Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy in pink
Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy from $19.95 $41.95
The enchanting Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy is perfect for feline friends who love to pounce and play. With its dainty and fairy-like design, this toy will add a touch of whimsy to your cat's playtime routine.  About the Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy: Unleash the Magic of Play. The Fairy Flare is designed to bring a touch of whimsy to your cat's play sessions. Our cat wand is expertly crafted to capture your cat's curiosity and imagination, making playtime an enchanting experience. Light as a Feather, Easy to Carry. This cat wand is as light as a fairy's wing, making it effortless for your cat to chase, jump, and pounce. The lightweight design ensures that owners can play with the most energetic kitties for hours without arm fatigue. Available in Sets of 3, 4, and 6. The Fairy Flare lets you choose the perfect set size to match your cat's play style and needs. Whether you have a single curious kitty or a multi-cat household, our toy sets have you covered. Dainty and Fairy-Like Design. The enchantment doesn't stop with play—our cat stick toys feature delicate and fairy-like designs that add a touch of magic to your cat's surroundings. Your home will become an enchanting playground where dreams come true! High-Quality Materials for Endless Fun. We understand the importance of durability and safety for your beloved pets. Fairy Flare is crafted with high-quality materials that are both sturdy and safe, ensuring endless hours of entertainment for your furry companions. A World of Imagination Awaits. With the Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy, you'll witness your cat's imagination take flight. The playful dances, acrobatics, and jumps will transport you both to a world where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Treat your cat to a world of enchantment and create unforgettable moments with our Fairy Flare Cat Stick Toy. Make every day a magical adventure for your feline friend! More information about the product: Material: PVC
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Flapping Lobster Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Flapping Lobster Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Flapping Lobster Cat Toy $31.95 $51.95
Get ready to pounce! This irresistible Flapping Lobster Cat Toy moves its tail for fun interactive play. Your cat will surely love the novelty of this toy. It is durable, non-fraying, and just the right size for medium to large cats. Your chonky baby can now have the exercise that they need! You can also wash the outside plush so your kitty has no more dirty toys. Entice your cat with the texture and sound of the Flapping Lobster Cat Toy! Our Flapping Lobster cat toy is made of plush fabric that is soft to the touch. The tail flaps are incredibly irresistible to cats and kittens. Meow! It is a fun interactive toy that will move and entice your cat to play. Engage your cat's instincts of hunting and stalking. The flapping motions ensure that your cat is never bored, resulting in hours of fun playtime. Toss this flapping lobster cat toy around your kitty, watch your feline friend bat, and bop the toy in excitement. The toy's movement encourages healthy, mentally stimulating play, therefore keeping the cat's mind stimulated and physically active. We know your cat will go crazy for this toy. Get the irresistible Flapping Lobster Cat Toy now! Features: High-quality Materials: It is made with premium quality PP cotton that is non-toxic and safe for your pet. The material is soft and gentle to the skin of your fur baby. It also makes the lobster more resistant to falling and knocking. Automatic Sensor Function: Aside from the power buttons, you can activate the lobster by tapping its tail. It will automatically stop after running for some time to avoid overstimulating your cats.  USB Rechargeable: The rechargeable motor is inside the lobster's pouch, so you can unzip, take it out and charge it. This also makes for easy cleaning. Charging indicator: The red light shows the charging status. If no light is on, it means the battery is fully charged. It takes about 40 minutes to charge fully. Note: Please fully charge the toy before use. Size: about 35X21cm
Fuzzy Felix Caterpillar Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Fuzzy Felix Caterpillar Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Fuzzy Felix Caterpillar Cat Toy from $15.95 $39.95
Fuzzy Felix Caterpillar Cat Toy will be your cat's favorite companion for endless playtime adventures! Watch as your beloved furry friend unleashes their inner hunter, pouncing and swatting at this delightful wand toy with the irresistibly cute caterpillar plush at the end. About the Fuzzy Felix Caterpillar Cat Toy: Captivate Your Cat's Attention. Designed to captivate your cat's attention, Fuzzy Felix guarantees hours of interactive and engaging play. With its vibrant colors and soft, fuzzy texture, it's bound to become your cat's new favorite toy in no time. Flexible and Durable Wand. Crafted with the utmost care, this wand toy features a comfortable handle for effortless control, allowing you to entice and stimulate your cat's instincts easily. The flexible wand extends your reach, making it ideal for interactive play sessions that keep your furry friend physically active and mentally stimulated. Bright Caterpillar Plush. The star of the show is, of course, the adorable caterpillar plush. Its delightful design and soft, plush fabric make it the perfect prey for your cat to chase, bat, and bite. The built-in crinkle sound and jingling bell also add excitement and feed into your cat's curiosity and playfulness. Strengthens Owner-Pet Bond. Not only does the Fuzzy Felix provide endless entertainment, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your feline companion. Join in on the fun, waving the wand and creating unpredictable movements that will challenge and delight your cat. It's a wonderful opportunity for shared playtime and quality bonding moments. Whether your furry friend is an adventurous kitten or a sophisticated senior, this wand toy will provide endless entertainment, exercise, and mental stimulation. Prepare to witness your cat's sheer joy and excitement as they chase, pounce, and conquer their new favorite toy. Indulge your cat's natural hunting instincts and bring home the Fuzzy Felix today! Cat toys are mostly designed to engage our furry friends and bring out their hunter instincts.
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Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy - KittyNook Kiki the Dancing Fish™ Realistic Cat Toy - KittyNook
Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy $22.95 $45.95
Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy is your cat's new favorite playtime pal! Are you a proud cat parent on the hunt for the purrfect playtime companion? Look no further! Kiki is here to whisk your kitty away on an aquatic adventure like no other.  About Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy: Battery-Powered Bliss. Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries! Your cat will enjoy endless playtime because Kiki has a convenient USB recharging feature. Plug it in, charge it up, and let the aquatic acrobatics begin! Motion Magic. Inside Kiki's enchanting exterior lies a motion-detecting motor that mimics the movements of a flapping fish. When your curious kitty gives it a gentle nudge, Kiki responds with lifelike wiggles, keeping your cat engaged and entertained for hours. Plus, Kiki is smart enough to pause the show when your cat decides to take a break. Large Catch. Kiki is no ordinary fish. Measuring a whopping 11 inches (30 cm) in length; this large-size fishy friend provides ample room for your cat to pounce, bat, bite, and wrestle to their heart's content. Washable Wonder. Worried about playtime turning messy? No problem! Kiki's washable fabric exterior ensures easy cleanup after enthusiastic play sessions. Catnip-Compatible. You can add catnip inside Kiki's secret chamber for extra excitement. Watch your kitty go wild with delight as they engage with their new scented friend. Zipper Closure. Kiki's secret is safe with a secure zipper closure, ensuring your cat's playtime stays stimulating and safe. Control at Your Fingertips. With a simple ON/OFF button, you can start the show whenever your feline friend wants some underwater antics. Kiki is the ultimate gift for your whiskered companion and the cat lover in you. Whether you're treating your own precious fur baby or delighting a cat-loving friend, Kiki is guaranteed to make a splash! So, why wait? Dive into a world of playtime wonder with Kiki Moving Fish Cat Toy. It's time to create unforgettable moments of joy and laughter for your four-legged friend and keep the fun flowing all day long.
Kitty Klimb Wooden Cat Toy Tower Tracks Kitty Klimb Wooden Cat Toy Tower Tracks - KittyNook Cat Company
Kitty Klimb Wooden Cat Toy... from $47.95 $77.95
Kitty Klimb Wooden Cat Toy Tower Tracks is the ultimate playtime haven for your feline friend! Crafted with love and designed to engage your cat's instincts, this wooden tower track toy + scratching post is the purr-fect addition to your kitty's playtime repertoire.  About the Kitty Klimb Wooden Cat Toy Tower Tracks: Different Size Options. You choose between two sizes. Both provide endless entertainment and exercise for your furry companion. Toys improve cat agility and help to manage their weight to a healthy level. Watch your cat's agility and coordination improve with this toy! Multiple Ways Of Enrichment. Cats can climb, pounce, and swat at the engaging moving and hanging balls. The tracks also have different heights and angles to keep with mental stimulation. The addition of a sisal-covered scratching post adds another layer of enrichment. Whether batting the balls around, playfully chasing them through the tracks, trying to catch feathers mid-air, or vertically scratching to their pleasure, Kitty Klimb offers an interactive playtime experience. Wooden Construction. The wooden construction adds a touch of elegance to your home. And not just that! It also provides a sturdy and stable base, keeping the tower in place even during vigorous play. The non-slip pads on the bottom also help stabilize the toy and protect your floors from scratches. Natural Tones Fit for Modern Homes. Kitty Klimb is also an attractive addition to any living space. The sleek and modern design blends seamlessly with your home decor, making it a stylish and functional piece of furniture. Assembly is also a breeze with our easy-to-follow instructions! Kitty Klimb is made with pet-safe materials because we understand the importance of safety for your furry friend. We tested to meet the highest quality and durability standards. Invest in the Kitty Klimb today and let them indulge! Hone your cat's instincts, satisfy their curiosity, and unleash their inner acrobat. It's time to make playtime extraordinary for your beloved cat! More information about the product:   Size  Dimensions  S  40 cm x 29 cm  L  46 cm x 29 cm Note: Feather accessories may have varying styles owing to different production batches. Rest assured, they will all have the same high quality.
Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy from $16.95 $40.95
The Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy will leave your cat purring with delight! Make playtime even more exciting with this wall-mounted catnip ball toy. Each catnip avocado case is made from durable ABS plastic, while the catnip ball is made of 100% high-quality catnip. Delight your cats with this fun toy that rotates as your cat licks them! More About Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy: Creative Avocado Design. The Kitty Krew Avocado Catnip Toy has an ABS case in the shape of a green avocado. The high-quality catnip ball is the "seed," and is safe for cats to chew. Oral Health Companion. Catnip is safe for cats to chew, and your kitty is sure to love the fresh, tangy scent of the 100% full-leaf drip catnip in every avocado ball. Catnip balls help cats grind and clean their teeth, and promote a healthy mouth. Sturdy ABS Case. The ABS case serves to keep the catnip fresh and keeps the ball in good shape. The back part of the avocado has a durable adhesive so you can stick it firmly to smooth surfaces. Get this now and let your cat sniff, lick, bite chew, grind, and purr with delight. What a sweet treat for your kitty! More about the product: Size: Avocado is about 6 x 4.6cm; the catnip ball is about 2.7cm in diameter.Weight: 25g You can use catnip for cats over 6 months old. Do not use catnip on kittens and pregnant cats.  After about 15 minutes, many cats will lose their sensitivity to catnip. But no worries because it will come back eventually. When not in use, you can put the lid back so the catnip stays fresh and clean! Not all cats like catnip, so if your cat does not respond to the minty scent, there is nothing to worry about.
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A ragdoll cat with Linen Catch Fish Toy in red and yellow a siamese cat playing with Linen Catch Fish Toy in red
Linen Catch Fish Toy $16.95 $41.95
Linen Catch Fish Toy is the perfect cat toy for your feline friend. With its attractive scent and funky appearance, this toy is guaranteed to become your cat's new favorite playmate. About the Linen Catch Fish Toy: Realistic and Adorable Design. The Linen Catch Fish Toy boasts a life-like fish shape that's bound to capture your cat's attention. Its quirky design is tailor-made for playful cats, ensuring hours of entertainment. This realistic and adorable fish-shaped toy is specially designed to provide endless fun for your cat.  Natural Catnip Attraction. The pillow contains natural catnip inside, ensuring your cat is captivated and entertained. The irresistible scent will surely entice your cat. This aromatic surprise will have your cat pouncing, batting, and playing joyfully. Variety of Colors. Choose from three delightful colors to match your cat's personality and home decor. Whether classic red, elegant grey or vibrant yellow, there's a Linen Catch for every cat. Zigzag Adventure. The fish toy features a zigzag line design throughout its body, adding an extra layer of intrigue and tactile stimulation. Your cat will love exploring every twist and turn, ensuring endless excitement. The zigzag line design throughout the fish adds an extra element of excitement to playtime. Treat your furry friend to the Linen Catch Fish Toy, designed to provide amusement and satisfaction for your cat's playtime needs. Make their day special – order the Linen Catch Fish Toy now and watch the fun unfold! More information about the product: Product Dimensions: 19 x 8 cm Weight: 32gPlease allow a 1-3mm error due to manual measurement, thank you!
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Meow Around Tunnel Bed - KittyNook Meow Around Tunnel Bed - KittyNook
Meow Around Tunnel Bed $65.95 $107.95
When it's time to get frisky, this is the place to be! This stylish and ultra-cozy tunnel bed is the ultimate hideaway for your favorite feline friend. More About Meow Around Tunnel Bed: The Meow Around Tunnel Bed with the circular tunnel is the perfect place for your kitty to play and sleep. Your cat will love the space to play and the cozy bed is lined with soft plush for ultimate comfort. This tunnel bed combines cat bed and cat tunnel to create a cozy and fun hideaway for your cat! It has a taffeta fabric for the tunnel and a plush cushion in the center to provide the perfect lounging place. The neutral color is perfect for any room in your house. Its solid spring steel frame ensures longevity and easy storage. It pops out and retracts easily so you can fit it on any closet in the house when not in use. The taffeta fabric is water-proof and easy to clean and dry. Our Meow Around Tunnel Bed is the perfect place for your cat to play, rest and pounce! This bed features a durable, and water-proof taffeta fabric in the tunnel and  a soft plush bed in the center. It is the perfect addition to any home. Your cat will love the cozy, soft bed with the crinkle tunnel to play in and around! The bed can be folded and stored easily when not in use. Show your love for your cat with this adorable bed. Your cat will love it!
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Mouse Plush Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Mouse Plush Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Mouse Plush Toy $14.95 $37.95
The Mouse Plush Toy will be your cat's new favorite mice trio! This classic toy will surely be a surefire hit with your cat! This set of three mice toys is soft and features lovely details that your cat (and you) will appreciate. No pet can resist these cuddly mice. Each mouse is washable and easy to clean. They also come in different colors, which makes for an excellent gift for any cat (and mouse) lovers. Enrichment toys are great for the health and well-being of your furry babies. You can give these toys to your cat to have something whimsical to play with. These toys also make great bedtime buddies! The Mouse Plush Toy is a trio of adorable plush mice, each with a unique personality. We made this squishy and cute set of three similar- or assorted-colored plush mice with a combination of plush for the body and a small sisal rope for the tail. With these adorable plush mice, your cat can exercise its hunting nature and have meaningful enrichment exercises. These mice are perfect for fluffy explorers. You can also give away these cute plushies as a giveaway at your cat's next birthday party! Get a set for your cat now. What are you waiting for? Features: Three adorable mouse plush toys come in three per set. That's better than one! Our plush mouse toys are super cuddly. Each mouse is soft and squishy and made from plush fabric material. Each mouse also has catnip, so your cat will be taken on the first meeting. You can choose between three sets: an all-beige set, a blue and beige set, and an assorted colorful set. Each set also has its charms and is just as soft as the others. Each mouse is about 10.5 cm or 4.13 inches in size (including the tail).
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Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks - KittyNook Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks - KittyNook
Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks $15.95 $39.95
Is your cat bored? Try spicing up playtime with the Natural Matatabi Chompy Sticks! Playing with our cats is an important part of maintaining their health, so is keeping their teeth healthy! Natural and great for oral health, each chompy stick is cut from 100% natural silvervine. They are great for teething cats and adult cats alike. Chew toys like this are important because they provide opportunities for solo play for indoor cats, especially because they spend much time in confined spaces. If you use the Chompy sticks to mimic cat play, you get the most out of it! Not only will it clean your cat's teeth, but it will also provide kittens and adult cats with movements associated with hunting.  What are matatabi sticks? Silvervine is a naturally growing plant that cats adore. It has anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties, which is why they are great as dental sticks for cats. These Matatabi silvervine sticks are things that cats love to chew on. 100% pure natural cat treat! Play is a crucial part of a cat's health. Get your hands on these now and have more happy and healthy playtime with your cats!  What are you waiting for? Get some for your cats now! Features: We make our Chompy Sticks from 100% natural silvervine plants, therefore they are safe and non-toxic to your pets. The Chompy Sticks cleans your cat's teeth. The mint scent leaves the cat's breath fresh for long period. Silvervine is in the same family as catnips, and their smell attracts cats naturally. This is a great alternative to catnip. The Chompy Sticks are not just good for playing, but also for enhancing your cat's appetite! Size:Please refer to the photo below for the dimensions of the stick.   Note: When you receive the molar stick and the scent is not strong, you can use a knife to wound the surface. The scent inside of the matatabi stick is stronger, which cats love!
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Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy - KittyNook Cat Company
Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat... $25.95 $45.95
The Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy will entertain your furry feline friend for hours! This unique and interactive cat toy mimics the movement of a real duck, with its flapping wings and realistic quacking sound. It is also built to withstand even the most playful and energetic cats. About the Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy: Great for Enrichment. The satisfying flapping motion is sure to awaken their natural hunting instincts. This enchanting toy is designed to delight your cat with its realistic flapping duck features, providing hours of entertainment and exercise. With its delightful flapping action, this toy will captivate your cat's attention and help cats solve problems such as boredom at home alone, lack of companionship, lack of exercise, obesity, and unused energy. Tap to Paddle. The Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy is also easy to activate - give it a gentle tap and watch your cat go wild! Real Duck Sounds. With the quacking sound, your cat won't be able to resist swatting and pouncing. It's a great way to bond with your furry friend and provide them with endless entertainment. Rechargeable. Not only is Paddle Pal super fun to play with, but it's also incredibly convenient to have around. No need for constant trips to the store for batteries - our Paddle Pal is rechargeable so that you can plug him in, and he'll be ready for playtime again in no time!  Washable. It's washable, ensuring your kitty can enjoy their new best friend without worrying about unpleasant odors or germs. This allows you to clean Paddle Pal regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Order now and give your cat the gift of fun and excitement! This is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for pet owners like you. Whether you're looking for a new toy to add to your cat's collection or a gift for a cat-loving friend, the Paddle Pal Flapping Duck Cat Toy will surely be a hit. Size: 15 x 12 x 8cmCharging Voltage: 5VBattery Capacity: 300 mAh
Palm Purr Sisal Cat Scratcher - KittyNook Cat Company Palm Purr Sisal Cat Scratcher - KittyNook Cat Company
Palm Purr Sisal Cat Scratcher from $47.95 $78.95
Elevate your cat's playtime and provide them with the ultimate oasis of fun and relaxation with our Palm Purr Sisal Cat Scratcher. This coconut tree-shaped scratching post is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a gateway to pure cat joy! About the Palm Purr Sisal Cat Scratcher: Sturdy and Adorable Scratching Post. Crafted with care, the Palm Purr Cat Scratching Post features a sturdy wooden center wrapped in durable sisal rope, allowing your cat to satisfy their natural scratching instincts while keeping their claws healthy and happy. The realistic palm leaves and adorable pompom fruits also serve as enticing playthings, keeping your feline companion entertained for hours on end. Lots of Activities for Your Cat. But the fun doesn't stop there! In some variants of this tree, there are different cat combs that cats can use to groom themselves, ensuring they always look their best. An arched self-grooming brush enables your cat to enjoy a soothing massage while keeping their coat sleek and shiny. Size and Stability for Your Cat's Enjoyment. The Palm Purr Cat Scratching Post offers the perfect balance of size and stability. Your cat can confidently explore and conquer this captivating feline paradise. So you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is entertained and content.  Support a Small Business. You're investing in your cat's well-being by choosing our Palm Purr Cat Scratching Post. You're also supporting a small business dedicated to providing top-quality products for cats and cat lovers like you. We understand the love and care you have for your feline companion, and our mission is to help you enhance your cat's life through enrichment and joy. So why wait? Treat your beloved cat to paradise with the Palm Purr Cat Scratching Post. Order now and watch as your furry friend leaps into a world of excitement, comfort, and endless purrs of happiness!
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Plushie Cat Training Balls (Set of 3) - KittyNook Plushie Cat Training Balls (Set of 3) - KittyNook
Plushie Cat Training Balls (Set... $27.95 $49.95
Cats love to chase and capture anything that moves, which makes cat training balls the perfect toy for them! The Plushie Cat Training Balls are jingling balls that you can use to train your cat to do tricks. These cat training balls are ideal for both indoor or outdoor play. They are weather resistant and won't lose their shape even if your cat likes to chew them (which happens more often than you'd think!). Simply place one of these colorful balls in front of your cat, sit back, and enjoy the show! They're soft and chewable, making them great for kittens and older cats alike. Our Plushie Cat Training Balls are a fun way to engage your cat's natural instincts to chase, hunt, and play. In fact, all kitties love balls. The soft, plush exterior and the ping sound these balls make when they're rolled about will drive your kitty crazy—and you crazy—with delight! This is a sure hit to your furry friends! Features: Plushie Cat Training Balls are the purrrfect way to get all your kitties active during play time! With 3 different balls in one, this unique set is an absolute must-have for every kitten owner. Each ball is made of super-soft fabric in a variety of kitty-cute colors. The lightweight, soft balls come in a set of three for a variety of chasing and batting play. So just sit back and let your cat have a good time! These little training balls are made of an outer fabric, with a plastic ball and some bells inside. They're perfect for the curious and playful kitten, and for cat owners who want to play with their feline friend. Weight: 0.25kgDiameter: 4.3cm
Random Chewy Cat Toys - KittyNook Cat Company Random Chewy Cat Toys - KittyNook Cat Company
Random Chewy Cat Toys from $13.95 $27.95
Give your cat some random chewy cat toys in different bright colors to keep them busy!   This fun and exciting assortment of cat toys is perfect for any cat owner. Made from a variety of materials, your cat will enjoy these toys for hours. We carefully select the materials and the toys based on their durability and quality, therefore, each buy is a great value for your money! We know you love your cats and want them to be happy. Bring happiness to your cat with each toy that you buy! You can feel satisfied knowing that your cat will enjoy these chewy toys for a long time! The KittyNook Chewy Cat Toys is the perfect gift for any cat lover! These chewy toys will bring endless entertainment to cats. These toys are both long-lasting and are always appealing. These include all-time favorite toys that cats love: dumbbell cages, feather and fur mice, fuzzy balls, and more! Give your cat something special today and buy these simple yet amazing chewy toys for their entertainment!  Features: These chewy toys are made from durable materials and will last your cat for a long time! Your cat will have hours of fun playing and chewing these toys. These toys are the perfect distraction for your cat while you are out. Reduce boredom and separation anxiety in your indoor cat with these chewy toys! Prevent destructive behavior with these inexpensive toys with these chewy toys! These cat toys are a good value for money because each pack has a toy that can be chewed, tossed, chased, and batted around. Great toys to play fetch with! These toys are great for cats of all ages! These toys are made with non-toxic materials, therefore are safe for your kitty. What's more, the packaging is reusable!
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Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy - KittyNook Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy - KittyNook
Riri the Rat Remote Control... $25.95 $46.95
Is your cat getting chonky because you are spoiling them with their favorite treat? Is your cat always bored at home? Riri is here to save the day! Riri the Rat Remote Control Cat Toy is sure to create a unique experience for your cat. Riri will make them practice their hunter instinct and will make them re-live the challenge of the hunt.  You can control Riri to go anywhere in the house, which appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats. It will form a large play area for your pet to play while bringing a novel experience each time. Your kitty will love you for bringing Riri into their lives! Features: 100% brand new and high quality Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight Includes a Remote Control, which can go forward, and backward turn. With its realistic appearance, you can also use this to play tricks on others. You can try teasing your cat or having fun with your spouse or kids. Specifications:Material: PVC + FeltRat Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (not included) Size: 8.6 x 3 x 2.3 inches (L x W x H)Weight:100g