because it's dishwasher safe.  Each bowl can hold a generous amount of food and drink. And the design keeps cats from eating too fast. The base stays put, even on slick floors. Placed on any flat surface and let your cat enjoy their food without you worrying that it will be unstable. Encourage healthy eating, and reduce regurgitation with the Cat Cube Slow Feeder Cat Bowl. Features: Separate double bowl design: The iron base heightens the bottom of the bowl, and the 10.5° tilt protects reduces regurgitation and protects the pet's cervical spine. It is suitable for the height of most cats to avoid curling up too much as they eat. The bowl can be separated for easy cleaning. Not easy to knock over: The stand has silicone stoppers at the base. The wide base also ensures that the bowl sits firmly on the ground and is not easy to knock over. Double bowl design: The separate double bowl design, makes it possible to provide food and water at the same time. Easy to clean: The base and the bowl are designed to be separated, which makes it easy to disassemble and clean and prevent the growth of bacteria. Size: You can refer to the photo below to know the dimensions of each bowl.   Single bowl: 14.4 x 14.4 x 11cmDouble bowl: 30.5 x 14.4 x11cm
Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset - KittyNook Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset - KittyNook
Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming... from $61.95 $101.95
Let out a purr for this ultimate cat headset! The Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming features two detachable silicone cat ears and a 360-rotating boom mic for clear communication with your gaming buddies, or your coworkers. At KittyNook, we know that it's important to invest in quality technology that our customers can use – and we've made sure that these high quality headphones come at an affordable price! Don't be fooled by their cute looks – these headphones offer the same sound and noise cancellation as the leading brands, and the cat ears ensures that you will be purring in no time! The Kittynook Cat Ears are the purrfect headset for your furry friend. It has all the great features you expect from top-of-the-line gaming headsets, only these retail at retail at a remarkable low price! Features: KittyNook's Cat Ears noise-cancellation gaming headset make for a comfortable fitting, superior-quality headsets for casual and serious gamers. With over-the-ear style, wide-bandwidth sound, and noise-cancellation, these headsets enhance your gaming experiences. Enjoy high-quality stereo sound and precise, deep bass. If your cat is constantly interrupting you while you're playing or working on your PC, the Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset can help your cat to stop distracting you! This headphones is compatible to PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablets. Hear all of your favorite games, shows, music and movies with the best sound quality. Kittynook's Cat Ears Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset has been designed to fit comfortably on your ears and reduce up to 90% of noise. This headset is perfect for the frequent traveler, the gamer, and the cat lover in all of us. The headset is made with an adjustable headband and memory foam ear pads that ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The headband has a gentle but secure grip to prevent the headset from falling off. The noise cancellation foam ear pads are covered in a soft and comfortable leather and come in two colors: black and pink. A new generation of 50mm sound unit ensures a higher audio resolution. Comfortable to wear, wrap-around thick skin-friendly leather earmuffs. Ergonomic design, adjustable head beam, and ambient light ensures that this is the cutest headset you'll ever come across! The silicone cat ears are detachable and odorless, durable. Wire length: 2.2 (m) Interface type: USB + double 3.5mm/ single USB (Optional)
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Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller - KittyNook Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller - KittyNook
Cat Face Portable and Washable... $16.95 $41.95
Restore your clothes and fabrics to their fresh state with the Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller! As cat parents, we are familiar with those random cat hairs sticking everywhere. No more! This is an excellent product for removing fuzz and hairs on clothes and even on couches where cats love to rest on. It comes in different colors and with cute cat faces that make them unique and perfect for cat lovers! If you are a fur parent and don't have a handy lint roller everywhere you go, you are definitely missing out on its wonders! Fix that now and get some for yourself and your cat lover friends and family! Features: The Cat Face Portable and Washable Lint Roller are battery-free! It offers stable and constant power to remove lint, balls, and other impurities sticking to fabrics and other surfaces. It is quick and easy to use. It is washable, so no unnecessary wastes! With the portable design, you can easily slip it on your bags or pouches and bring it everywhere! Size:Please refer to the photo.
Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl from $33.95 $54.95
Make every mealtime special with this adorable Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl! Your pet will feel like royalty at mealtime because of this unique ceramic bowl in the likeness of a sitting cat. It is a fun addition to your pet's feeding area, and the roomy interior is great for holding food or water. About the Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl: High-Quality and Durable Ceramic: This cat-shaped pet bowl is crafted from ceramic, known for its long-lasting durability. It's a pet supply you can count on to be in your collection for years to come!  Ergonomic Shape: The wide and shallow bowl is ideal for cats. The cat's body acts as a rising platform for healthier eating. Its flat bottom stops it from tipping over, making it a safe and stylish choice for your pet's dining experience.  Ideal for Pets: Ceramic surfaces are great for stopping bacteria growth. Unlike plastic bowls, these ceramic pet bowls will be bacteria-free with every wash! Dishwasher Safe: The bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, so it will look great for years to come. The glaze finish adds shine and will ensure that it always looks pristine. Great Novelty Gift: The bowl has a unique sitting cat shape that will surely add a playful touch to your home. It's perfect as a gift for cat lover friends on special occasions. This pet bowl will surely be a treat! This Cat Head Ceramic Pet Bowl is perfect for any pet lover's home! Not only is this pet bowl stylish and practical, but it's also a cute décor. Its sleek and modern design makes it a great addition to any pet-friendly home. Whether you're looking to treat your cat or gift one to a friend, this ceramic pet bowl will brighten up faces. Bring home this fun, unique pet bowl today!
Cat Head White Flower Vase - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Head White Flower Vase - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Head White Flower Vase from $44.95 $73.95
Are you looking for unique home decor that suits your cat-loving heart? Then the Cat Head White Flower Vase is just for you! This charming vase is crafted from high-quality ceramics and features a unique H-shaped design. It's perfect for displaying a beautiful bouquet of flowers or greenery. The star of the show, of course, is the adorable cat head design, which adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any room. About the Cat Head White Flower Vase: Durable Ceramic Materials: Made from high-quality ceramic material, this vase is both durable and long-lasting. It's ideal for holding your favorite fresh or artificial flowers. This vase is also a great conversation starter. And what's more, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it, making it a low-maintenance addition to the home. Modern and Elegant: Its sleek and modern white finish adds a touch of elegance to any room. You can use it to showcase your favorite blooms, or simply display it as a standalone decorative piece. No matter what you do, this vase will add a touch of sophistication to any room. It's a perfect centerpiece for your dining table, coffee table, console table, or mantle. Unique Home Decor: Its unique shape and design (and the cat head) make it an eye-catching piece that will add a touch of charm to any room. This versatile vase is also perfect for gifting to your loved ones, especially for those who adore cats or appreciate unique home decor pieces. Its compact size makes it easy to place on any surface, and its neutral color complements any home decor style. Great Gift for Cat Lovers: Whether you're a cat lover or simply looking for a stunning and functional flower vase, this is a must-have! Don't wait any longer to add this beautiful piece to your home or gift it to someone special! Go ahead, and treat yourself or a loved one to this delightful piece of home decor today. Size: Please refer to the photo below for the dimensions of this product.
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Cat Lounge Hammock Bed Cat Lounge Hammock Bed
Cat Lounge Hammock Bed $62.95 $102.95
Whether your cats love lounging or snoozing, give them a bed that's just for them! The Cat Lounge Hammock Bed is made of wood and breathable linen, so your kitty can lie for hours without feeling hot. More About Cat Lounge Hammock Bed: Sturdy and breathable materials. The kitty lounge hammock bed is made of sturdy wood and cozy linen fabric that lets air circulate to keep their bodies cool even on hot days. Your cat can bathe in the sun, promoting the absorption of nutrients such as calcium and eliminating parasites in the body. Anti-sway design. The carefully placed anchors mitigate swaying so your cat remains calm and not agitated when they lounge. Easy to Clean. The linen cloth is reversible and can easily be removed for machine washing. Get your pet off the floor. Sleeping or napping on hard floors is not always the best place for pets, especially for older ones who already suffer from joint pains. Get them their hammock to be extra comfortable. Suitable for most cats. The Cat Lounge holds 20lbs comfortably. It's the purr-fect summertime bed! What's so unique about this bed, you say? It has a concealed safety lock that you can flip to make the hammock rock!  When you want your furry friend to have a unique lounge space, this round bed is exactly what you need. It's the ultimate stylish, space-saving furniture for your cat, with a unique suspended hammock style. This charming cat hammock gives your felines a cozy place to relax in style. More information about the product: Material: Pine wood + Multilayer Board + Linen ClothSuitable pets: Cats, Small DogsSize: About 59.2 x 37 x 20cm or 22.91 x 14.57 x 7.87in Note: To ensure the comfort and safety of your cat, we recommend placing the bed on a non-slip surface, such as a tile floor.
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Cat Mom Printed Tee - KittyNook Cat Mom Printed Tee - KittyNook
Cat Mom Printed Tee $29.95 $53.95
Purr-fect your casual style look while showing off your true title with our Cat Mom Tee. We're not kitten you! This statement tee makes a pawsitively cute addition to your everyday style! With its minimalist but eye-catching design, people will surely ask where you bought it!This is made from lightweight and ultra-soft cotton which ensures comfort from day to night, and from season to season. FEATURES 100% premium super-soft combed and ring-spun cotton Shoulder to shoulder taping Side-seamed Printed in the USA SIZE TIPSGrab your favorite tee and lay it flat to measure it. Use the sizing chart provided in the last picture as a reference to help you decide what kind of fit you would prefer. CARE INSTRUCTIONSMachine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. Avoid using fabric softeners. Tumble dry low or hang-dry for longest life. Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not dry clean.