Squishy Cat Stress Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Squishy Cat Stress Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Squishy Cat Stress Toy from $19.95 $41.95
When life gets hectic, let our Squishy Cat Stress Toy be your go-to for instant relaxation and joy. This charming cat-shaped toy, crafted from high-quality PU material, is designed to melt away your worries with every squeeze. Why Squishy Cat Stress Toy is Your NewAdorable Stress-Relief Companion: High-Quality Material: Made from durable and soft PU material, ensuring it’s both squishy and long-lasting. Adorable Design: The cute cat shape is sure to bring a smile to your face, making stress relief feel delightful. Easy to Clean: Simply wipe it down to keep it fresh and fluffy, ready for endless hours of stress-relief squeeze! Perfect for Any Setting: Whether on your desk, in your car, or anywhere you need a little dose of relaxation, this squishy toy is the perfect companion. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or just need a moment of relaxation, simply squeeze this squishy stress cat and feel your worries melt away. Treat yourself to the calming vibes of our Squishy Cat Stress Toy. Let its irresistible charm and soothing squishiness help you unwind and de-stress, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. Order yours today and add a touch of feline fun to your day! More information about the product: Size: 12.5cm x 8.8 cm
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Meow Grip Cat Pop Socket - KittyNook Cat Company Meow Grip Cat Pop Socket - KittyNook Cat Company
Meow Grip Cat Pop Socket $15.95 $38.95
The Meow Grip Cat Pop Socket is the cutest phone accessory for cat lovers everywhere! This adorable pop socket features a charming cat design that adds feline fun to your phone. More About Meow Grip Cat Popsocket: Protect your phone. Whether texting, calling, taking selfies, or watching a video, this pop socket will make holding your phone a breeze. It's functional and provides a secure grip thus preventing drops. Available in two colors. You can choose the one that best fits your style. The delightful gray cat or feisty ginger cat designs add personality and charm to your phone. Versatile and Reusable. Easily repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases (but may not stick to some silicone, waterproof, or highly textured cases). Add a feline flair to your life. Designed for cat lovers who want to add a touch of whimsy to their devices, these adorable pop sockets come in two charming colors, both featuring an irresistibly sweet face that will make you smile every time you use your phone. Whether snapping selfies, watching your favorite videos, or adding a touch of cuteness to your day, the Meow Grip Cat Popsocket is your new best friend.
Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue - KittyNook Cat Company Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue - KittyNook Cat Company
Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue from $28.95 $52.95
Welcome the blend of elegance and whimsy in your home with our Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue. Crafted from high-quality resin, these charming cat-shaped sculptures come in two adorable poses - one standing upright and the other sitting gracefully.  More About Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue: High-quality material. Crafted from high-quality resin, these statues are durable and keep well with time. Available in two designs. The standing upright statue exudes a sense of grace and poise, while the sitting statue exudes a sense of relaxation and contentment. Whichever pose you prefer, these statues are guaranteed to add a touch of personality to your space. Available in three beautiful colors. These statues add a touch of feline grace to any space in their colors - Pink, White, and Black. Whether displayed on a bookshelf, mantel, or desk, our Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue will surely capture the hearts of cat lovers and art enthusiasts alike.  Sold Separately. While they look simply delightful as a set, each piece is sold separately, making it easy to mix and match colors and poses to suit your style. Whether you choose to display them as a set or individually, these statues are sure to bring a sense of whimsy and sophistication to any room.  Whether you love cats or appreciate their beauty, our Poised Purrfect Resin Cat Statue is sure to bring a touch of charm and whimsy to your decor.  Add a touch of feline elegance to your home decor, and don't miss out on the opportunity to add these exquisite pieces to your collection today! More information about the product: Size: Please refer to the photo below for the product dimensions.
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Feline Flame Guardian Candle Holder - KittyNook Cat Company Feline Flame Guardian Candle Holder - KittyNook Cat Company
Feline Flame Guardian Candle Holder $21.95 $43.95
Illuminate your space with the enchanting charm of our Feline Flame Guardian tealight candle holder. Crafted with care, this adorable cat-themed holder adds a touch of whimsy to any room. More About Feline Flame Guardian Candle Holder Beautiful Details. Indulge in the enchanting details of our Feline Flame Guardian tealight candle holder, where every feature embodies the essence of feline grace and charm. This tealight candle sports a cute kitten design with extended paws for warmth and a cozy ambiance. This cute product features exquisite workmanship that shines on the details, including paw prints and expressive facial features. Enhance Room Atmosphere. Perfect for cozy nights in or adding ambiance to your home decor, this candle holder accommodates standard tealight candles, casting a warm and comforting glow. Whether placed on a tabletop, mantel, or shelf, its presence will surely spark joy and conversation among guests. Thoughtful Gift. This cat-warming paws candle holder is a perfect practical and beautiful gift for any occasion. Give the gift of warmth to your loved ones as a birthday present. Adorable and Functional. Our Feline Flame Guardian serves as a functional candle holder and a charming decor piece, adding personality and character to your living space. Treat yourself or surprise a cat-loving friend with this delightful addition to any home. Embrace the magic of candlelight with our Feline Flame Guardian tealight candle holder today! More information about the product: Product size: (approx.)6x6cm/2.36x2.36 inchesMaterial: Resin
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Whiskers n' Yarn Knit Tote Bag - KittyNook Cat Company 44993245708502
Whiskers n' Yarn Knit Tote... $29.95 $53.95
Whiskers n' Yarn Knit Tote Bag is where feline charm meets the cozy world of knitting! This distinctive tote is more than just a bag; it's a three-dimensional work of art, showcasing an enchanting black cat and a delightful ball of yarn (and other designs!) as its centerpiece.  More About Whiskers n' Yarn Knit Tote Bag: Meticulous Attention to Detail. This tote bag has a knitted texture and design that adds a touch of warmth and ensures durability, making it your trusty companion for every outing. The different designs are rendered in rich and vivid colors that cat lovers and tote collectors alike will enjoy. Creativity Meets Functionality. The mesmerizing design captures the essence of creativity, making it an ideal accessory for knitting enthusiasts, cat lovers, or anyone who appreciates the unique blend of art and functionality. The whimsical play between the cat and yarn creates a delightful visual appeal, making it a conversation starter wherever you go. Open Structure for Unlimited Space. Inside, you'll find an open structure—simple and spacious, allowing you to effortlessly fit all your necessary belongings. The generous size provides ample space for your daily essentials, knitting projects, or a spontaneous shopping spree. While there may be no inner pockets, the roomy interior ensures versatility, easily accommodating your everyday must-haves. Elevate your Style. This charming accessory seamlessly blends the crafting world with the companionship of a mischievous black cat. The Whiskers n' Yarn Knit Tote Bag is not just a bag; it's a statement, a piece of art you carry with you wherever your adventures take you. Embrace the joy of knitting and the warmth of feline company with this uniquely crafted tote. More information about the product: Size: 28 x 36cmMaterial: KnittedInternal Structure: open, WITHOUT inner pockets.
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Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar May spread
Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar $26.95 $46.95
The delightful Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar spans help you stay organized all year! The laugh-out-loud illustrations found in each month give voice to our feline companions' truest inner thoughts. It will surely bring smiles and chuckles as you flip through the pages! More About the Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar: A Year-Long Adventure. From January to December, our calendar guides through the whimsical and witty universe of Snarky Cats. Let these furballs accompany you through 2024, adding a touch of feline charm to your every day! Generous Grid Space. Stay organized with ample space for notes, appointments, and reminders. With generous grid space, there's plenty of room for you to jot down notes, appointments, and reminders, ensuring you never miss a beat. Official Holidays and Observances. Stay in the know with our meticulously marked major world holidays and observances. Whether it's a global celebration or a quirky cat-themed day, we've got you covered.  Moon Phases in Universal Time. Plus, for those who love astrology and lunar cycles, the Snarky Cats Calendar features moon phases based on Universal Time. You can harness the moon's power because our calendar features accurate moon phases based on Universal Time, ensuring you're always in sync with the cosmic rhythms. Laugh-Out-Loud Paintings. Each month brings a fresh burst of laughter with new, whimsical paintings. Peek into the inner thoughts of our Snarky Cats as they navigate life with humor, charm, and a touch of cat-titude. These laugh-out-loud illustrations will brighten your days and keep you smiling all year round. The Purr-fect Gift. Are you searching for a gift for the cat lover in your life? Look no further! The Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar is an ideal present that combines functionality with feline fun, making it the ultimate gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Bring Home the Snark! Don't miss out on the chance to bring home the Snarky Cats 2024 Calendar. Whether you're a cat enthusiast or just looking for a daily dose of humor, this calendar is a delightful addition to any space. This calendar is not just a tool to keep track of dates; it's a canvas of comical cat musings that tickle your funny bone throughout the year. Embrace the laughter, celebrate the snark, and let the year unfold with the unparalleled charm of Snarky Cats! More information about the product: Material: Paper Size: 30.48 x 0.76 x 30.48 cm Note: Light reflection and different monitor displays may cause the item's color in the picture to be slightly different from the real thing. Allow for +/- 1-3cm errors in measurement.
Purr Pop Phone Grip - KittyNook Cat Company Purr Pop Phone Grip - KittyNook Cat Company
Purr Pop Phone Grip from $15.95 $39.95
For the purr-fect blend of functionality and feline flair, the Purr Pop Phone Grip! Are you a passionate cat lover who enjoys connecting with your smartphone? Look no further! Our Purr Pop Phone Grip combines your love for felines with the practicality of a reliable phone grip, thereby ensuring a delightful and secure grip on your device at all times. About the Purr Pop Phone Grip: Captures the Essence of our Feline Friends. Designed to capture the essence of our feline friends, the Purr Pop Phone Grip is expertly crafted in the shape of an adorable cat head. Available in two elegant colors, black and white, each variation boasts mesmerizing cat eyes that make the phone grip come to life. You can choose between dilated or slit pupils and enjoy the unique charm of two eye colors. It's a delightful way to showcase your love for cats while adding a touch of personality to your phone. Made with High-Quality Materials. Crafted with premium quality materials, the Purr Pop Phone Grip offers the perfect blend of durability and comfort. The main body is soft and flexible silicone, therefore ensuring a snug fit and a gentle touch on your fingers. The captivating eyes are meticulously handcrafted using high-quality resin, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. Installation is a Breeze! With the included double-sided foam tape, peel off the backing and affix the grip securely to the back of your smartphone. Its strong adhesive properties ensure a reliable attachment, giving you peace of mind as you navigate through life's daily adventures. Style Meets Function. But the Purr Pop Phone Grip isn't just about style and convenience—it's also incredibly functional. The grip provides a comfortable way to hold your phone, reducing the risk of accidental drops and slips. With a secure grip on your device, you can effortlessly navigate social media, capture memorable moments, and even confidently engage in hands-free activities. Whether you're a busy professional, a dedicated multitasker, or a proud cat enthusiast, the Purr Pop Phone Grip is the ideal accessory to enhance your mobile experience. Its eye-catching design, secure grip, and durable construction make it the perfect gift for yourself or any cat-loving friend.
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Maneki Neko Airpods Case - KittyNook Cat Company Maneki Neko Airpods Case - KittyNook Cat Company
Maneki Neko Airpods Case $23.95 $46.95
Introducing the Maneki Neko Airpods Case - your new lucky charm for all your audio adventures! Inspired by the iconic Japanese lucky cat, this adorable case will keep your AirPods safe and secure while bringing a smile to your face. About the Maneki Neko Airpods Case: Protects Your Device from Bumps and Drops. Not only does it look adorable, but it also offers top-notch protection for your precious earbuds. Crafted from premium silicone, the Maneki Neko Airpods Case offers a sturdy grip and protects your earbuds from scratches, bumps, and drops. Precise Cutouts. Who wants to remove their device from the case whenever it's time to charge? Not you, right? The precise cutouts ensure easy access to your charging port. You will also find pairing with your device easy. An Iconic Lucky Charm. This delightful AirPods case features a design inspired by the iconic Japanese lucky cat, Maneki Neko. With its paw raised in a welcoming gesture, this cute little feline is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to its owner. It's the perfect lucky charm for your daily adventures. Never Lose Your AirPods Again. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around and adds a touch of personality to your everyday routine. The keychain attachment that you will not lose your AirPods. You can use it to carry your AirPods everywhere or hang it with other items that are always with you, such as your keys and wallet. Whether you're commuting, working out, or relaxing at home, the Maneki Neko AirPods Case is the perfect companion for your AirPods. So why settle for a boring Airpods case when you can have a cute and lucky one? Get your Maneki Neko Airpods Case today and let the good vibes flow!
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DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes - KittyNook Cat Company DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes - KittyNook Cat Company
DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes $22.95 $45.95
The Defuzzify Lint Remover is the ultimate solution to rid your clothes of unsightly lint and fuzz!  Defuzzify is made of high-quality silicone designed to remove annoying fuzzies from your clothes. This revolutionary product is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their clothes looking new and fresh. About DeFuzzify Lint Remover for Clothes: Works like Magic. Made with premium silicone, you can easily remove lint during the wash cycle, saving you valuable time and effort. Toss it into the washing machine with your clothes, and watch as it effortlessly removes all traces of lint, fuzz, and hair. It truly works like magic. Takes Care of Your Clothes. We love cats, but that doesn't mean we must settle for a wardrobe covered in fuzz! With DeFuzzify, you can keep your clothes looking their best whenever they come out of the wash.  Cost-Effective. And the best part? DeFuzzify is reusable, making it an eco-friendly solution for all your lint-removing needs. No need to peel out the sticky tape because Defuzzify is always ready to remove those annoying lint. Washable. Unlike other lint removers, Defuzzify is washable so you can use it repeatedly! It's a sustainable and money-saving solution for all your lint problem needs. Portable. Because of its small size, you can carry it wherever you go. You can stick it directly on clothes; it will still get rid of lint and hair. Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly picking lint and fuzzing off your clothes. With Defuzzify Lint Remover, you can rest assured that your clothes will look clean and pristine whenever you wear them! Invest in Defuzzify and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this game-changing product. Your clothes will thank you!   Size: 7.3 x 6.1 cm Thickness:  0.5 cm  Quantity: You will get 4pcs of Defuzzify for each order(two green and two orange)
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Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow $54.95 $89.95
Does your back ache from long hours of sitting in your office chair? The Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow will provide the ultimate comfort and companionship for cat lovers! This adorable pillow will add a touch of feline flair to your workspace while cushioning your lower back. About the Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow: Cushions Your Bum and Back. With the soft plush fabric exterior and PP cotton filling, this seat cushion will make you feel like you're sitting in a cloud during long hours of work. You can use this versatile pillow not only on computer chairs, but also on sofas, armchairs, and even car seats. The super soft materials ensure maximum comfort while you work, read, or relax. Provides Lower Back Support. Measuring approximately 23 inches in width and 27 inches in height, it's the perfect size to tuck behind your lower back. This helps alleviate pressure on your lower back and spine, getting rid of discomfort and lower back pain during long hours of sitting. The ridges between each paw contour your body shape and provide firm yet comfortable support. So you will feel no pain no matter how long you sit.  Easy to Wash. Unlike memory foams that are tricky to clean, you can easily chuck the Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow on your washing machine. The PP fillings inside ensure that this seat pillow will not lose its shape. Perfect for Cat Lovers. The whimsical design is shaped like a giant cat paw, complete with little paw pads that contrast with the paw color. It adds a fun and playful touch to your workspace and will brighten up even the dreariest of workdays! It also makes for a great cat lover gift! You can make a cat lover friend happy with this quirky and functional seat cushion.  Don't wait! Pounce on this Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow now so you can upgrade your workspace and make your workdays more comfortable! Size: (H x W)27 x 23 inches or 70 x 60 cm
Potted Plant Soil Guard - KittyNook Cat Company Potted Plant Soil Guard - KittyNook Cat Company
Potted Plant Soil Guard from $20.95 $41.95
Keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy with this elegant and practical Potted Plant Soil Guard. This is perfect for keeping soil and plants safe from outside elements (like your cat). About the Potted Plant Soil Guard: Protect Your Plant: This Potted Plant Soil Guard is the perfect way to keep your plants protected. We all know cats love to dig and (sometimes sleep) on your beautiful potted plants. You can install this to prevent the soil from falling out and protect the roots of the plants. You can also use this to prevent pets from digging and destroying the potted plants.  Premium Material:  Made of PVC, which is durable and weather resistant. This flower pot cover will keep your precious plants safe and secure for long periods. Your plants will stay looking beautiful and healthy. It's also easy to clean, too, which makes it an essential tool for any cat lover who also loves their garden. Cuttable Size: The soil guard is easy to use and fits easily in most standard-sized flower pots. You can cut in the coils of the flower to fit the size of your pot perfectly. With this soil guard, you can keep your potted plants looking their best and enjoy worry-free gardening. Easy to Install and Secure: The soil guard is fixed with PVC screws that keep the soil guard in place. Great Decorative Material: The classic grid design adds character to your home. It's a great addition to any outdoor and indoor space. It's an attractive and modern way to protect your plant without sacrificing aesthetics. With this soil guard, you can rest assured that your potted plants are safe and secure wherever you go. Don't let your plants get exposed to the elements—get the Potted Plant Soil Guard for your flower pots today! Size:  Size Circle Dimensions Square Dimension S 7.48 inches (Diameter) 11.81 x 11.81 inches M 11.81 inches (Diameter) L 20.47 inches (Diameter)  
Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover from $32.95 $56.95
Going on a trip? Keep your luggage stylish and safe with this Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover! Featuring playful cat print designs, this travel luggage cover is sure to make your suitcase stand out in the crowd. About the Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover: Keep Your Luggage Protected: Made from durable and stretchy polyester, this travel luggage cover will protect your suitcase from dirt, dust, scratches, and other damage. You don't have to worry about bumps while you travel, which removes unnecessary stress. So you can enjoy your travel more! Make Your Luggage Stand Out: The loud cat print design of this luggage cover is sure to turn heads! Putting this on your travel luggage will make it a statement while protecting your luggage from dirt, scratches, and dust. No more confusion on the luggage counter, you can spot yours from miles away! Fits Most Standard-Size Luggage: Crafted from a durable and lightweight material, this is designed to fit over any standard-sized suitcase. The stretchy fabric provides a snug fit, while its bottom zippers secure the cover around your suitcase. Fun Way to Show Your Love for Cats: This travel luggage cover is packed with cats (and other animal print patterns), so you can express your love of cats whenever you're on the go. Add some purr-sonality to your next trip and make it a truly memorable experience with this luggage cover! Whether you're traveling around the world or just around the corner, give optimal protection for your precious luggage with this luggage cover! Size Guide: Let us help you shop for the right size for your luggage. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height of your luggage is between 37-44 inches, please choose Small. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height of your luggage is between 44-52 inches, please choose Medium. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height is between 53-59 inches, please choose Large. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height is between 60-66 inches, please choose Extra Large.  
Smooches The Black Cat Plushie - KittyNook Cat Company Smooches The Black Cat Plushie - KittyNook Cat Company
Smooches The Black Cat Plushie from $25.95 $45.95
Smooches Black the Cat Plushie is soft, cuddly, and oh-so-huggable! Whether you're looking for a cuddle buddy or a playful pal, this Smooches is the perfect plushie. Smooches is the black cat plushie that will make your heart purr! This cuddly kitty will win your affection with her big green eyes and chonky body. Made of soft and high-quality materials, she is the perfect size for cuddling and will give you warmth and coziness. Smooches is always ready to snuggle up with you for naps, movie nights, or anytime you need a little love. Smooches Black Cat Plushie is purr-fect for anyone who loves cats! This kitty will surely be a hit with cat lovers of all ages! This soft plush kitty is so huggable and a welcome warmth especially on chilly nights. Its facial features—the eyes, nose, and whiskers—are embroidered, so you don't have to worry about them falling off. The big sizes are perfect as couch pillows, and the smaller ones are great for traveling. Black cats are known for their good luck, so don't wait any longer and adopt Smooches today! Features: High-Quality Materials: Smooches has soft cotton fabric outside with PP Cotton stuffing, making it very huggable. The facial features are embroidered, making it look cute and friendly looking. You never have to worry about the features falling off. Soft and Cuddly: This kitty is so soft and cuddly, you'll never want to put it down. Whether you're looking for a new friend to cuddle with or a thoughtful gift for a cat lover, Smooches the Black Cat Plushie will deliver! Different Sizes for Different Needs: The plushie is available in 18/25/40/55cm sizes to suit cat lovers with different needs. Whether you want a permanent fixture for your room or one that you can easily take with you in the car, there is a Smooches perfect for your need.  Cuter Alternatives to Traditional Pillows: Plushies are great alternatives to throw pillows. You can put different Smooches sizes on the couch and be comfy and cat-themed!
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Little Cat Phone Case - KittyNook Cat Company Little Cat Phone Case - KittyNook Cat Company
Little Cat Phone Case $20.95 $41.95
Introducing the most adorable phone accessory ever: the Little Cat Phone Case! This phone cover is perfect for cat lovers! It features adorable black cats playing with little balls of yarn. There are yellow dots that add wonderful pops of color. You will surely smile whenever you look at it! It's an adorable way to add style and purrsonality to your phone. The high-quality materials make the phone cover tough and ready to protect your phone from scratches and bumps. Not only will your phone look great with the Little Cat Phone Case, but it will be well-protected too! The case is made of durable silicone and has a soft touch finish. It offers great protection because of the full coverage sides and raised bezels. It’s also easy to grip, so you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone. Keep your phone looking good as new with the Little Cat Phone Case! Features: Full Protection: The Little Cat Phone Case has full coverage and raised bezel that protects your screen if it drops face down.  It is also shock absorbent and protects your phone from everyday wear and tear. Adorable and Sleek design: This phone cover is too cute! The little black cats and yellow dots design are fun but not garish. You can communicate your cat-loving heart well with this phone cover. It's also super slim and lightweight, so it won't add any bulk to your phone. Durable Silicone: The straight-edge liquid silicone technology ensures durability. This phone cover will last you a long time. It's also easy to clean and is stain and dust-resistant.  Available in Soft Colors: This phone cover is perfect for showing off your love of cats. The colors are off-white, lilac, periwinkle, sage green, and moss green, which are very easy on the eyes.  You'll get compliments everywhere you go!
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Meow Mix Sticker Pack - KittyNook Cat Company Meow Mix Sticker Pack - KittyNook Cat Company
Meow Mix Sticker Pack $16.95 $40.95
Cat lovers rejoice! The Meow Mix Sticker Pack will fill your life with the cutest cats! Here at KittyNook, we love cats in all shapes and sizes! Hence, this pack of stickers has cats in different colors, all with the same level of cuteness! It's hard to resist this sticker pack with adorable cats. It's like a mix of your favorite snacks! Because of their cuteness and versatility, these stickers inspire creativity and much more. Get ready to decorate your world with the Meow Mix Sticker Pack! Adopt these cats and decorate your notebooks, phone case, laptop, tablet, water bottles, or even your Kindle. These adorable cat designs will surely melt your heart. Plus, they are fun to collect! The sticker set gives you 40 pieces of cat-themed goodness in various designs. Each sticker is high-quality and water-resistant. These cats are to put in your scrapbook, gift wrappers, party favor tags, Christmas tags, and more! You can also use them to decorate your journals and scrapbooks. The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Get one now so you can Rekindle your love for arts and crafts! Features: We print the stickers on high-quality, water-resistant vinyl that does not leave a residue when you peel them off. Once the sticker is on a smooth surface, they are locked in! These stickers stay put wherever you put them, even on surfaces where you always touch them. This cute cat-themed sticker pack is perfect for adding playful details to your calendars, notebooks, and diaries. Because of the matte finish, it has an elegance that is not seen on glossy stickers. It's a simple gift, but one that will make cat lovers in your life smile. The Meow Mix pack has 40 stickers in total, which is great value for your money.