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Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed - KittyNook Cat Company
Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed $79.95 $119.95
The Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed is the purr-fect kitty bed for your pampered cat! This cozy bed will warm your furry baby all year round, but it's best for chilly autumn breeze and cold winter nights. When you decide to get this cat bed, one thing is sure: your cat will feel cozy and secure.  More About Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed: A cozy nest for your cat or kitten. Hunny Jar is crafted from sturdy faux plush and velvet. It also has felt honey spill details to complete the Hunny Jar look. The soft polyester fiber fill makes it warm and cozy. And a polypro non-slip bottom helps it to stay in place even when your cat stretches. Plush carpet included. The perfect cozy spot for your cat, this cat bed features a soft, fluffy "pillow" that your cat can curl up on and relax on. Designed just for cats, the Hunny Jar has no loops or knots for your cat to get tangled up in accidentally. It also has no zippers, buttons, ties, or strings. Purr-fect hiding place. This will be your cat's favorite place to take cat naps and hide. The Hunny Jar is not only stylish, but it's also an incredibly functional piece of furniture. Easy to clean. The honey spill mat is detachable, so you can wash it separately. The bed itself is machine washable, too! Life is a breeze with the Hunny Jar cat bed! Besides being so cozy, this cat bed is also oh-so-pretty! The Hunny Jar looks like a rustic honey pot, ala Pooh bear. The "spilled honey" mat also adds to the warmth and cuteness! The Hunny Jar Cozy Cat Bed will instantly make your cat feel at home! More information about the product: KittyNook Recommendation: Best for pets 4 kg and less.Size: Refer to the photo below for the dimensions.