Cat Paw Chair Leg Caps - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Paw Chair Leg Caps - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Paw Chair Leg Caps from $31.95 $57.95
Introducing the purr-fect solution to protect your floors from unsightly scratches and scuffs - our Cat Paw Chair Leg Caps! These adorable caps effectively protect your floors and furniture from scratches and scuffs. Each cap is shaped like a cute little cat paw, complete with soft pads and tiny claws! These caps add a touch of whimsy and charm to your home decor. About the Cat Paw Chair Leg Caps: Protect Your Floors. Not only do they look charming, but these silicone caps also prevent scratches and scuffs on your precious hardwood floors, tile, or carpet. Cat-shaped Twist. Put it on the chair's legs and these cute little cat paws will surely a touch of feline charm to your furniture. Not only do they provide optimal protection, but they also add a delightful touch of feline fun to your decor.  Snug and Won't Slip. Crafted from premium-quality silicone, these charming caps are designed to fit snugly over furniture legs. It's suitable for table and chair legs with a circumference of about 8-9cm. It's easy to install and fits securely on most furniture legs. Plus, won't slip off easily. Suitable for Square and Round Furniture Feet. Whether you have square or round furniture feet, these leg caps will be able to accommodate them. Easy to Clean. You don't have to fear oil stains and moisture destroying your furniture again! And the best part? These chair leg caps are super easy to clean - just wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they'll be fresh again. Whether you're a cat lover, or simply appreciate the unique and quirky style of these chair leg caps, they're sure to delight anyone who sees them. What cap to buy? Non-slip style: This is suitable for tables and other furniture with fixed positions.Felt style: This style has an anti-wear felt bottom that is suitable for furniture that often needs to be dragged.
Cat Head White Flower Vase - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Head White Flower Vase - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Head White Flower Vase from $44.95 $73.95
Are you looking for unique home decor that suits your cat-loving heart? Then the Cat Head White Flower Vase is just for you! This charming vase is crafted from high-quality ceramics and features a unique H-shaped design. It's perfect for displaying a beautiful bouquet of flowers or greenery. The star of the show, of course, is the adorable cat head design, which adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any room. About the Cat Head White Flower Vase: Durable Ceramic Materials: Made from high-quality ceramic material, this vase is both durable and long-lasting. It's ideal for holding your favorite fresh or artificial flowers. This vase is also a great conversation starter. And what's more, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it, making it a low-maintenance addition to the home. Modern and Elegant: Its sleek and modern white finish adds a touch of elegance to any room. You can use it to showcase your favorite blooms, or simply display it as a standalone decorative piece. No matter what you do, this vase will add a touch of sophistication to any room. It's a perfect centerpiece for your dining table, coffee table, console table, or mantle. Unique Home Decor: Its unique shape and design (and the cat head) make it an eye-catching piece that will add a touch of charm to any room. This versatile vase is also perfect for gifting to your loved ones, especially for those who adore cats or appreciate unique home decor pieces. Its compact size makes it easy to place on any surface, and its neutral color complements any home decor style. Great Gift for Cat Lovers: Whether you're a cat lover or simply looking for a stunning and functional flower vase, this is a must-have! Don't wait any longer to add this beautiful piece to your home or gift it to someone special! Go ahead, and treat yourself or a loved one to this delightful piece of home decor today. Size: Please refer to the photo below for the dimensions of this product.
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Meow Market Reusable Tote Bag - KittyNook Cat Company Meow Market Reusable Tote Bag - KittyNook Cat Company
Meow Market Reusable Tote Bag $19.95 $47.95
Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags with the Meow Market Reusable Tote Bag! Made from high-quality polyester, this bag is not only durable but also environmentally friendly, making it the ideal choice for your next shopping trip, beach day, or picnic. About the Meow Market Reusable Tote Bag: High-quality and reusable. This versatile and stylish accessory will make your shopping trips purr-fectly delightful. Crafted from durable polyester, this eco-friendly bag is reusable and designed to last you for years. By using it over and over, you'll be doing your part to help the environment while showing off your love for cats. Available in different designs. This tote bag is sure to make a statement wherever you go. With the many designs available, you can find one that fits your personality! The adorable design will surely put a smile on anyone's face and add a touch of colorful and whimsical charm to your outfits. Spacious and functional. But this tote bag isn't just about looks—it's also incredibly functional. It's spacious enough to carry all your groceries, books, and everyday essentials. It can even fit your furry friend's toys and treats! It's the perfect companion for your daily errands. And the sturdy handles make carrying a breeze.  Foldable and easy to store. It's also lightweight and easy to fold. So when you're done, simply fold it up and tuck it away until your next adventure. When folded it is just as big as your hanky. You can take this wherever you go. Whether you're running errands or heading to the beach, this versatile tote will be your go-to bag for any occasion.  It's the ultimate combination of style and practicality and the perfect gift for any cat lover in your life. Order yours today and let the cat-tastic adventures begin!  Size: 18 x 23 x 3 inches Folding Size: 4 x 4 inches
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Pearl Drop White Cat Pin - KittyNook Cat Company Pearl Drop White Cat Pin - KittyNook Cat Company
Pearl Drop White Cat Pin $13.95 $32.95
Are you looking for a way to spice up your everyday outfit?  The Pearl Drop Cat Pin is a stunning piece accessory that will add a feline flair to your wardrobe. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it is also versatile and can be worn on a variety of occasions. About the Pearl Drop White Cat Pin: Impeccable Details. The pin is made from a combination of zinc alloy and enamel, and features a white cat playing with a "ball." The pin details are adorable, and it's the perfect size to wear with your favorite outfits. Playful and Elegant. The chain hanging from the white cat's paw has a single pearl that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to an otherwise quirky piece. Because of the synthetic pearl drop design, this pin is a unique and beautiful way to express your love of cats. Elevates Outfit. Pearls have a classy charm that automatically elevates an outfit. Whether you're dressing up a simple outfit or adding a subtle touch of class to a formal look, this pin is sure to make a charming statement.  Versatile Accessory. Because of its size and color, this pin is so easy to wear. It's a truly practical addition to your collection and will be your new go-to accessory. This gorgeous pin allows you to show your appreciation for cats while still being stylish and elegant.  Great Gift for Cat Lovers. This piece makes for a wonderful and unique gift for any cat lover in your life. Give it to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just because. Your favorite cat lover will be delighted to pin this on their favorite shirts, jackets, hats, and bag. It doesn't matter whether you're pinning this white cat on a blouse or to the lapel of a blazer, you will always catch the eye of those around you. Show off your love for cats and let your style shine with this beautiful pearl drop pin. What are you waiting for? Add it to your collection today! Materials: zinc alloy, enamel, and synthetic pearl.
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Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow $55.95 $90.95
Does your back ache from long hours of sitting in your office chair? The Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow will provide the ultimate comfort and companionship for cat lovers! This adorable pillow will add a touch of feline flair to your workspace while cushioning your lower back. About the Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow: Cushions Your Bum and Back. With the soft plush fabric exterior and PP cotton filling, this seat cushion will make you feel like you're sitting in a cloud during long hours of work. You can use this versatile pillow not only on computer chairs, but also on sofas, armchairs, and even car seats. The super soft materials ensure maximum comfort while you work, read, or relax. Provides Lower Back Support. Measuring approximately 23 inches in width and 27 inches in height, it's the perfect size to tuck behind your lower back. This helps alleviate pressure on your lower back and spine, getting rid of discomfort and lower back pain during long hours of sitting. The ridges between each paw contour your body shape and provide firm yet comfortable support. So you will feel no pain no matter how long you sit.  Easy to Wash. Unlike memory foams that are tricky to clean, you can easily chuck the Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow on your washing machine. The PP fillings inside ensure that this seat pillow will not lose its shape. Perfect for Cat Lovers. The whimsical design is shaped like a giant cat paw, complete with little paw pads that contrast with the paw color. It adds a fun and playful touch to your workspace and will brighten up even the dreariest of workdays! It also makes for a great cat lover gift! You can make a cat lover friend happy with this quirky and functional seat cushion.  Don't wait! Pounce on this Cat Paw Computer Chair Pillow now so you can upgrade your workspace and make your workdays more comfortable! Size: (H x W)27 x 23 inches or 70 x 60 cm
mister meow bucket hat in variant black Mister Meow Bucket Hat - KittyNook Cat Company
Mister Meow Bucket Hat from $22.95 $44.95
This stylish and versatile Mister Meow Bucket Hat is the perfect accessory for any look! Crafted from soft, lightweight fabric, this black bucket hat features a minimal cat design for a subtle and eye-catching touch. About the Mister Meow Bucket Hat: Soft and Breathable Fabric. No one likes a sweaty head! Because of the breathable fabric, your head will remain dry under this hat, even on hot and sticky summer days. This fashion statement is crafted from lightweight fabric, so it's a comfortable addition to your wardrobe.  Gives Protection from the Sun. This accessory is ideal for bright days under the sun! The brim of this hat offers plenty of coverage and protection, so you're protected from the sun.  Wear this when you're spending the day in the pool to show off your cat-loving side. Minimal Design. This black hat features a minimal cat design that is subtle yet eye-catching. It's a cute and subtle way to showcase your love for your favorite feline friends. Elevates any Outfit. It's perfect to wear when you feel like dressing up. Whether you need a little more pizzazz when running errands or you're simply having a bad hair day, Mister Meow is here to save the day! Hats like this are simple yet bold fashion accessories that can elevate any casual look. Perfect for Casual Days. This hat will be your go-to when spending days in the sun, or any occasion. Enjoy the summer in style with the adorable Mister Meow bucket hat! Whether you're headed to the beach or just out and about, the Mister Meow Bucket Hat is sure to turn heads! With a comfortable fit and a chic design, this hat will be a surefire hit with any cat fan. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Mister Meow Bucket Hat and show the world your love of cats! Size: The hat is 23 inches in diameter.
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CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier - KittyNook Cat Company CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier - KittyNook Cat Company
CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier $31.95 $51.95
Bring home the CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier and bring some soothing and adorable vibes to any room! Keep your air fresh and clean with the CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier. About the CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier: Silent and Powerful: This little device is loaded with features and perfect for any space. With its large capacity, it will serve you for 8-10 hours without stopping. It runs quietly and works to keep the air in any room correctly and comfortably moist, letting you breathe easier and sleep better. Big Capacity: It has a 350ml capacity and features rainbow-colored LED lights for ambient lighting. It's perfect for your car, home, office, and any other space you want to keep moist and comfortable. Awesome Cuteness: With the cute cat shape and the little fish detail, this humidifier will look fun and great in any cat lover's home. The ambient light adds a wonderful charm when you want to use it as a night light. It's perfect to add a fun and decorative touch to any room. Safety Features: The combination of ABS Plastic and Silicone makes for a safe product to use every day. This humidifier has a water-shortage automatic power-off feature that protects you from unpleasant accidents. The USB connection is convenient because you will not need to change batteries from time to time. You can plug it into your laptop, a charger, or even your power bank. 3-in-1 Product: It's more than just a humidifier—you can also use this as an aroma diffuser and night light. Just put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the tank, and your room will become moist and sweet smelling! This adorable mini humidifier truly makes for a wonderful addition to your life.  Keep your home or car feeling fresh and cozy with this CatFish Adorable Mini Humidifier. Water tank capacity: 350ML Size: 3.27 x 4 x 5.35 inches ( L x W x H)
Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas - KittyNook Cat Company Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas - KittyNook Cat Company
Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas from $47.95 $78.95
Transform your nighttime routine into something luxurious and special with these Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas! You can now sleep in luxury and style with Leopard Dreams. About the Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas: Soft and Silky: Crafted from the softest silk, these pajamas will help you drift into sweet dreams in style. Silk is also known for its glamorous feel, so you will surely welcome this in your nighttime routine. This soft silk material will have you feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud! Great Relaxed Fit: The relaxed fit of the pajamas ensures comfort and coziness.  It has wide sleeves and legs so you will not feel suffocated and sticky while you rest. You will always feel comfortable and chic in these pajamas. Luxurious Feels: The beautiful leopard design adds a touch of glamour to your nightwear. Silk always looks elegant and precious, so you can use this on nights when you feel like power-dressing to bed. Wear it on a Friday night for some wine and cheese night while watching movies! It's also perfect for pajama parties with your friends. These Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas will have you feeling your best. Comfortable and Cozy: Because of its comfort and elegance, it's perfect for lounging around the house. The Leopard pajamas are a must-have for any fashionista. Whether you're snuggling up for a cozy night in or looking to impress, these pajamas will do the trick. Slip into these soft pajamas and drift off into a dreamy slumber. Elevate your sleepwear with these luxurious Leopard Dreams Silk Pajamas! Other Information about the Product: Please refer to the chart below. Keep in mind that this is Asian Size. Size Bust Shoulder Hip Length Pant Length Suggested Height (foot) Suggested Weight (lbs) M 104 cm 38 cm 98 cm 66 cm 94 cm 4'9"-5'2" 94-116 lbs L 108 cm  40 cm 102 cm 68 cm 96 cm 5'2"-5'4" 110-132 lbs XL 112 cm 42 cm 106 cm 70 cm 98 cm 5'4"-5'5" 132-154 lbs
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Vintage Cat Wooden Tape Dispenser - KittyNook Cat Company Vintage Cat Wooden Tape Dispenser - KittyNook Cat Company
Vintage Cat Wooden Tape Dispenser $14.95 $36.95
This delightful Vintage Cat Wooden Tape Dispenser is a great way to bring some fun and charm to your workspace! Crafted from natural wood, this whimsical cat-shaped dispenser is sure to bring a smile to your face. About the Vintage Cat Wooden Tape Dispenser: Sturdy Construction: Made of solid wood, the tape dispenser keeps in place as you work. It also won't break easily, making it a durable piece of decor.  Crafted from Natural Wood:  Hand-carved from natural wood. This vintage-style dispenser is shaped like a cute, friendly cat, with a curved tail that functions as a tape breaker. The carefully crafted details capture the playful essence of a feline friend.  Vintage Style: You can get a vintage look! This is it's perfect for adding an old-school touch to your workspace. The gentle curves and subtle colors make it a delightful addition to your desk or shelf. This charming vintage-style Wooden Cat Tape Dispenser is sure to bring a smile to any desk or workspace. Great Decorative Piece: The perfect combination of form and function, it's a necessary item that has a touch of charm. It's a great decorative item in your office or desk. It makes for an ideal gift for the cat lover in your life. Its vintage look and feel are sure to bring a smile to your face - and your friends - as you use it to wrap a present, craft a project, or just add a unique touch to your workspace. Whether you use it as a decorative piece, this tape dispenser is sure to charm its way into your heart.  
Potted Plant Soil Guard - KittyNook Cat Company Potted Plant Soil Guard - KittyNook Cat Company
Potted Plant Soil Guard from $20.95 $41.95
Keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy with this elegant and practical Potted Plant Soil Guard. This is perfect for keeping soil and plants safe from outside elements (like your cat). About the Potted Plant Soil Guard: Protect Your Plant: This Potted Plant Soil Guard is the perfect way to keep your plants protected. We all know cats love to dig and (sometimes sleep) on your beautiful potted plants. You can install this to prevent the soil from falling out and protect the roots of the plants. You can also use this to prevent pets from digging and destroying the potted plants.  Premium Material:  Made of PVC, which is durable and weather resistant. This flower pot cover will keep your precious plants safe and secure for long periods. Your plants will stay looking beautiful and healthy. It's also easy to clean, too, which makes it an essential tool for any cat lover who also loves their garden. Cuttable Size: The soil guard is easy to use and fits easily in most standard-sized flower pots. You can cut in the coils of the flower to fit the size of your pot perfectly. With this soil guard, you can keep your potted plants looking their best and enjoy worry-free gardening. Easy to Install and Secure: The soil guard is fixed with PVC screws that keep the soil guard in place. Great Decorative Material: The classic grid design adds character to your home. It's a great addition to any outdoor and indoor space. It's an attractive and modern way to protect your plant without sacrificing aesthetics. With this soil guard, you can rest assured that your potted plants are safe and secure wherever you go. Don't let your plants get exposed to the elements—get the Potted Plant Soil Guard for your flower pots today! Size:  Size Circle Dimensions Square Dimension S 7.48 inches (Diameter) 11.81 x 11.81 inches M 11.81 inches (Diameter) L 20.47 inches (Diameter)  
Stretchy Cat Shag Rug - KittyNook Cat Company Stretchy Cat Shag Rug - KittyNook Cat Company
Stretchy Cat Shag Rug from $42.95 $70.95
This Stretchy Cat Shag Rug is the perfect addition to any room! This Stretchy Cat Shag Rug is perfect for adding a touch of style and comfort to any room. About the Stretchy Cat Shag Rug: Top-Notch Materials: The crystal velvet feels smooth and silky to the touch. The ultra-soft synthetic fibers are skin-friendly and will have you and your cats purring with delight. It has a shaggy texture that’s perfect for providing a cozy place for you and your cat to curl up.  Exquisite Workmanship: You can see workmanship and care put in these rugs in the fine-edging. You will surely appreciate not seeing the fraying edges when you're just too tired and want to rest. Durable: This carpet is fluffy, but will not fall apart. Whether for lying for a nap, a play session, or to feel the soft fur, you will love to have this. The construction of this carpet withstands everyday wear. Unique Design: It features a playful cat pattern with a shaggy finish that will bring a touch of fun and style to your home. The adorable stretched-out cat will instantly bring warmth and whimsy to any room.  Easy to clean: Whenever you feel like the rug is a little stuffy, a quick clean with the vacuum will suffice. You can also wash this by hand and machine. Drying the mat in the sun can effectively disinfect and prolong the life of the mat. All this is to say that this shaggy rug is easy to clean and maintain. You can enjoy this rug for years to come. Whether you're looking for a fun accent piece or a cozy place to land after a long day, this stretchy cat shag rug will deliver! It will provide warmth, texture, and a playful personality to any room in your home. Size Chart: Size Dimensions (W x L)  S 15.7 x 47.2 inches M 19.6 x 47.2 inches L 23.6 x 62.9 inches
Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover - KittyNook Cat Company Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover - KittyNook Cat Company
Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover from $32.95 $56.95
Going on a trip? Keep your luggage stylish and safe with this Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover! Featuring playful cat print designs, this travel luggage cover is sure to make your suitcase stand out in the crowd. About the Cat Print Travel Luggage Cover: Keep Your Luggage Protected: Made from durable and stretchy polyester, this travel luggage cover will protect your suitcase from dirt, dust, scratches, and other damage. You don't have to worry about bumps while you travel, which removes unnecessary stress. So you can enjoy your travel more! Make Your Luggage Stand Out: The loud cat print design of this luggage cover is sure to turn heads! Putting this on your travel luggage will make it a statement while protecting your luggage from dirt, scratches, and dust. No more confusion on the luggage counter, you can spot yours from miles away! Fits Most Standard-Size Luggage: Crafted from a durable and lightweight material, this is designed to fit over any standard-sized suitcase. The stretchy fabric provides a snug fit, while its bottom zippers secure the cover around your suitcase. Fun Way to Show Your Love for Cats: This travel luggage cover is packed with cats (and other animal print patterns), so you can express your love of cats whenever you're on the go. Add some purr-sonality to your next trip and make it a truly memorable experience with this luggage cover! Whether you're traveling around the world or just around the corner, give optimal protection for your precious luggage with this luggage cover! Size Guide: Let us help you shop for the right size for your luggage. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height of your luggage is between 37-44 inches, please choose Small. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height of your luggage is between 44-52 inches, please choose Medium. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height is between 53-59 inches, please choose Large. If the sum of the thickness, width, and height is between 60-66 inches, please choose Extra Large.  
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Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine - KittyNook Cat Company Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine - KittyNook Cat Company
Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine $24.95 $48.95
Bring harmony to any space with the Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine! This adorable Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine is sure to bring peace and joy to your home. About the Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine: Hand-Painted Resin. This charming figurine features a calm cat seated in a meditative pose, symbolizing peace and tranquility. The cat is made from hand-painted resin. The serene facial expression and traditional Buddhist robes are finished with a glossy, warm-toned glaze. It makes for a beautiful and memorable accent piece.  Intricate and Beautiful Details. From the cat's facial expression to the simple robes, this figurine has exquisite details. This piece is sure to become a treasured part of your home. Unique Home Decor. You can place this whimsical cat on a shelf, desk, or table and enjoy its calming presence. It's a reminder of calmness and serenity whenever you look at it. If you're looking for some Zen in your space or are a unique conversation starter, this Buddha Cat Figurine is sure to deliver. Unique Gift for Cat Lovers and Spiritual People. The perfect gift for animal and spiritual lovers, this unique figurine will surely bring charm and joy to any space. With its endearing face and vibrant colors, this whimsical cat buddha is sure to bring good luck and cheer to any space. This cat figurine is a great way to bring a bit of serenity to your space. Place it on a shelf, desk, windowsill, or anywhere you need a reminder of relaxation and joy. Let the calming presence of this Whimsical Buddha Cat Figurine bring peace and serenity to your home. Other information about the product: The product is 12.5cm or 5 inches in height.
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Feline Fashion Cat Blouse - KittyNook Cat Company Feline Fashion Cat Blouse - KittyNook Cat Company
Feline Fashion Cat Blouse $37.95 $61.95
This Feline Fashion Cat Blouse is the purr-fect way to show off your love of cats! Featuring a classic stripe and minimalist cat designs, this long sleeve blouse is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. About the Feline Fashion Cat Blouse: Lightweight and Comfortable: The fabric is a combination of spandex and polyester that's comfortable to wear all day. This also makes it perfect for any season. It's breathable enough for warm months, and easy to layer when winter comes. It's a wardrobe staple for cat lovers! Full Sleeves and Slim Fit Look: With long sleeves and a slim fit, this blouse is perfect for those who want coverage but still want to look put together. It's perfect for both casual dates and fun formal events. Adorable Cat Designs: The blouse features a classic stripe design and cat appliques for a fun twist. It's prim enough to wear in the office but interesting enough to have a character. Wear this when you need to power dress, and get confidence from these cats. Easy to Dress Up and Down: The slim fit and subtle details make it a wardrobe essential that can easily be dressed up or down. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a special occasion, this blouse is sure to make a statement. This unique and modern style of this blouse makes it a perfect choice for any cat lover's wardrobe. Show off your appreciation for our furry friends and make a statement in this Feline Fashion Cat Blouse. Size Chart: Please refer to the size chart. Note that this is Asian Size. Size Length (in) Bust (in) Sleeve Length (in) Shoulder (in) S 25.98 42.52 20.87 16.54 M 26.38 44.09 21.26 16.93 L 26.77 45.67 21.65 17.32 XL 27.17 47.24 22.05 17.72 XXL 27.56 48.82 22.44 18.11
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|14:175#Type 6;5:202813808 Welcome Home Cat Doormat - KittyNook Cat Company
Welcome Home Cat Doormat $27.95 $50.95
Welcome your guests to your home with the adorable Welcome Home Cat Doormat! Whether you're a cat lover or just looking for a unique way to welcome guests, this welcome home cat doormat is a charming way to make a first impression. About the Welcome Home Cat Doormat: PVC Material: Welcome home to your furry friend in style with this adorable PVC cat doormat! This decorative doormat features a friendly feline face, perfect for greeting visitors as they enter your home. Durable: PVC is known to be waterproof and durable, perfect for handling wear and tear during everyday use. You won't have to worry about the mat becoming soggy, and it will look great even if visitors (and your cat) step on it daily. Non-slip: The non-slip backing ensures this doormat will stay in place as you enter your home. Its durable PVC construction and non-slip backing make it ideal for any entryway, and its easy-to-clean surface makes it a practical addition to any home. Easy cleaning: Easy to clean, as most stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. You can also hose the mat down and hang it dry. No need to scrub! This mat does not easily deform, so you can wring it out without worries. Water Absorption: Not only is this doormat cute, but it's also highly functional. It traps dirt and moisture before they enter your home. It absorbs water and dries quickly, keeping your floors clean and dry. Perfect decoration: Not only is it a practical way to keep dirt and debris out of your home, but it also adds a touch of cat flair to your entryway. Welcome your guests with a purr-fectly lovely doormat! This doormat features an adorable cat design that will make everyone smile. It has a friendly feline face with a warm "Welcome Home" message to add a cheerful pop of character to your entryway. Whether you're looking for a sweet touch of decor or a practical way to keep dirt and mud out of your home, this doormat is perfect. This doormat will make your home feel like a true feline-friendly oasis. Place this delightful doormat at your front or back door and ensure your visitors always feel at home! Size: 15x23 inches (L X W)